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Mukuru launches WhatsApp Business Solution


Mukuru has engaged WhatsApp business Application Programming interface (API) to enable customers to conveniently repatriate money and manage their accounts, the Head of Strategy and Business Development has said.

by Ruvimbo Muchenje

In a statement, Oliver O’Brien said the programme is operating smoothly.

“We have integrated with WhatsApp Business API to allow our customers to both create money transfer orders as well as managing their account details,

“It has taken a few months and being one of the first on the market the overall process of integration has been relatively smooth,” said O’Brien.

The move comes in an age of technology where convenience is of paramount importance to majority today.

“One of the many benefits is that technology can work anywhere. Mukuru customers can be in any country in which the company operates and still interact with Mukuru via WhatsApp,”said O’Brien.

The app is convenient for most as it now has popularly used languages in countries where the company is in existence.

“The service is multilingual and has been translated into French Shona Ndebele, Chewa, Sesotho and Portuguese. Customers can easily request to chat with an agent in their home language.

For Mukuru customers who are not techno- savvy, Mukuru has retained its platforms.

“The introduction of WhatsApp will not replace our existing methods of sending money, rather this is a new and innovative use of existing technology that
helps to replace inefficiencies of the old (SMS/USSD)” said O’Brien.

Being one of the first to offer this service to clientele, Mukuru guarantees safety and reliability on this application to its old and prospective customers.

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