Wife basher gets 2-month jail term

A MUTARE man was yesterday slapped with a two-month jail sentence for bashing his wife who had accused him of stealing $314.


Bruce Yollam (32) from Sakubva appeared before magistrate Nyasha Kuture on Saturday who, however, gave him the option of paying $100 fine.

The complainant is Yollam’s wife, Yvonne Muzanechita.

Prosecutor Brighton Shamuyarira said the complainant arrived from work at 7pm and checked on the money which she had hidden in a doll and discovered that $14 was missing.

Muzanechita became suspicious and went on to check in the wardrobe where she kept her aunt’s money in an empty phone box and discovered that $300 was also missing.

The complainant reportedly questioned Yollam who denied having taken the $314 before beating her up.

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