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Life becomes great when you decide to first become a great person inside. Your orientation determines what you attract. If you are always negative in your thought, in your talk, and in your emotions, you just attract the negative. What you focus, tracks you. I usually challenge many people, especially in their relationships.


Realistically, you didn’t marry a bad person (who you think is bad), but you got attracted to a bad person because your orientation is bad. If you want to marry a great person or stay in a great relationship, first you must become that great person.

When one watches the movie: The Secret, that’s when you discover that most people have hamstrung themselves. People tend to send negative vibes and then they, in turn, attract the negative. It is said thoughts are things. We don’t attract what we want, but who we are.

Most people are not enjoying or living the life that they really desire. They are caught up in self-inflicted jails. Mind-based cocoons have made them live within the spheres of mediocrity. They have a fear to delve into purpose-driven lives. Their minds have registered that if they chose a different lifestyle, they might end up broke.
At times, they really have the true mind-picture of what they want to be ,but because of those chuckles, they live in their small worlds where external factors determine their fate.

I was evoked to write this article after a motivational talk I had with students at the National University of Science and Technology. I asked about five students what they really would want to spend their lives doing. I was shocked to discover that about 60% of the respondents were studying what was outside their true passion.

In other words, they have this mindset that I should find something to do that will help me get a job and get by.

Given all the tools, money and resources of your choosing, what would you spend your life doing to create a life that you want? Most people are busy acting a script that has been written to them by life, friends or family. It’s time to write your own script and chose, and be the main actor.

Your grades at your Ordinary Level should not be the ones making you choose the subject combinations you are going to do at Advanced Level. Your symbols at Advanced Level should not choose for you the degree you are going to do at university. Your deep seated passions should determine the life you want to live the rest of your life.

School teachers have a big role in the lives of their students. In fact, the same teachers, instead of us celebrating them, we have lived to regret why we listened to them. Because they had a bigger role and influence over our lives, they made us live a life through their eyes. The role of the teacher should be one to give me wings to fly. Personally, I think there are things that I have learnt at school that I will never desire to do if I was given a second chance. At times, people carry theories that they will never use in their lifetime.

On the other hand, people are caught up in a maze of frustration because they are busy at a job that gives them more stress and the only day they enjoy is when they get their salary. Students are busy reading for a course at university that they don’t even love.

Think and chase after your purpose. We are wired differently and we are made for different purposes. As the late Dr Myles Munroe would say: “Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.”

Your discovery of your true purpose is the key to your fulfillment. The most important thing you need to change as to shift your life immediately and have quantum leaps to your results is to alter your paradigm. This is the basis or foundation of how you have performed so far in life.

We need to reinstall your mental software to determine your performance and your results in life. Your physical results are a reflection of your inner activity. Your results correspond to your inner patterns or paradigms. The inner game is the best game. Swami Vivekananda once said: “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”

In a nut-shell, this is what we call belief systems. Why belief systems? They scale your life. Scale is an acronym I created to show how your belief systems affect your life as explained below:

Sift: Your belief systems have an effect on how you judge or sift through life. The meaning we get from life is because of our belief systems. We don’t usually see life as it is, we see life as we are. As Winston Churchill once said: “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”

Choice: Our internal thought-line determines our choices. Some people have chosen certain jobs because of the monetary value attached to them, whereas others are doing the same job because they love doing it. That’s choice!

Awareness: Our belief systems make us to be aware of our chosen lifestyle. Awareness is not only a result of availability of an object, but your interest in it.

Limitations: Our limitations in our minds and life are mainly because of belief systems. Remove all limiting thoughts, affiliations and affirmations and live your best life.

End result: Results don’t lie. Results are determined by the belief systems that you act on. Today, you can change your results, your net worth and your life style. It’s time to break out from your limitations and be the boss of your destiny!

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  1. Gukurume ReMasvingo

    Well said but its somehow mapping a theory. Taking an example of a course or study that one wants. I will give my example, I wanted to do animation a degree not found in Africa. Limitation number one – Parents could not afford the air ticket not to mention the fees. Alternative two was to be an aerospace engineer. Again nothing of that sort 9s offered in my beloved country last resort was to be stuck with other people’s
    There are limitations to what one wants but there is no limit to utilize alternatives

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