Komichi trial moved to January next year

The trial of MDC vice-president Morgen Komichi on charges of disrupting the announcement of the presidential election results has been moved to next year, with only one State witness, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) acting chief executive officer Utoile Silaigwana, still to testify.


The State was expecting to lead Silaigwana’s evidence yesterday, but the defence was advised that the presiding magistrate was not feeling well and would be back in January next year.

Three witnesses, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation producer Phineas Gutu, investigation officer Patrick Siyakwimbi and Zec security officer Concree Chivinda, have already testified.

Allegations are that on August 2 at around 10:45pm, Komichi was at Harare International Conference Centre, where Zec was announcing the presidential election results following elections on July 30, when he took to the podium and announced that the MDC rejected the “fake results”.

Komichi claimed that Zec had not followed due process, saying MDC agents had not been asked to verify the results.

The State alleges he was stopped by the police from making further pronouncements and was later arrested.

Michael Reza and Tafadzwanashe Mupariwa appeared for the State.

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