I don’t care about morals: Kikky Badass

Kikky Badass


AWARD winning rapper and dancer Kikky Badass, real name Christabel Mahlungwa, has blasted people who have labelled her works as immoral.

Kikky left tongues wagging after starring in Enzo Ishall’s Magate video, where she gyrates, with her bums wrapped in a linen cloth, leaving little to imagination.

Her dance routines also divided opinion, with many saying it was immoral and not fit for local television.

“I don’t care about how they define morals. It was okay for our ancestors to wear skimpy animal stuff, but it is not if I am being creative in my videos. I have my principles and cannot be told about morals by hypocrites. The good thing about it is that my family supports me to the fullest,” she said.

“I and Enzo Ishall have always been friends and he made me listen to the song way before it was released. He told me about his plans and I loved every bit of it and when the time for making the video came, I jumped in.”

Kikky is not new to controversy. At one point she was involved in a feud with fellow rapper Tiara Balluti over who was a better rapper.

The singer became the first female to win the People’s Choice Award at the Zim Hip-Hop Awards in 2017, where she also scoped Best Female Artist of the year at the same awards.

Watch: Kikky Badass – Body Conversations

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  1. ..if these so called morals that Zimbos claim to have were of any use, we would not be where we are today, wallowing in poverty..in a country in no currency or industry to talk about. I would say to gehenha with your silly morals. America with no morals is prospering..and your good morals are only for crying sanctions sangishens everyday.

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