NGO withholds shooting victims’ names

by staff reporter

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum has withheld names of the 17 victims of the security forces’ extra judicial killings which occurred during last month’s protests against fuel price hikes.

The rights group, in its latest report released this week, only identified the victims by their initials, ages and the towns they were shot dead in, to protect their families.

“The figures have since increased since the last report by the forum released on January 18 2019, as additional and fresh reports were documented. To date, the violations include at least 17 extra- judicial killings, 17 cases of rape or other violations of a sexual nature, 26 abductions, 61 displacements, 81 assaults consistent with gunshot attacks, at least 586 assaults and torture, inhuman and degrading treatment including dog bites, 954 arrests and detention (including dragnet arrests), among other violations,” the report read in part.

The shooting victims, according to the forum, were mostly from Mbare, Mutare, Kuwadzana, Hatfield and Chitungwiza, with the Kadoma victim only identified as TM and not Tafadzwa Kaitano as initially reported by NewsDay on Tuesday.

The forum is a respectable human rights group involved in documenting and rehabilitating victims of political and State-sponsored violence.

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  2. NewsDay of lies you are pathetic.A puppet of the West

  3. KKKKKKKKKK how do you bury a murdered person in Zim without reporting to the police and without a postmortem.

    With so much social media these days dai mavideo ema funeral proceedings iwayo akatenderera kudhara.

    Keep on with the uneducated lie, help someone lose relevance. Those with analyzing minds varikuona zvawo kuti yave desperation iyi.

  4. This is Stupid and what i know in our culture aggrieved relatives are never secretive when it comes to a death in a family we have all been to funerals and we know what happens there this is total bad reporting which i am not sure is coming from an african but manufactured in a dark room meant to discredit the current regime but alas its only FOOLS who will fall for this kind of information.
    Can i remind readers that once upon a time another publication lied that a soldier who died on the warfront in DRC was buried without a head and the Mugabe government had to exhume the body to show everyone that there was nothing like that and we are now witnessing that type of reporting again its sad.

  5. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    NewsDay as the mdca mouth piece is foreign sponsored to do the maximum damage it can to the Zimbabwe government and in particular President ED so as to create some likes to their puppet chamisa. Its so sad that with the level of education in this country the very same educated are being blind folded and can not even think on their own to see this reality. Puppets have totally nothing to offer to people of this country. They only thrive on blaming ZANU PF. So they must make sure that they do the maximum damage by reporting falsehoods so that america can sing loudily about sanctions, which will in turn cause this nation to suffer. Once people are suffering chamisa and biti will now have something to talk about and call themselves key holders to the economy. Then hoodwinked people think they are the messiahs to their plight hence they support them. But surely at this edge we still have people who cant even see zvinhu zviri pachena kudayi? Chete ndiwo mashandire esatanism iwayo munhu haaoni kana kufunga anomirira kuudzwa. Shame on you NewsDay.

  6. Let me tell this liair one thing: If this article was meant to be a jock, then it’s not funny at all. The law enforcement agents should take this seriously and take the writer of this article for questioning in the presence of the media. He must name the ngo in the presence of the media and that ngo must be cosulted to release those names in the presence of the media and this is the way to teach these liairs a very big lesson. They must all be exposed for the liairs they are in the full view of the whole world.

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