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No interruption in fuel supplies: Gumbo



Energy minister Joram Gumbo has assured the nation that there would be adequate fuel supplies because the Beira Corridor pipeline had not been disturbed by the Cyclone Idai-induced floods.

The social media has been awash with messages that fuel shortages were looming, following road infrastructural damages between Zimbabwe and Mozambique through Beira.

“We receive our fuel through the pipeline and it has not been disturbed by the rains. We will not be affected by anything at all,” Gumbo said yesterday.

Zimbabwe imports its fuel through the Mozambican port of Beira delivered to Zimbabwe via a pipeline built in the 1980s.

“Unless there are other developments …. the fuel situation is under control,” Gumbo said.

Since the bulk of Zimbabwe’s fuel supplies come through the pipeline, the country and its western neighbour of Botswana have been contemplating extending the facility to Francistown, that country’s second largest town.

Earlier, plans for the extension were shelved due to poor relations between the two countries during former President Ian Khama’s term of office when Zimbabwe was under former President Robert Mugabe.

Frosty relations between the two leaders saw the plans being shelved only to be brought to the drawing board after Mugabe was deposed through a coup in November 2017.

Energy secretary Gloria Magombo said Zimbabwe had many other alternatives which could be used.

“Please, take note that the country also has other alternative fuel supply routes – by railway from South Africa and Matola in Mozambique or road transport from other neighbouring countries which can be used when necessary,” she said.

“We will continue to closely monitor the situation and maintain constant communication with our representatives and counterparts in Beira.”

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