Kasukuwere trial in false start

FORMER Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who is facing criminal abuse of office charges for allegedly allocating land to former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s sister, Shuvai Gumbochuma, yesterday filed an application for exception to the charges because the charge sheet did not disclose an offence.


Kasukuwere, represented by Advocate Thembi Magwaliba and Charles Chinyama, filed the application before magistrate Hosea Mujaya, who postponed the matter to November 29 for ruling.

Mujaya asked Magwaliba if the application was a ploy to delay trial, to which the latter responded that it was a process of the trial. The State, represented by Zivanai Macharaga, told the court that the defence had ambushed him with the application which he said was not provided for in the law as he needed to be informed for him to file a response.

In his application, Kasukuwere said the State erred in charging him for the part played by accounting officers of his ministry because the charges by the State could only be committed by an accounting officer or any other person to whom duties of accounting officer had been delegated.

Kasukuwere said the State outline was silent in respect of powers of the minister to allocate or reallocate land and to what extent he deviated from that standard.

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  1. Comment…Tyson is corrupt and must be relocated to Chikurumbi. Gire’s sis got her pieces of land through corruption. Both Gire and her sis must also be relocated to Chikurumbi

  2. Lifestyle audit for this man is ideal.

  3. Tyson is correct, did he sign the transfers anywhere? Who is responsible for signing these land transfers or allocations? in the Min of Local Gvt? Where is the Accounting Officer of the Ministry in this whole saga. Was he not on duty? What are his functions? Basa ra secretary rakuitwa na Minister?

    1. but who made the decision……

    2. Kasukuwere must face the music. He must go through all court procedures he is not a sacred cow. If he was dipping his fingers in State coffers, then he must answer to the charges. The anti-corruption crusade is now paying dividends.

  4. corruption fight??? Action speaks louder than words!!!

  5. The land is being contested by previous owners who have title deeds and all politicians occupy illegal land and its difficult for courts to be involved in political but also lucrative matters. Land barons saw that loophole. Self service and make money. There are no laws in the jungle. Land deeds were colonial and the forced retirement of judge Gubbay marked the end of titlle deeds. Future deadly land fights are inevitable because no one claims title to land even lease holders.

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