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Pauline claims cyber-attacks


Pauline Gundidza


MUSICIAN Pauline Gunduza yesterday said she had been subjected to abuse and insults on social media after filing a police report against Edzai Isu Trust director Tafadzwa Muzondo who allegedly fondled her breasts during a function in Highfield, Harare on March 28.

Gunduza said the arts industry was not safe for women, who she said often fell prey to sexual exploitation by male predators.

“My bodily integrity was violated and I still feel dehumanised, but following that police report, I have been subjected to incessant abuse and insults on social media and within the arts industry circles,” she posted on her Facebook wall.

“We need a safe space for artistes in our dealings among ourselves as well as with fans, DJs, journalists, promoters and venue owners who we interact with in the arts sector.”

“The future growth of the arts industry will certainly be compromised if these issues that have been brought to the surface are not correctly addressed. A broad-based approach and strategy is required, and it takes more than simple resort to the avenues provided for in the criminal justice system.”

Gunduza said there was need for a collective effort to address issues affecting the industry.

Society needs to be more tolerant, sensitive and supportive to victims of sexual abuse and not subject them to secondary abuse, which leaves more scars than the initial abuse,” she said.

According to court papers, on March 28, Gundidza was at Action Hub Studio where she had been invited as a guest alongside other artistes. While awaiting transport with her friends, Muzondo allegedly remarked that she had beautiful breasts.

This annoyed the urban groover who then told her friends what had happened but Muzondo allegedly leaned towards Gunduza and fondled her breasts.

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