State of Malambia director defends film

Marc ‘Mandisoul’ Mandishora

THE director of the State of Malambia film, Marc “Mandisoul” Mandishora, has been forced to defend “the poorly rated” production which recently premiered on ZBC-TV, saying its quality was affected by the removal of explicit scenes.


Many filmmakers and ordinary viewers, who watched the highly publicised and eagerly awaited film on ZTV, have expressed mixed reactions, having failed to comprehend its storyline.

The 104-minute long film produced at a cost of US$ 105 000, before it premiered on ZBC-TV on Christmas Day, was publicised mostly by online media as a ‘breakthrough’ in the film industry.

Even the film writer, producer and director, in a recent interview with NewsDay Life &Style, said the film was a ground-breaking and unique vision, which transcends genres and takes people to a level where local movies have never reached.

“It is the first Zimbabwean film with costume design, production design, make-up and visual effects of its kind. The first movie with supernatural elements ever produced in this country,” he said.

Mandishona has, however, described the criticism towards his film as a calculated move to control public opinion.

“There are two versions of Malambia; with 10 scenes which had (sex, violence and bad language) that were not acceptable for broadcasting on our national television which were edited out. I was very much okay with having a clean version, although it was obviously bound to affect the storyline,” he said.

“It was just a calculated process to sway opinion on social media by some individuals in the industry. Don’t rely on information from other filmmakers. That cannot stop us from moving forward.”

He said the film would be on the big screen next month.

“We are still getting requests to show the film again on television, but our next move is taking it to the cinema. Either way, we are taking the film for cinema screening in February. Many have heard a lot and want to watch for themselves,” he said.

“TV allowed us to reach more people and make income as well.”

The State of Malambia was shot in Hillside, Harare and the cast includes Don Savania, Jefferson Muserera, Tinotenda Satande, Charlene Maungweni, Natasha Dlamini, Elroy Chastang, Ngoni Vere, Blekks Makwara, Ellen Mubwanda, Nakita Blake and David Kanduna.


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