Kamambo in Turkey for Fifa summit


ZIFA president, Felton Kamambo has been invited to the third edition of the Fifa executive football summit set for Istanbul, Turkey, tomorrow, where he will have the opportunity to exchange notes with fellow dignitaries on strategic topics expected to shape football across the world.

It is his first time to attend the Fifa summit since assuming power in December last year when he beat Philip Chiyangwa to the Zifa presidency.

The Zifa boss, who left for Turkey yesterday, said it was a window of opportunity for the soccer-controlling body to learn from high-ranking Fifa officials as well as from other member associations through interaction for capacity building.

According to a Fifa letter, the summit will revolve around themes of development, competition and governance.

Member associations are also expected to propose their discussion topics.

The summit will also provide a platform to strengthen dialogue between member associations.

“The last two editions of the Fifa executive football summits showed us the importance of providing a platform to strengthen the dialogue between you, our member associations and both Fifa’s leadership and its administration. Fifa is an organisation with such a diverse membership that we have everything to gain from learning from each other. A better understanding of the specific needs of the different member associations can only be beneficial in our joint mission to continue to develop football throughout the world,” part of the letter reads.

With Zifa saddled with a huge debt totalling over $9 million, the summit also provides an opportunity for the soccer-controlling body to engage various stakeholders to enable it to pay off its debts.

The summit also seeks to increase efficiency of the partnerships that have been built over the years between Fifa and associations.

“It will also help us to strengthen the impact of our support and increase efficiency of the partnerships that we have built together in recent years. Similar to last year, smaller group discussions will also take place, in order to give you an optimal platform to make your voice heard and share your ideas on strategic topics that will shape the future of both Fifa and football as ex-officio members of the Fifa executive football summits. Your invaluable input will serve as the basis for the future strategic decisions made by both Fifa council and the Fifa congress,” the Fifa letter further read.

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