MDC sets date for anti-govt demo

The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC has mobilised its supporters to take to the streets on Thursday to demonstrate against the worsening economic situation, which has seen prices of all goods and services skyrocket as the surrogate currency – bond note – continues to depreciate in value.


Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume confirmed the protests date and said they had since notified the police.

“Indeed, our demonstration is coming this Thursday. The national council endorsed it, but the idea came from the people during our consultations from across the country,” Mafume said.

“We have notified the police, and we don’t expect them to go against the Constitution. Our section 59 is very clear as regards our rights to demonstrate, and our duty is simply to notify the police, which we have done. They were notified last week,” he said.

He said the idea of taking to the streets came from the people, who are not happy with the deteriorating socio-economic situation in the country.

The economy has been on a downward spiral since the July 30 polls, controversially won by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and rejected by Chamisa as a “farce”.

“Zimbabweans are so over-taxed. We are having this burden of additional 2% taxation; medicines are now being charged using US$. Duty of some items, including motor vehicles, are paid in US$ yet the bulk of the people get their earnings in RTGS,” Mafume said.

“Pensions are being eroded and the budget statement just poured salt on the wounds of struggling Zimbabweans.”

In October, Finance minister Mthuli Ncube introduced a 2% transactional tax on electronic money transfers, and the separation of RTGS accounts from nostro foreign currency accounts, measures which have been blamed for triggering economic chaos in the country.

Mafume said it was illogical to peg traffic offenses at $700, an amount far above the general earnings of the majority.

He also said they will be pressing on the need for political reforms during the Thursday demonstrations.

The demonstrations would start in Harare, but would be rolled across the country.

“A demonstration is an inalienable right. Doing a legitimate thing can never be a cause of illegality, and we will go ahead with the demonstration,” Mafume said.

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  1. Kana mukaita noise hamheno zvenyu iye Chamisa anenge asipo unongofa wega.

  2. Comment…@zimbabweperson, under the new dispensation life of a person has been reduced to that of a fly which can be swatched anytime as you rightly say and boast of but the life of a person is sacred. EDiots will try to justlfy or defend the murderous junta but the world will continue to condemn it. Pasi nejunta

    1. Serious mukaita noise ikoko munoudzwa zve 45 degrees, itayi mega last time takasiya hama muTown – vanoshota ndevekwedu kwenyu makakwana.

    2. Aninimas uri kufunga ne kumagaro. Demos are legal if there is no looting and burning vehicles. You seem to push others then run away crying like Mashayamombe izvozvi ari kungochema kuridza mhere pana Monthlante na Madhuku. Mai Manyeruke nyaradzai mwana ari kutochema. Kana usingadi kufa se fly usaita noise kupisa mota ne looting muma shops


  3. But Kamisa and company dai mambotrayah kutipa an alternative budget tamboona mafungiro enyu. Noise ndoyega here? how do we know you are a better choice pasina kana evidence?

  4. we will only take these opposition guys SERIOUSLY if they lead their projects from the front like what happens in other countries were supporters follow their LEADERS in projects like these as vents of August are still vivid in everyones mind were Chamisa and Biti stirred violence and immediately went into hiding with the other skipping borders leaving those who have been labelled STUPID to face the wrath of the law, so for those with shallow memories this was just a rude REMINDER.

  5. tendai chaminuka

    Nhai pakaitwa GNU paya was it after demonstrations here or zvakangoita zvega.Chamisa chill siyana nezvinhu zviri anti christian zvema demonstrations awa coz uchatanga kuudza vanhu kuti it was stupid for them to demonstrate when the Monthlante Commission was in motion.

  6. MDC Alliance resorting to their default mode of violence. These demos are an avenue for looting and vandalism. Please do not disturb our peace and tranquillity that is prevailing in the country.

  7. Only the stupid people will demonstrate. Unongofira Chamisa pasina chaunowana. Kurikuda kukara simba here nhayi Chamisa. What do demonstrations help. Does MDC have money to roll their demonstrations in other cities etc

  8. How can someone say there is peace yet people are struggling in their motherland like this. Can you enjoy peace when you are forced to pay duty in forex yet you get your money in bond notes through RTGS. Gentlemen things must take shape. Demonstration is not violent but there are some elements who might need to turn it into violence and they are known, Jim Kunaka he said it all while before the commission of inquiry last week.

    1. truth is the opposition has no plan all they do is point out the wrong doing of other or put the blame ,what is your plan that you feel will work better than what is currently there if you truly loved Zim you would be able to give us a plan. Demonstrate all you want sleep in the streets all you want, but you just a bunch of stupids being used for personal interests ,Chamisa’s selfishness reminds me of how Mugabe came into power initially.

  9. kudemo tiri kutokuenda muchida musingade

  10. Mastupid nema saskamu tokuonai zvedu nepama window come thursday. This time water canon inenge ine mvura inovava kwete yamakaisirwa nema purisa musi wa 1 august iya.

    Please ZRP give the green light to this demo toda kuona how stupid some zimbos are

  11. demonstrations will not bring bread and nutter on MDC supporters’ tables. whilst you are busy marching, some of us will be working providing for our families and the economy at large. may you not engage in violent demonstrations as has been MDC trademark. it is time to rebuild Zim, not engaging in regressive elements as destructive demonstrations.

  12. Maphozho Saruchera

    Why demonstrate when you can simply ask your handlers to repeal ZIDERA, for the Zimbabwean economy to prosper? No economy can thrive with hands tied to its back.

  13. @ Tatenda, shaaz usadaroba , rebuilding Zimbabwe whilst on the other hand the state is captured by the military ? Iri ndiro dambe chairo ramuri kuita mazanoids kkkkk

  14. Ma zim musaite semadofo anofunga kunga kuti kese kataurwa na chamisa kari ryt..that man mukanyatso analyza ndo karikukonzera kuti muzimbabwe ti suffe…mufana uya itsvina chaiyo haafunge..siyai ED agadzire nyika musamuvhiringe

  15. handei tese muroad

  16. These demonstrations do not make sense. They are done only to disturb peace and day to business. People should refuse to be used as demonstrating tools and be called stupids later on. People are just fade up with these kind of demos.

  17. They will be waiting for you guys this time pray it will be 100 degrees into the air not less than 45 degrees lower, volunteers to meet the maker are most welcome…..of note please bring Chamisa in front as he promised kwete kuhwanda newana wewamwe

  18. Nobleman Runyanga

    Protest demos have never solved anything in Zimbabwe. One can’t make up for an electoral loss through staging violent demonstrations against President Emmerson.

  19. SAD! Toyi toying to no avail. Will simply ignore this demo for the uselessness that it is. I am sure the govt and security services are quacking in their boots because the little bishop has called for yet another pointless demo.

  20. Dont follow that Chamisa boy.He is a very small boy.Look what happened on August 1.We do not want that to be repeated again.We are a peaceful country.Lets unite and build the Zimbabwe we want.

  21. lets demonstrate against against the government Chamisa is RIGHT the enemy is ZANUpf’s UNPositive ECOnomics

  22. The STUPIDS will demonstrate again and expose themselves to danger, while Chamisa is in a hotel with a girlfried drawn from the MDC-A women’s wing.

    Haiwa kani baba iwe – kukuwara mubhora – no claim for compensation!

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