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Swallow your pride, Chamisa tells ED


MDC leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday said President Emmerson Mnangagwa should swallow his pride and agree to dialogue with him in order to resolve the economic crisis in the country, characterised by price hikes, shortage of basic commodities, company closures, job losses and a serious liquidity crunch.

By Tafadzwa Mutacha

Presenting various foodstuffs to the elderly in Harare’s Highfields suburb, Chamisa said this year’s Christmas festive season was one of the worst ever as the Zanu PF government had run down the economy, leaving a significant part of the population in destitution and unable to buy goodies associated with the period.

“We have gathered here to show our love to you, and I know this is the worst Christmas ever. I know for many people there is no Christmas. You felt the hardships during Ian Smith’s time, the same during former President Robert Mugabe’s tenure and now you are experiencing the difficulties again in the country under President Emmerson Mnangagwa,” Chamisa said.

“A lot is happening. There is no water, no money in the banks, no electricity, no foodstuffs in shops, no medication in hospitals. You (the elderly) cannot be treated in hospitals and medicine can only be accessed through US dollars. This is the life that we are living.”

Chamisa recently called for dialogue with Mnangagwa to stabilise the economy, but the Zanu PF leader ruled out such a possibility.

“I told Mnangagwa and his team that the situation is now unbearable, come, lets us have a dialogue to move this nation forward and resolve these problems, but they are refusing. That’s why life is so difficult because they don’t know how these things operate,” he said.

“I have said to them; don’t you see the suffering that is upon our people? Aren’t you hearing their cries? The situation is like this because they don’t see things like we do.”

Chamisa said the government was also neglecting the country’s senior citizens who no longer have any safety nets for them.

He suggested that a new government, which he was going to be a part of, would improve the welfare of the elderly and the economy.

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  1. Poor delusional scamisa. He rejected a paid position as leader of the opposition, and now he is only the leader of rallies.

    I guess he didn’t count on Mudzuri and Mwonzora, staging a coup…

    Scamisa will become more and nore desperate….

    Scamisa might have fooled the zimbabwe public with he showboating, but he can’t fool congress.

  2. Comment…Desparate, now using the poor elderly to remain relevant. Unoda kuzvidira njecha, but the mdc-a supporters are also affected as they feed from the same plate. Please stop grandstanding and showboating.

  3. Chamisa desperate for power. why cant he contribute his suggestions through MDC MPs. Does he want power or he want to help people.

  4. u have made mudzuri a devil by going to state house on a parliamentary business which have agreed to b partakers of it(parliament)now u want to see the very 1 whom u chastised mudzuri of meeting.tikwanire chamisa

  5. The opposition chief in any democracy is the ‘alternative President’ and can as well serve the people in that capacity by keeping the govt to its toes.
    What more powers is Chamisa demanding to prove his competence?
    An ounce of commitment is worth thousand pounds of promises.
    For your information, reputation is built on our documented performance records, not the promises we make.

  6. I agree as a nation we should unite but I think Chams is overstating that his inclusion in government will improve things overnight.

  7. I think there is need for negotiations. But then you cant put conditions for negotiations becoz the conditions are part of the negotiations. To be honest no one has a clue as to how to solve the zim situation. Chamisa and ED included. One only hopes that through working together and eliminating discord things can only be better.

  8. I welcome the call for dialogue by Chamisa. However he must retract his call for the extention of Zidera by the USA to enable Government to source and stock up hospitals with medicines and Councils to receive grants etc from the international community to fix their infrastructure.
    Dialogue is the way to go, on this call i say for once Well done to Chamisa. We need to find each other as a nation.
    Hatred and divisions will get us nowhere while poorer countries than us are prospering.
    ED take heed and see you can dialogue with Chamisa.

  9. Balance me quickly, is it not Chamisa n his cronies tht were running around declaring tht they wont engage ED bcz majiggies ndeavo. They refused to entertain idea of dialogue wt ED sayin he is illegitimate despite winning e election n e subsquent ConCourt petition?? Now tht he realises hes out of a job n irrelevant he thnks he can wave his wand n meet with ED? Chamisa ane problem…

  10. Chamisa is so full of himself that he does not even reflect on the things he says. If he reflected he would realise that he contradicts himself a lot.”I don’t want to talk because my goats were stolen” but now he says “Let’s talk” The horse has bolted Chamisa. You should know that your constant bickering about the country that you say you love is stopping investors coming to Zimbabwe

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