Zimra in corruption clean-out

CONFUSION reigned supreme within the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) yesterday following reports that as many as eight senior managers had been suspended on corruption charges.


Zimra Commissioner-General Faith Mazani yesterday refused to discuss details of the suspensions, but confirmed two managers had been sent home.

“We are still going through the process. It’s at the very preliminary stages and I am not sure who told you because it’s still a very internal process,” Mazani said.

“At the moment we are not ready to share information until such time we have gone through our disciplinary procedures and people have been charged, then we will share such information.”

Sources, however, said some top managers had been suspended in connection with an attempted $2,3 million fraud case.

“There was an attempt to steal as much as $2,3 million from Zimra and this has led to some suspensions,” NewsDay heard.

It is believed Zimra deputy finance director Everjoy Maniwa was forced out over the audacious attempt to siphon some $2,3 million from the tax collector.
Zimra has also sent on forced leave Alois Manhire the revenue collector’s head of e-cargo tracking on as yet to be revealed charges.

Mazani dismissed reports that as many as eight managers had been suspended.

“I have heard some are claiming that we have suspended six or more managers. It’s only two,” she said.

The Zimra Commissioner-General could not be drawn into commenting on whether the managers were linked to the $2,3 million saga.

Between January to August this year, Zimra claimed it had investigated a massive 46 cases of corruption, 11 of which were referred for prosecution and one was finalised at the courts.

In the first half of last year alone, Zimra suspended 21 officials and recovered $120 million through its anti-corruption drive following tip-offs from the public.

New Finance minister Mthuli Ncube on October 1 wielded the axe and fired the Willia Bonyongwe-led board in what he said heralded “the start of reforms the government is implementing to get its finances under control.”

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  1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    Vanhu ngavabatwe taneta necorruption. There must be very harsh sentences for those caught up on corruption charges than any other crime, because corruption makes us the whole 15 million plus citizens suffer. No one is spared except those involved. MPs should waste their energies crafting such laws than spending time shouting and booing at each other in Parliament. If such laws are not debated by these mps then we must kick them out because it will be clear that they are in the scam.

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