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Mnangagwa gets unanimous endorsement


ZANU PF yesterday said all inter-district meetings held across the country have endorsed President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the party’s leader and presidential candidate for the 2023 general elections.


Addressing journalists after yesterday’s politburo meeting, spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said a report by political commissar Engelbert Rugeje showed unanimity among provinces that Mnangagwa would be the party’s presidential candidate in 2023.

“The national political commissar Lieutenant General (Retired) Engelbert Rugeje gave a report on recently held provincial inter-district meetings coming up with resolutions to be presented to the conference,” Khaya Moyo said.

“What was cutting across in all the inter-district meetings was unanimous endorsement of President Mnangagwa as the party’s 2023 presidential candidate. This was common in all inter-district meetings recently held across the country.”

Khaya Moyo said Mnangagwa emphasised that the politburo meeting was aimed at building a consensus on topical issues to be reported to the central committee which is scheduled to meet today.

He added: “Politburo committee member advocate Jacob Mudenda, on behalf of the secretary of legal affairs, presented the draft central committee report page by page covering an array and analysis on all party activities sector by sector including the political, economic and social matters.”

He said about 6 000 delegates will attend the conference and the party had extended invitations to a number of affiliates.

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  1. with chiwenga set to takeover the reigns after eds 2 terms still nelson will not be eligible age wise as he will not have hit 52, this is now an interesting scenario

    • The Constitution says a citizen of 40 years and above can be president. It is true that some people talk about 52 years, but the Constituion currently says otherwise. Chamisa, or anyone else meeting the constitutional requirements can contest for president in 2023.

      • those with the majority in parliament can overturn anything in case you are not in the know how, but for now the young politician may have to thank ed as information reaching corners of zimbabwe is that ed will stick to 40plus.

  2. Comment…In October 2017 was unanimously endorsed all ten provinces, women and youth wings, chief council, rats, mice etc as the presidential candidate for 2018 elections but barely two months later ED was unanimouly endorsed for the same elections by the same EDiots. Its a circus as its in the DNA of z-pf to engage in such wars. Its a long four years before 2023.

  3. ED pfee ka 1 in 2023 wamwe wari busy kuchema over previous Election,matimadii muchati yowee,apa age tirikukwidza to 52 ku parliarment using our 2 thirds majority,prepare for more stress wakomana,takakuudzai muriwana pa politics,jst join Zanu stress iyite shoma,muchawukura ma obscinities kuswika apera ese Tichingotonga

    • This is pathetic…. Its not about being in power forever but its about improving the nation’s fortunes. Ndiwo udofo hwenyu you people.. what kind of leadership and governance are you displaying here? Kutungamira kunonakidza kana vanotungamirirwa vachivandudzika pamagariro, kwete izvi zvekuti nyika yose inenge ichinhuwa nhamo apa iye oga aripachigaro ne vakamukomberedza ndovarikuguta sekunonzi Zimbabwe is a Private company. With such a situation ndopaunonzwa umwe achiti ED pfee ka1 23….. this is worrisome. Who are we exactly? What is wrong with Zimbabweans? Is this what you call patriotism when the few are plundering the nation’s resources at the expense of the majority? haa nyaraiwo kani vakomana. Inyika yedu tese iyi. What kind of mindset are you modelling to the youngsters? Kuti corruption pays??????

    • We have lot potential candidates for MDC my stupid Zimbabwean if you did know. Did you see any loss of supporters after the death of Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai left a legacy.

  4. Zanupf is a very stupid party for sure, nobody is yet to see how ED will perform over the next 4 years so as to be able to make an informed decision on whether to endorse him for 2023 or not & yet they have already declared him their candidate. It’s politics of vengeance nekusvotesana chete chete rather than logic. These are primitive minds which belong to the stone age

  5. The issue here is not to antagonise anyone. That kind of clarity on such a topic is very essential for the stability and development of our nation. Those who would like to engage in business with our country would be comfortable to know that there will be continuity in the leadership translating into policy consistency. It’s not just about power retention. It’s also about the smooth running of political and economic afairs of the nation and it is a good thing for all zimbabweans regardless of political afiliation. Please, let’s avoid looking at everything with a negative perception.

  6. I am an ED sympathiser but I think we are losing the plot. This issue is very irrelevant at this point in time. We want to hear recommendations and resolutions on how to address the economy and other governance challenges. ED still has five years to run on current term so what’s the hurry. We voted for you ED to address issues not secure position. This conference is a barometer of whether you ED will show us the economy comes before politics. Your agenda should have real issues not endorsement issues. Please remember you gave us a score card. I kindly ask you ED to stick to your promises.

    • You have known this ED of yours’ behaviour and actions for the past 38 years and you still have faith in his word? Please fellow countrymen, let’s be serious nenyika iyi haisi yekudzinza remunhu one mumwechete.

  7. Annonymous needs to know that ZANU PF is not like MDCA. It has shown stability and direction unlike the confused MDCA Chanyiswa who even feels threatened to call for an early congress fearing opposition. This is the difference. ZANU PF has made it clear on the path to be toured. The vision is clear and shared by all organs. How about MDCA? Chanyiswa is not eeven certain about his leadership legitimacy which needs to be settled and authenticated at their congress. ED Pfee 2023!!!! Chayiswa dooo come MDCA Congress. Kkkkkkk

    • Whats clear about all this nhai hama….? Who doesnt know kuti ZANU is having power struggles right now? Do you think we are dumb to the fact that ED is there at the mercy of the General and the General arikudawo chimuti not zva 2028? You can fool some but not all….. Gone are the days dze tomfoolery. Takuziva what is happening in the dark corridors of power, even ku ZANU ikoko. Remember we are Zimbabweans before we are MDCA or ZANU PF’

  8. He who pays the Piper calls the tune. Mugabe enjoyed the same endorsement monopoly until he dropped feeding trough.
    Zanu PF supporters are craftly ‘adaptive’. They unanimously endorsed Mugabe last year while simultaneously baying for Mnangagwa’s blood but abruptly changed the tune even before the dust settled.
    This latest endorsement lasts as long as the current political fortunes remain constant.

  9. I do not see anything troubling with the endorsement. This is purely a Zanu Pf issue regarding who is going to represent their party in 2023 presidential elections. May I know why you want to keep such an important mater vague when we are actualy trying to create stability in our nation. The investing community wants to know that there will be political and policy stability in Zimbabwe in the forseeable future and the endorsement acomplishes exactly that. Furthermore, Ed has a constitutional greenlight to run for two terms. This will also encourage him to work hard knowing he has another chance if he performs well the first term. That is why it would be not a good idea for the terms to be limited to just one.

  10. At times these endorsements are necessary. I believe there is a need for a long term stability of the party and leadership. ZANU PF, as the ruling party may be thinking strategically to enhance political certainty. Remember, investors will only invest in an environment which is politically stale.

  11. @Farai in as much as we need to know and talk of stability. Are we gods to know who will still be alive 4 years from now. Stability is an institutional issue than it being an individualistic issues because we are mortal beings. Create a stable and democratic ZPF then stability issues will not be any issue. Constant party policies is what is required rather then believing an individual. institutions can survive beyond their leaders so your issue of stability through endorsement of ED is crap and out rubbish.

  12. those with the majority in parliament can overturn anything in case you are not in the know how, but for now the young politician may have to thank ed as information reaching corners of zimbabwe is that ed will stick to 40plus.

  13. There has been this silly and unrealistic speculation about the vp planning another operation restore legacy on Ed and replace him with Nelson Chamisa. Dreams are natural but will remain dreams though. You are not happy with Ed’s endorsement because it goes against your silly dreams. It is that kind of fake news about Zimbabwean leaders always struggling against each other which will keep damaging our prospects of development. As far as our vp is concerned, the man is a reasonable leader. He is not power hungry like most of you believe. He will wait for his proper turn. Both him and Ed were truly loyay to uncle Bob until the comming in of the g40 cabal which had almost completed its capture of the state when it was booted out. The operation that the retired general initiated was very necessary then to address the situation then prevailing but there can’t be any other one like it now. Murume uyu harisi dofo sezvamunonyeperana. Nelson chaiye kushandisa Retired General! Akamira sani?

  14. We have lot potential candidates for MDC my stupid Zimbabwean if you did know. Did you see any loss of supporters after the death of Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai left a legacy.

  15. ZANU PF are full of stupid people, instead of concentrating on real issues affecting Zimbabwe but are busy thinking of presidential candidate 2023. God help Zimbabwe.

  16. @ Cde Pfee: We share the same sentiments.
    If we institutionalize the nation and abide by the constitution, everything else will be self-regulating.
    The holder of the office will be led by the constitution denying him/her the powers to manipulate self-governing institutions.
    As we speak, a sitting President can overrule any institution to sway in his/her favour.
    Let us stop hero-worshipping individuals to give the nation a new outlook and untangle it from authoritarianism.

  17. Not that Nelson want to use the General.. On what grounds? after all the General is the one who have been denying the opposition to lead this country in all the past few elections where the opposition won. The so called operation restore legacy wasnt done for the interest of the Zim populace but to save the skins of the few, the General included. Here we are, what legacy has been restored? The suffering of people? Hey we dont hate these guys but it must dawn on you and others that what we need is a progressive leadership that has the people at heart. Not this selfish establishment that resembles a Mafia kind of…….

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