Man runs amok at family meeting, commits suicide



In a bizarre incident that left villagers in Murewa shocked, a 34-year-old man ran amok during a family meeting on Tuesday, assaulting his parents and wife before committing suicide in a kitchen hut.

Trevor Munetsi of Chikuvira village could not take his mother Charity Munetsi’s questions as to why he had brought a friend to a family meeting. In a fit rage, he assaulted everyone present before committing suicide.

Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the incident.

“I confirm the incident in Murewa where a man went berserk at a family meeting attacking his parents before committing suicide by hanging himself. Earlier on the man tried to kill himself by diving into a well, but was rescued by the family members. I urge members of the public to resolve disputes amicably as well as respecting the sanctity of life,” he said.

According to police, on February 26, at around 6pm, Munetsi brought his friend, identified as Johannes, to a family meeting that was convened at their homestead. It is reported that this did not go down well with his mother who asked him why he had brought a stranger to a meeting meant for family members only.

Enraged, Munetsi charged at his mother, but was restrained by other family members who included his uncle Joseph Munetsi (48). He then assaulted his father Norman (68) with a wood log before he was restrained.

He tried to drown hiself in a family well, but was rescued by his wife and uncle. After the rescue, Munetsi assaulted his mother and fled the scene. His body was later discovered by his wife hanging in a kitchen hut.