Shot in the arm for cancer patients


Harare Gunhill Lions Club has launched an initiative to raise funds to assist financially struggling cancer patients who cannot access early treatment.

As part of the initiative, the club on Saturday held a fund-raising dinner where over ZWL$4 000 and US$400 was raised.

The club’s first vice-president Absolom Muchandiona told NewsDay that the idea came about following a study which showed that most people were dying of cancers which, if detected early, could be easily be treated.

He said due to lack of funds, a majority of patients could not access healthcare and assistance on time.

“According to a research by the Cancer Save Trust, they found that the majority of the cancers are treatable, but the cost of treatment is beyond the reach of many,” Muchandiona said.

“We are excited about the turnout at our fundraiser and we plan on hosting many more to raise funds to alleviate the plight of cancer patients. Initially, we expected about 80 guests, but we ended up receiving a little below 100,” he said.

Muchandiona said the fundraiser also sought to address issues around stigmatisation.

“Another issue our fundraiser wanted to address is that of stigma, where people understand cancer in different ways. Some easily jump to conclusions that when one is diagnosed with cancer it automatically means death. With the fundraiser, we hope that some cancer patients do not have to face the stigma around issues of different cancers,” he said.

“Some corporates which helped in boosting the fundraising event include GetBucks, a microfinance institution, CBZ Holdings Limited, Danziger and Lawyers and Rawson Properties, just to mention a few.”

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