Daggers out for ‘sellout’ Mudzuri

Disgruntled MDC members yesterday scaled up calls for deputy president Elias Mudzuri’s expulsion from the party for attending a meeting at State House with President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Parliament business as internal wars in the opposition party escalate.


MDC youth wing secretary-general Lovemore Chinoputsa led the call for Mudzuri to be expelled from the MDC for what other members termed “being a sell-out” and supping with the devil after he attended the parliamentary presiding officers’ meeting called by Mnangagwa.

MDC legislators and party leaders have said they do not recognise Mnangagwa’s presidency.

“This marks the end of the road for our vice-president. You can’t keep defying the party time and again. By choosing Mnangagwa over the party, VP Mudzuri has effectively expelled himself from the party. It was a pleasure working with you Elias. Hambe kahle [farewell]!” Chinoputsa said on his Twitter account. Mudzuri was the only opposition politician among Zanu PF’s high-ranking officials. The MDC Senator joined the delegation which was led by Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda and Deputy Speaker Tsitsi Gezi, Senate president Mabel Chinomona and her deputy, Senator Michael Nyambuya, who was represented by Chief Fortune Charumbira.

In his response to the attacks, Mudzuri said he attended the meeting in his capacity as leader of the opposition in the Senate under the Parliamentary Standing Rules and Orders.

“It is with sadness and unfortunate circumstances that my fellow junior parliamentarians would want to play petty politics on something that is part of my terms of reference as a party deployee. My confusion to all this stems from the fact that if what I did was ‘illegal’ to my fellow parliamentarians, then I want to understand what we are still doing in Parliament as a party and wasting taxpayers’ money,” Mudzuri said in a statement.

Other MDC MPs such as Charlton Hwende and Murisi Zvizwai also accused Mudzuri of being a sellout, but the former Harare mayor, who is touted as a potential challenger to party president Nelson Chamisa, said he had done nothing wrong.

“I went to State House, not to appease President Mnangagwa, but to respect the office of Parliament. If I am wrong and they are right I would be proud to be fired from the party because I represented the party in Parliament business. It’s sad that my very colleagues were fully engaged in Parliament business at HICC (Harare International Conference Centre) on post-budget consultations, a budget presentation that saw MPs under attack from police. What hypocrisy!” Mudzuri said.

After the meeting, Mudzuri was interrogated by party legislators at HICC, where the party had joined Zanu PF MPs for a post-budget seminar, although the MPs were kicked out of the budget presentation last Thursday for refusing to recognise Mnangagwa as President of the country.

Hwende, the chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information Communication and Technology accused Mudzuri of being a sellout, who was now dining with the enemy.

“How do you go alone as an MDC member, alone, why? Were you not ashamed, being alone there?” Hwende asked, to which Mudzuri calmly responded that he was not ashamed of anything.

Hwende accused Mudzuri of endorsing Mnangagwa, an allegation he countered by asking if the MDC MPs’ attendance to parliamentary business meant endorsing Mnangagwa’s regime.

Mudzuri, together with party secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, recently reportedly landed themselves in hot soup after holding talks with Chief Justice Luke Malaba, who had been heckled in Parliament by opposition legislators. At law, presiding officers are presented to the President and these include members of the Standing Rules and Orders Committee of Parliament. Mudzuri should have been joined by Tabitha Khumalo, the party’s chief whip, Prosper Mutseyami and Morgen Komichi. Others presented to Mnangagwa include Joseph Chinotimba, Tsitsi Muzenda, Temba Mliswa, Perrance Shiri, Pupurai Togarepi and Ziyambi Ziyambi, the leader of government business in Parliament.

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  1. Thobela Nyandezulu

    If Mudzuri is a sellout,then Chamisa is the biggest of all sellouts.How can Chamisa attend the Commission of Inquiry appointed by the very Mnangagwa they perceive to be illegitimate.Childish and double standards.Patronage and foolishness reining supreme in the MDC Alliance.

    1. The MDC hierarchy should “school” its overzealous party youths on how parliamentary procedure works. Engaging your political foes on political platforms does not in any way mean acquiescing or endorsing them. The opposition Parliamentarians, Senators and Councillors cannot achieve much if they chose to work in isolation from State structures.Parliamentarians are an integral arm of government comprising the Presidium, Legislature and the Judiciary. How can any of the three work in isolation of the other if Zimbabwe is to achieve a functional democracy. If it was not for political expediency and personal aggrandizement Chamisa and his fellow comrades in the party presidium would surely reign in these errant youths.

      1. This is much the same way that we are now being told that Biti is sero-positive, and that somehow this is somewhat relevant to whatever issues might be at hand. Interesting to hear!.

    2. Well done Mudzuri you show maturity as compared to childish Mr Stupid Demo and Sero Positive Obama

    3. My Friend you don’t know politics! Attending the Commission of Inquiry was strategic in that it gave MDC free mileage to be heard by millions live on ZBC. And it worked! Attending ED’s meeting was a disaster by Mudzuri… It had no benefit to a Party which is saying it won the election.

  2. legisltors are losing the plot now. if boycott is the only language they understand then zim is headed back into stone age. Mudzuri is doing what he was elected for, representing the interests of the people. this counterproductive, petty and self-distruction politics has no place in morden day democracy

  3. They should also boycott the MP Vehicles Allocation and Allowance’s claims

  4. Maphozho Saruchera

    Mudzuri’s crime is expressing interest in contesting for the MDC presidency against dictator Chamisa in the forthcoming congress, zvimwe zvese kwangova kutsvaga madzingiro. –

  5. Mudzuri is right on rules.Let’s not just enjoying expelling people

  6. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

    kwaaniko mudzuri is no sellout. its only that the tinpot dictator is shitting in his pants fearing competition. that’s why chiwenga predicted kuti kid chamisa will never rule the country. not with an attitude of reversing what morgan had learnt kuti musidzinge vanhu. chamisa is now a liability to the party, just look at the results of the mutoko north by-election. vanhu havachadi zvekakomana aka kasingakuri.

  7. Comment…Let the show go on as we watch, listen and enjoy the MDC-A circus. They are in fighting mood and will fight anyone and everybody. By attending the commission of inquiry both Chamisa and Biti recognised ED and must be expelled. Murisi is most vocal in demanding allowances and vehicles but does not recognise the govt.

  8. Attending the meeting ALONE without the knowledge of the party is not correct…Mudzuri should have consulted first before attending. Why doing it clandestinely just like CJ meeting? Eye brows will continue to be raised if done behind the back of others,especially the party leader being Adv Nelson Chamisa. Collective decisions are needed to take the party forward and NOT this Dongawatonga being exhibited by Mudzuri and Mwonzora. Now people are trying to relate the indiscipline by Mudzuri and Mwonzora to the upcoming congress yet this is a purely discipline issue.Besides, no sane person can vote for either to leader MDC at any given time.There MUST BE total discipline in the party adhered to by everyone. Being VP does not entitle Mudzuri to go against the party,NO. Yes,people should think differently but when it comes to situations that ‘dent’ the party’s image, one should consult first. Mudzuri is becoming big headed and must be put in his right place ASAP.

  9. Mudzuri is a statesman just like Mwonzora, remember they are the real founders of Mdc they formed Mdc hence those who joined them must leave the party, amaphikizulos

  10. anyone one out there who doubts Chamisa is the new Mugabe,he has mastered the rules of oppresion more than his mentor,…#Just sending Youths to blast wakuru,like Interface rallies Chamisa akati ziii

  11. Proudly Zimbabwean

    Mudzuri was representing the interest of people in parliament. The other MP’s were equally representing the interest of the people at a city hotel. lets be objective as we fight gentlemen

  12. WAMACHEKERA thank you for a well presented contribution This Mudzuri guy anogona ku dyiswa nana PFEE people in isindebele there is what we call zwanamina juju so he should be careful otherwise that will be the end of his political career.

    1. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

      if you and @machekera of yours dont see the dictatorship in chamisa, then you are monkeys. the boy will never rule like what chiwenga said because now he is busy alienating support by his dictatorship, just look at the mutoko by-election results.

  13. Wasn’t the party leader asking for dialogue with the current regime just the other day?
    What dialogue is double speaking Chamisa demanding from a regime whose legitimacy he alledges to doubt?
    What breakthrough is going to be achieved if we keep witch-hunting and micromanaging one another?
    Its now the right to call a Congress to elect party leaders at the expense of intimidating the others whereas we are still leading in an acting capacity.

  14. Mudzuri is just a mature politician like Tsvangirai and that makes him a big threat to Chamisa. The same as Mwonzora, a pretext has to be found to kick them out before the congress. That is the only reason why the congress is being shifted further away. That gives Chamisa enough time to deal with Mudzuri and Mwonzora. The analogy that likens Chamisa to Uncle Bob is more than perfect. This reminds me of why Ed had to be pushed out of Zanu Pf before the 2017 December congress which would be chaired by uncle Bob himself.

  15. Janana Bikaz Bikaldo madhogodhogo

    Why are zanu pf thugs focussing more on MDC issues instead of focussing on the comatose economy?Did they stole the elections so that they would exert all their energy to whats happening in MDC?This mafia party called zanu pf is just something else.What has they done to the people who “voted for them”besides piling more misery on them in form of tax and price hikes?To make matters worse the same idiots who purport to have voted for zanu pf cannot dare ask for accountability from their leaders in terms of what they were promised before the elections because their leaders are dictators who can actually maim you for asking such a pertinent questions.Thats the reason why they would rather spent their energy and time commenting about whats happening in MDC waiting for the next election and damn to improvement of their lives.They are so used.So arguing with such low lives is actually a waste of time because their reasoning leaves a lot to be desired.Zanu pf has done worse things than MDC which is not even in govt.All these stupid idiots who are attacking MDC have relatives who have been either killed,displaced,maimed,abducted or tortured by agents of the mafia party but they the fun thing is they keep on propping up such an evil party.Just like what Hitler said”if you pluck off all feathers from a live chicken,it will soon run to you fro protection forgetting that you are the very person who has put it in that misery in the first place.Thats how best i can describe zanu pf blinkered supporters.Its like they were never born!

  16. The attack of MDC co-Vice President Elias Mudzuri by junior officials such as Chalton Hwende indicates that there is gross indiscipline in the party. There is a picture of Nelson Chamisa with his runner later evening yesterday and this just confirms that Hwende and Murisi were working under the instruction of their boss Wamba dia Wamba himself to attack Mudzuri.

    Its a pity that Mudzuri will be chucked out for standing what is right!

  17. which pple was he representing?as far as l am concerned takaita chisungo extended dambudziko haasi president full stop

  18. mudzuri is a sellout the oarty comes first not parliameny that is y mps and senators are recalled from parliament by the party.

  19. Cry my beloved MDC. Surely real change will never happen in Zimbabwe with this little demagogue. His immaturity, desperation for power and dictatorial tendencies will only render Zimbabwe to artificial change being availed by the artificial changes in ZANU(PF). This boy is just a carbon copy of Bob.

  20. Tuvana twe Mdca tunozvinyepera. You will never rule this nation with those skulls full of water. You need to learn to respect your elders if you are to be leaders of tommorow. Ed and Vp Chiwenga, Mohadhi and others were placed in their positions by God. (Romans 13 verse 1) I even wonder whether Nelson Chamisa’s bible which he raised up last night contains that verse. Respect your elders and parents first. Arguing with them is like running on a tread mill. You spend a lot of energy but you will not get anywhere.

  21. This party will soon be called Movement for Dictatorship Change. Can people learn to be objective on issues please.

  22. Ko vanguard yacho yema discipline yaivepi? vakomana murikutamba nengwena, manjemanje munonyura zvobvazvapera. Haisi Zim chete its in Africa thats why SADC and AU fail issues in Somalia, Central Republican, DRC, Ethopia etc opposition politics help govt account but in Africa its different because they don’t want to account to povo what will be happening to the country’s wealth.

  23. What about Mr Chamisa who appeared before a Commission of Inquiry set up by the same president. You guys selectively apply your law in your thugocracy. If you believe the electoral process that birthed ED was flawed, leave parliament which is also a product of the same process.

  24. mudzuri ndiZOBA chaiye anoda mari too much. vose vanoti mudzuri is right GETAWAY HAMUFUNGE BRAIN DZENYU DZAKAZARA CHI ZANU ZANU.

  25. MUDZURI is a political joke.

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