Zapu rebranding ahead of 2020 congress

The late Dumiso Dabengwa

The Dumiso Dabengwa-led Zapu is rebranding and rejuvenating itself ahead of the 2020 congress, which will see the former Home Affairs minister stepping down as leader of the opposition party and the inclusion of youth and women in the party’s presidium.


Zapu spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa yesterday said the resolution was made at the national executive council (NEC) meeting in Gweru on Sunday.

“The party will embark on consolidation and building of its structures in preparation for 2020 people’s congress and 2023 harmonised elections. The party will embark on a rebranding exercise, approaching congress,” he said.

“This is necessary to reposition the party in the contemporary political era as well as responding to current needs of the different constituencies making up the electorate.
These constituencies were identified as the different demographic groups within the society, the rural and urban communities, the farmers, miners and workers as well as special groups that are usually marginalised within our greater society.”

Maphosa said as part of the rebranding exercise, the national executive resolved to incorporate women and youths in its hierarchy in response to calls for inclusion of the two marginalised groups.

“As such, Zapu is already in the process of reconstituting it’s leadership during the interim period leading to 2020 congress. Two youths will be added to and sit in the Zapu presidency with immediate effect until congress 2020. Provinces have been instructed to select and forward the two names, with clear guidelines on the criteria to be used expressly defined,” Maphosa said.

“Two women will be added and sit in Zapu presidency with immediate effect until congress 2020. Provinces have been instructed to select and forward the two with clear guidelines on criteria for selection expressly defined.”

He said positions of deputy secretary in all party structures would be occupied by young men and women.

Maphosa said the two groups would also be prioritised when filling current vacant positions in the party, but on merit.

“This stance and attitude by the mother party is informed by the national demographics in which youths constitute about 60% of the population, while women are over 52%,” he said.

“This is a clear indication that they need bigger representation in matters of governance. As a responsive party, Zapu is leading the way in politically empowering youths and women.”

Maphosa said candidate selection for the 2023 polls will be concluded at the 2020 congress.