Mpofu on point for home deco

JAZZ crooner and Green ambassador Dereck Mpofu has continued to shine in his musical journey, with another ambassadorial role added to his curriculum vitae as he was last week appointed OnPoint Home Decor brand ambassador.


Derek Mpofu receives his letter of appointment as OnPoint Home Decor brand envoy

The endorsement deal, valid for a year, with an option of renewal, will see Mpofu doing promotional jingles for the brand and performing in different parts of the country to market the product.

While many artistes are failing to live off their art, stung by piracy, endorsement deals have somehow helped the few artistes who have been lucky to be appointed brand ambassadors.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style on the sidelines of the event, OnPoint Home Decor founder and director, Letwin Dzomba, said Mpofu’s affection and creativity in safeguarding the environment made him a good candidate for the partnership.

“As OnPoint Home Decor, we are into homes decor and pursue to be outstanding in home renovations, upholstery, chalk painting and furniture restoration. We have decided to work with the green ambassador, Dereck Mpofu, as our product ambassador as we share the same passion and vision of safeguarding our environment in a friendly manner through recycling,” she said.

“As OnPoint Home Decor, we don’t make furniture, but we focus on recycling what is already available, as we love to recycle and bring fresh looks from old furniture and restore homes from being old to brand new. We are pleased to have appointed Dereck Mpofu as our brand ambassador for our products. He is someone who fits in well with the brand.”

She said as they grow, they look forward to further the growth and positive accomplishments of their brand with many of local artistes.

The jubilant Mpofu said he was happy to be part of OnPoint Home Decor.

“As the OnPoint Home Decor ambassador, I am going to do my best because it’s also about my image and it’s a good thing to be an ambassador for such an organisation, sharing the same vision of safeguarding the environment,” he said.

“We have lined up a campaign themed Bring Furniture Back to Life where we will be going into the community and let people know of the OnPoint Home Decor products as we seek to bring people into line with the effects on the environment of failure to recycle, reduce and to reuse

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