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Editorial Comment: Opposition needs to get its act together


Editorial Comment

THE cracks that are increasingly becoming visible within the MDC as the party heads for its watershed congress next month could prove to be the party’s Achilles heels and might hamper its efforts to unseat a rejuvenated Zanu PF.

The party’s recent loss in the Cowdry Park ward by-election in Bulawayo, where they were beaten fair and square following the imposition of two candidates, is proof enough that if the party does not resolve its internal problems, it might be in for some serious trouble.

Quite clearly, there is no justification whatsoever for the Cowdry Park loss. What the party needs is to go back to the drawing board and re-strategise.

It is unfortunate that the chaos in the party has reached levels where party leader Nelson Chamisa has been compelled to axe those he feels are sabotaging it ahead of the May congress. If these matters are not resolved, they are going to leave the party vulnerable.

It is essential that the party finds a way to calm the warring officials and avoid further destabilisation. While Chamisa has promised to act on what he has called a lack of leadership in the party, there is need for tact in addressing the problems because throwing caution to the wind might not be the best step forward.

MDC stalwarts must be alive to the history of divisions and splits that has haunted the party since inception. That ghost has not been exorcised and as long as it is not dealt with effectively, the party may continue to weaken due to infighting and power struggles. This will throw the party into self-destruct mode, whereas it should be pre-occupied with fighting Zanu PF.

Unless its internal part systems are fixed, the MDC will continue to harbour individuals who fight each other instead of working together for the greater good and strengthen the party and keep it as a viable alternative to Zanu PF. It would be unfortunate if violence, which for long has been associated with Zanu PF, keeps rearing its ugly head in the party.

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