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Zim now a regional security threat: MDC


Zimbabwe is fast degenerating into a regional security threat as its economic situation worsens, the opposition MDC party said yesterday and announced plans for more demonstrations against government.


Last week, the party petitioned the Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc) and African Union (AU) to intervene to stop the situation from worsening and spokesperson Jacob Mafume said more needed to be done to bring Zimbabwe’s situation under control.

“We will go on a regional offensive in the Sadc region whereby we will definitely discuss with regional leaders about the situation in Zimbabwe,” Mafume said.

“The economy is deteriorating and it will become a security threat to the whole region. We believe the leadership in the region; in particular, the Namibian President [Hage Geingob] must be seized with this matter as he is currently the head of Sadc.

The MDC spokesperson said they resolved to take their demonstrations out of Harare as their supporters from outside the capital are also calling on the party leadership to help them register their dissatisfaction with the country’s state of affairs.

“The party resolved to embark on a series of actions in all towns within the country. We will do demonstrations similar to those that we had in Harare; people outside Harare want to express themselves. This will be done before the Christmas break.”

Mafume said the party had also discussed the recently concluded commission of inquiry into the post-election violence of August 1, in which the military allegedly killed six civilians, headed by former South Africa President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Conflicting statements coming from government and the commission itself raised questions about the credibility of its report, he added.

“(The commission)’s results are now taking the form and nature of the Zec results – at some point they say it’s a full report while on another they say there is no report and we are now worried that the report will be doctored should it come out. There are now too many speaking for that commission, one George Charamba (Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet) and the commission is also speaking on its own behalf.”

Mafume said there were no issues against MDC deputy president Elias Mudzuri despite a public humiliation at the party’s demonstration last week. Mudzuri did not attend the meeting following a family bereavement, he said.

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  1. Headline should be MDC NOW A REGIONAL SECURITY THREAT,i remind them that the mighty Z@NU PF has weathered mny political storms frm the time of war wth mny psysdo parties&wapanduki falling by the wayside from the mighty sword of ours,ndeyeropa iyi kwete Pen or demos

  2. @komuredhi – the threat comes from the vampires, bloody vampires like you. Be careful one day the same sword you’re boasting about will pierce your heart or backside.

  3. @sagitaar you are Mdc iam Zanu pf but both we are zimbabweans,….our leader ED once said ukabvuma kutongwa nekutongeka uchararama zwakanaka munyika ya Baba ine huchi nemukaka long to c grandkids,those of the mind like you and of 1 August are prone to meet the Maker faster nekusada kutongeka no man is an island of himself pasipano,its a fact there are laws of the land,kunewatongi who are armed to the teeth even ku UK if you cross the red line yo wiped off earth, ndopatoti you meet the sword even God is armed,ukasateerera unoparadzwa,me i respect the gorvnment yakaiswa nekuti its God who installs leaders not kuti ngatipinde zwenharo pachigaro

  4. If anything is a security threat it is the MDC-T to Zimbabwe and the region, it is the MDC-T Chamisa faction’s political brinkmanship which is born of its persistent denial of the reality of its 30 July electoral loss. If anything is a security threat, its not the economy but a political party which intends to incite the people of Zimbabwe against Government to drive its own narrow and selfish interests. Mafume and AjiggiesJah should accept the reality of their loss and move on with the rest of the country. Zimbabwe does not revolve around the MDC.

  5. If you have been to neighbouring states you will understand why zimbos are becoming security threats in neighbouring countries ,go to hillbrow the most deadliest neighbourhoods in the world manned by zimbos and then go to Bots/Zim Border find who is smuggling billions of unothordox goods ,go to Mozambique Border ,how much chaos is there due to fuel smuggling ,go to Zambia Border who is trading billions of foreign currency illegally ,If the situation detorites further these neighbouring countries will have to brace themselves.We are indeed a regional sec threat

  6. So the MDC has planned more demonstrations to stop Zimbabwe from degenerating into a regional security threat? I am glade they are not the Governing party – where would we be with such people?

  7. MDC is the security threat from the look of things. MDC Alliance is always making noise, demonstrating for no apparent reason, causing havoc and is always against anything Government says and implements. What will you lose if you just listen to your leaders and act like normal beings.
    The Government is doing its best in trying to revive the economy leave them to do their duties, you are standing in the way of development because of your actions.

    • Zimbabwe is not a security threat to anyone. In actual fact the MDC has ceased from being an opposition political party to a national security threat as it is bend on upsetting Government plans through useless demonstrations. Regional diplomatic offensives have always been their way of mobilising funding from donors.

  8. Guys, lets stop terrorising ourselves. If Zimbabwe is a security threat to the region then we are all Zimbabweans and we are the security threats to SADC, whether you are ZANU PF or any other party. The problem with us is we still very partisan to the bone forgetting that we are all Zimbos, even if you are in America being a Zimbo you remain a Zimbo. We lack national identity because we are always fighting over petty issues. What are we going to gain from demonstrating??? As Zimbabweans do we pull in the same direction??? If we dont, then we are a mixture of Zimbabweans and some foreigners. Go to any other developing country that is progressing well, they might differ politically but when it comes to national issues, they pull in one direction. Rwanda experienced the worst genocide in Africa but they have since tried to put that behind them and pull in one direction. Lets have suggestions which will ensure that all those bread and butter issues we are crying of could be solved. Demonstrations because you think someone stole the election are of people with mental illusion. Saka ukaita fight and your opponent uses a weapon fisrt and subdues you woti ndabirwa. For that moment akugonawo, mangwana be the first to take the weapon and hit your opponent, if you cant then tough lucky, wait until you can. What did the Harare demonstration achieve??? Nothing tangible except wastage of resources if they were any used. The elections are over guys, wait for 2023 and pull the trigger first. Otherwise if we continue in this mode, we will remain in the doldrums until we go to our graves tikasiira vana nhamo. Nyika ndeyedu, so lets do our best kuivaka.

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