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AMH boss appointed to Presidential Advisory Council


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday set-up a 25-member Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) to serve as a sounding board on key economic reforms and policy in line with his “Zimbabwe is open for business and dialogue” mantra and also within the policy framework of the Transitional Stabilisation Programme.


Trevor Ncube, Chairman of Alpha Media Holdings.
Trevor Ncube, Alpha Media Holdings Chairman.

The PAC – whose members include seasoned business executives, industrialists and academics – is expected to provide Mnangagwa and the government with well-canvassed ideas, proposals and strategies to realise government’s Vision 2030, which is predicated on attracting domestic and foreign investment and transforming Zimbabwe into a business-friendly investment destination.

In a statement, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda said the PAC had 17 terms of reference, among them to help with a comprehensive situational analysis on the state of the economy and investment climate in Zimbabwe.

“To proffer ideas and suggestions on key reforms and measures needed to improve the investment and business climate in the country for economic recovery and growth,” the terms of reference for the PAC read in part.

The PAC will “organise interaction between the President, local and international businesses.”

Members of the PAC include Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) chairman, Trevor Ncube; health expert Nobert Mugwagwa and fuel mogul Kudakwashe Tagwirei.

AMH are the proprietors of NewsDay, Zimbabwe Independent, The Standard, Southern Eye and online radio and television station Heart&Soul.

Other members of the council are industrialist and past president of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, Busisa Moyo, prominent businesswoman Divine Ndhlukula, Infrastructure and Development Bank of Zimbabwe CEO, Zondo Sakala and investment banker, Lewis Musasike.

Seasoned business leader, Joe Mutizwa is also on the list as well as Agribank CEO, Sam Malaba and physician, Godfrey Sikipa.

Infrastructure development expert Remigius Makumbe, former Zesa CEO, Simbarashe Mangwengwende, academic Lindiwe Sibanda and former United Nations top staffer, Aenisa Chuma as well as Elisa Ravengai, who represents people living with disabilities, also sit on the council.

Prominent lawyer, Edwin Manikai is also a member of the PAC, as well as academics Kuzvinetsa Dzvimbo and Robson Mafoti as well as ICT expert, Natalie Jabangwe and businessman Hebert Nkala.

Other members are prominent entrepreneur and cleric, Shingi Munyeza, cleric Kenneth Mtata, Cabs managing director Simon Hammond, former CBZ Holdings boss Richard Wilde and Mfaro Moyo, who has background in government and the United Nations Development Programme.

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  1. Doesn’t matter how many advisory boards, as long as there is no political will we are doomed. Hopefully the only level headed Shingi will tell him what he has been tweeting all along…….we need unity and real unity not face saver but real unit before we start on anything. If Trevor goes in with his disdain for Nelson we may go deeper than where we are now. There are no insurmountable problems in the world. We are all Zimbabweans to start with and want the best for our country, nobody is more Zimbabwean than the next person thus everyone needs to be under one roof in order to prosper

    • As long as ED remains an ILLEGITIMATE President our economy will never improve no matter how many advisory boards he is going to set up. Short of the release of the ZEC Server ED’s presidency will be very short.

  2. Baba vangu ngara iweeee!!! So these guys thnk they can change anythng without reforming Zanu Pf 1st? If ever they do, it will only be temporary becoz Zanu is programmed to destroy. The system will defeat them. When the worse comes to the worst that party can sacrifice anyone and anything,including the economy to retain power. So good luck to these fools.

  3. Does this mean we have TWO PARARLLEL CABINETS running the Government in Zimbabwe? If the first Cabinet found it tough going why not move out! We will end up having TWO PARALLEL PARLIAMENTS and TWO PARALLEL MUNICIPAL COUNCILS hence two —–

  4. I think the new “parallel cabinet” members should also be provided with luxury vehicles and other delicious perks.

  5. does this mean that these technocrats will be provided with those luxurious cars and perks like cabinet ministers? i think nothing will change as long as zanu pf doesn’t reform and these reported violation of human rights.There has to be political will and restoration of legitimacy if we are to move out of this economic predicament

    • Comment…Wrong. There will be change in that there will be at the feedimg trough. The 2 percent tax on electronic funds transfers is likely to stay for ever. Government is like a crocodile which has tasted blood; it will not let go.

  6. At times we keep skirting around the subject in the name of making the necessary changes hardly aware that we are change in question.
    For your information, quitting is leading too.

  7. Zanu Pf needs to repent of their sins dating back to liberation struggle era where a lot of people were decimated by their own brothers and sisters in their bases, secondly they have to confess to killing ndebele people and burying them in shallow graves,mines and thirdly for killing innocent civilians and many disappearances after the formation of MDC

  8. nxa nxa nxa asikana. Hamuna kunzwa Jimu Kunaka achiti musatambe nechikara chinonzi ZANU? Chikara mukatengesa annointing oiri I willbuy. You are the real profit. I liked your statement “When the worse comes to the worst that party can sacrifice anyone and anything,including the economy to retain power. So good luck to these fools.” Kana vanhu mangozviziva izvozvo zivayi kuti ZANU iri kutsvaga survival strategies chete

  9. lets get to work gentlemen, its your chance to meet with the highest office once every quarter. We are hoping positive results will come out of these meetings.

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