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Former Harare mayor wants pool car


FORMER Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni has approached the city council requesting to buy one of the pool vehicles he used before leaving office.


Mayor Herbert Gomba told council yesterday that he held a meeting with his predecessor to discuss Manyenyeni’s proposal to buy one of the vehicles he was using.

“I have referred the matter to the human resources committee to discuss this matter,” Gomba said.

When he was in office, Manyenyeni refused to buy a mayoral vehicle and relied on pool cars available, and now, the ex-mayor wants to buy one from the fleet.

In the build-up to the 2018 elections, government issued a circular instructing all outgoing mayors countrywide to engage their cities and buy vehicles they were using.

However, since Manyenyeni had not procured a car during his tenure, he now has to buy from the pool which includes vehicles that are normally used by visitors and stand-in mayors.

The sale is normally done at book value.

Manyenyeni’s request comes as councillors early this year pleaded with government to allow their cities to give them vehicles as part of their conditions of service.

Manyenyeni was Harare mayor from 2013 to 2018.

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