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Squash sensation Gwidzima back home



UNITED KINGDOM-BASED Zimbabwe squash sensation Ryan Gwidzima is back in the country for a two-and-a-half week’s break from his Wycliffe College in England.

He expressed delight for being honoured at the belated 2018 Annual National Sports Awards held early last month.

Ryan (13) was crowned Junior Sportsperson of the Year after a wave of exploits in England, where he went after clinching the African Junior Open Under-15 title in Cape Town last September.

NewsDay Sport caught up with Ryan in Bulawayo yesterday, where he was in the company of his father, Langton, who coached him since he was four until he left for England in October last year.

“It was great. I was quite happy and felt good to be honoured as Junior Sportsperson and Junior Sportsman of the Year. England has been good. I won the Manchester Open on arrival and the Hungarian Open and have played in other tournaments where I have played very tough opponents and some easy ones. It’s good to be back home,” Ryan said.

His father, Langton, was also elated.

“Ryan has done so well abroad and I am looking forward to him getting more success. I am very happy to see him after seven months because it was a tough decision that I made for him to go there. He is doing well at school as well, according the reports,” Langton said.

He paid tribute to the Gwidzima Trust, which made it possible for the athlete to study abroad while pursuing his sporting career at one of the best squash schools in the world.
“I would like to say thank you to the trustees who have helped me all the way to fund him to go to England,” Langton added.

A cocktail party is being hosted at Suburbs Squash Club in Bulawayo tomorrow evening to welcome Ryan back home.

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