Success – Master the game

Mastery is something achievable. In reality, success is when you compound small daily acts. A brain coach Jim Kwik said you must first make your habits, then your habits will make you. Reality is created in your ritual.


Success might not be as easy, but it is possible. It takes one to put their mind, effort, focus and energy to it. A famous quote by Kevin Durant says, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

Great people have specific patterns, paradigms, and perspectives that they choose to follow every day of their lives. Success does not choose us because of our culture, creed or colour, but we choose to succeed.

Greatness follows specific principles. It takes a strong desire, determination, and discipline. Bellow are simple yet important steps that if implemented could change your life now:

Step 1: Love your private space

Greatness is first rehearsed in private and then displayed in public. Successful sportspersons give us a positive life lesson; your routine determines who you become in the ring.

At times we have unspoken habits which we don’t want anyone to see, but the unfortunate truth is the more you indulge in them, the more you mature them.

That’s the same with positive lifestyles, eventually, they mature and we get rewarded for them.

Step 2: Create time

The open secret that separates the wealthy and the poor is that the wealthy invest most of their time, whereas the poor spend most their time.

Most people spend their time, while the successful people have leant to invest into their time. When you time to enrich your mind by reading quality books, you are investing into your time. But when you are watching entertainment on television, you are just spending time.

In other words, when you are investing your time, there is value you accrue over time, but when you are spending time, there is not value added, instead the value might even be taken away.

Step 3: Visualise success

Your vision is your mental picture of what you want to become.

One of the greatest gifts that God has given to humanity — giving them a competitive advantage over all creatures — is the ability to first create in form of mind pictures and then secondly, build those pictures physically.

Step 4: The greatest discovery

Finding your purpose is the greatest discovery of your life. Most people are only living to fulfil their basic needs like food, clothes and shelter and they can’t live beyond that. Everyone needs this, but that’s not our destiny. There is more to life; it is a purpose-driven life.

Most people will spend their lifetime in a career that only helps them to fulfil these needs, but that’s not enough.

It is my sincere cry that you think bigger and live a fruitful, fun-filled and fulfilling life by discovering your God-given purpose.

Step 5: Double the rate of your failure

Challenges are part of the success journey. The common mistake that most people make is to think that failure is negative or bad. Failure is never the enemy of success. Thomas J Watson once said, “If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.”

The route gets so rutted and rough and you feel giving up will be the right option. Storms will always come and your attitude towards them will determine how you end up.
In storms, you choose to be taught by them or tossed away.

Winston Churchill said: “Kites rise the highest against the wind — not with it.”

Step 6: Faith factor

Will Edwards, an author and motivational speaker says faith is a “strong belief in something without proof or evidence”.

Faith is the fervent invisible force which says: “It’s possible!” I still remember during my primary academic years, I had friends who dreamt to be broadcasters and doctors, but today they are complaining of their unsatisfying, less paying jobs.

I think these people just lost their faith along the way. One of the enemies of greatness is settling for average.

Parting step 7: Get your hands dirty

Oprah Winfrey says: “The big secret in life is that there is no secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you are willing to work” (cited in the book Personal Best by Marc Woods).

It’s time we acted our dreams. The simplest way to evade mediocrity and poverty is working wisely.

There are people that have sweated to their grave, but with nothing to show for it. Could they be cursed?

To some it’s a no! They did not work in line with their God-given mandate. Being successful is no longer a secret. You too can be great!

Jonah Nyoni is an author, success coach and certified leadership/business trainer. He is the author of Inspiration for Success and Success Within Reach. Email: Twitter@jonahnyoni.

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