Prisoner caged 1 year for assisting inmate to escape


A MUTARE prisoner who helped a fellow inmate to escape from jail was on Friday sentenced to one year behind bars.

Blessing Ganji appeared before magistrate Tendai Mahwe charged with assisting Leonard Mupereri to escape.

The court heard that on September 7, 2018, Ganji who had finished serving his jail term, gave Mupereri his details and prison number so that he could escape from prison.

Mupereri, used the details and the plan succeeded, and he was released before Ganji. Other inmates to whom Ganji had shared the plan with approached duty officer Worried Makunike tipping him off on the day of his release.

Mupereri had reportedly promised to pay $200 to Ganji upon gaining his freedom.

When Mupereri was nabbed in Mutare, he implicated Ganji, who denied the allegations.

Mupereri and Ganji were slapped with a 24-month jail term each by Mahwe. However 12 months were conditionally suspended.

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