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Zanu PF will not rest over Chiwundura: MDC MP



Chiwundura legislator Livingstone Chimina (MDC Alliance) has claimed that Zanu PF activists had embarked on a smear campaign to “haunt” him after he defeated the ruling party candidate in last year’s harmonised elections.

During cross-examination in court on Monday by prosecutor Namatirai Chipere, Chimina alleged that the charges of inciting violence he is facing were “trumped-up” by the ruling party as it seeks to win back the seat.

“I have done what Zanu PF is failing to accept up to now, that is being the first opposition candidate to win the Chiwundura constituency,” Chimina said.

“Zanu PF strongly believes that seat belongs to them and I have known no rest since I won that seat. They (Zanu PF) activists have been on my back and doing everything to make sure that they come up with all sorts of trumped-up charges in a bid to reclaim the seat from me through the back door.”

Chipere, however, said there was nothing unusual for political opponents to report criminal offences against their rivals.

Chimina won the seat in last year’s elections after garnering 14 895 votes against Zanu PF’s Brown Ndlovu’s 14 678 votes.

The MDC Alliance legislator is facing a charge of inciting violence after he allegedly led protesters in the January 14-16 demonstrations against fuel price

All the State witnesses in the case are Zanu PF activists who have openly confirmed their allegiance to the ruling party in court.
Gweru provincial magistrate Charity Maphosa said she would deliver ruling on the matter on Friday.

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