Stretch and go beyond your mental limit!

“Give yourself an even greater challenge than the one you are trying to master and you will develop the powers necessary to overcome the original difficulty,” thundered William J Bennett.

Actually, you must “act as if it’s just impossible to fail”, once advised Dorothea Brande. That’s the approach. It’s game-on in 2019. Just sweat it out.

 The impossibilty of matters is harboured in the mind as opposed to reality. In many cases, the so called reality of life is a deceiver of humanity. If given an opportunity, it has a great potential to kill creativity, even that of geniuses.

If positive reality is shouting from your corner, please take it. However, if it’s just negative, then brush it aside and move on.

Do you know that in life, some will call you a loser? Others will think you are a failure. On the other hand, quite a number won’t see your chance to come out of that disaster. They may think that you were not born for that. They may think that success must be foreign to you.

That is fine, they will always look at you in that manner. But don’t consider it.

Too big a mountain

But when they say the mountain is too big for you. Don’t believe them. Don’t be shaken. Don’t be moved.

Be brave. Be a soldier, and don’t be a coward. 

Battles are fought alongside principles and everything will happen for you. It happens for you and not against you. It happens for your own good.   

You can’t live by yesterday’s light. The light for yesterday played its part in providing the light then.

Though you may be in the dark today, be brave. Many times things you think are impossible, are only impossible in the mind.

A story is told of the children of Israel when they were fighting against the Midianites. The Lord had delivered the Israelites into the hands of the Midianites because of their weaknesses. 

The Midianites would encamp among the Israelites. Thus, they had no way to run to. In millitary terms, the enermy had conquered them. 

They would inhibit and destroy their earthly increase. They left the Israelites highly impoverished. 

They were now weak. They couldn’t put up a fight against the enemy. 

So they cried unto the Lord and the Lord heard them. The Lord sent a prophet unto Israel who reminded themand said, “I delivered you out of the land of the Egyptians, and out of the hand of all that oppressed you, drove them out from before you, and gave you their land. And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him, and said unto him, the Lord is with thee, you man of valour,” (Judges 6:7-9).

How can this be? Here is Gideon, a man who was timid just like the rest of the other fighting lsraelites. He even had no confidence in himself. 

When he looked at himself, he thought he was a loser. But in life, it’s not always like that. 

It’s only you who can put a success ceiling to your life’s forehead, and noone else. Thus, don’t look at yourself using the ordinary eye. You are special. You are unique. Highly favoured.

Remember, when the Lord looked at Gideon, he saw greatness. He saw a winner. A highly decorated champion. He saw a real man of valour. For sure, that was who Gideon was.

This is not about Gideon. Gideon played his part. This happened so that you pick helpful life examples. Examples that can engage you into the driving gear when you feel like giving up.

 It’s about you. You have amazing power. You aren’t what people see. 

You are a mystery. You are an astronaut. 

You are standing on the right launch pad. Let the power in you be released. Don’t let inferiority complex rob you of your magnetic power. 

It’s only those “who risk going too far  who can possibly know how far one can go” (T S Elliot).

Thus stretch yourself much further. Stretch your mental stamina beyond the normal point. Lead your captive, captive. Move up, go beyond your mental elasticity. 

Don’t be held back by fear. Keep stretching; you can go beyond the elastic limit without you breaking because the inbuilt toughness in you can withstand the breaking point. You are tougher than you thought. 

You are strong; you are great. You are just but more than a conqueror. Let no one tell you that you can’t because you can. 

If others failed, it doesn’t mean you too will. Remember, it’s them who failed. It’s them who missed the goal. Yours is a different story. A different game-plan altogether. You are too big for that. 

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go higher than you think,” once articulated Benjamin Disrael. Let this be your daily meal. Because “with faith, all things are possible.” It can be done. Be blessed.

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