We must take the pain: ED

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday declared that there is no going back on the raft of economic measures that his government is implementing despite a public outcry and skyrocketing prices, saying there was no quick-fix to the economy.


Business yesterday said it was ambushed by the government decision to hike taxes on transfers, while the public objected to the levy, which they said would be paying for the government’s profligate spending while raising prices of basic commodities.

Responding to questions at a Professional Women, Women Executives and Business Women Forum (Proweb) organised breakfast meeting, Mnangagwa said his government was going in the right direction despite the worsening economic challenges.

“The liberalisation of the economy has its own pains [and] this is one of the pains that we are going to go through. I am happy that you have said I am decisive for good or bad, I’m decisive,” he said.

“We will not continue to live in the past when the world is going ahead with the ICT [information communication technology]. Zimbabwe should never remain behind.

“The traditional methods of revenue collection are changing by the day. Migrating from the past tradition to modern ICT patterns, as Zimbabwe, we must follow and adapt ourselves to modern trends in terms of revenue collection.”
Mnangagwa said those that were making noise about the 2% revenue collection must take time to study the measures before raising dust.

He said there were tax exemptions such as the transfer of money between companies and payment of salaries.

Despite complaints that the measures were hurting and making life unbearable for ordinary citizens, the President said such measures were necessary and would continue to be implemented.

He said it was better to make the economy happy than individuals.

“We have taken cognisance of not punishing our people unnecessarily, but it is necessary if you look at the challenges that we are having now, both for the issue of internal debt and external debt. Where we stand today, as Zimbabwe, for us again to become a viable economy, a solid economy, we are going to take measures that are going to be painful and this is one of such measures.”

Mnangagwa said this was a necessary starting point which would be improved in future.

He said the government was happy to get feedback from the people regarding the measures.

“As we go forward, we must strike a balance between what is good for us again to support the public sector in order to have a huge percentage of the budget being applied to capital expenditure than social expenditure, this is what is there,” he said.

“We will not please the taxpayer. No! We want to please the economy of the country, and not the individual. The individual, myself and yourself, must make sure that we produce and produce. We need productivity for us to earn the foreign currency which we can use to modernise and retool both industry and commerce. It will not come from anywhere, but from productivity.”

The business sector has also raised concern over the new measures.

Since the announcement, the black market has been rising as prices of basic commodities soar.

The hikes, which saw the price of a 2-litre bottle of cooking oil jumping from $2,85 to about $15, were triggered by the US dollar premium on the black market, which spiked to 165% from 120% last Monday, according to traders.

Mnangagwa said he would continue listening to the feedback and try to jump-start the economy that has been stagnant for decades.

“We will not, in our quest, leapfrog and cover the period of two decades of stagnation, these things have become necessary.

“Yes, we may differ as to how that journey might be walked, but we must begin walking and as we walk the journey, patriotic Zimbabweans will come forward and say we should do it this way, why don’t we do it this way and we are a listening leadership and we will always take on board those contributions that we think are constructive and progressive for purposes of having a solid economy for our country,” he

The opposition and other civic society groups are this week planning demonstrations to force the government to suspend some of its measures.

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  1. Comment…Before elections, it was ED pfee and after elections, ED yowee. Leading to elections, ED spoke of US 20 billion worth of FDI and after elections he speaks of pain. Before elections, ED was commissioning new investments daily, after elections, ED speaks of job loses in civil service and parastatals. A laying president. Pasi nejunta

    1. He is clueless.

    2. You are spot on…………..

  2. Worrying pronouncements by H.E; indicative of ignorance of economic matters in addition to little regard for the welfare of the citizens. Economics is a SOCIAL science and it follows that the well-being of the people results in the well-being of the economy. Any other model works in reverse and though it may work for a season it will eventually burst.

    1. citizen this is a hands on business person. Productivity is the way to go. Maximise through put and boom the economy jump starts. i agree with the prez.

      1. You do know that ED and his Junta cdes wont feel any “pain” because they are cushioned by their ill gotten gains. So you may agree with your prez but he is not being honest about the shared pain. He is uncaring as he is clueless.

      2. You do know that ED and his Junta cdes wont feel any “pain” because they are cushioned by their ill gotten gains. So you may agree with your prez but he is not being honest about the shared pain. He is uncaring as he is clueless

      3. You do know that ED and his Junta cdes wont feel any “pain” because they are cushioned by their ill gotten gains. So you may agree with your prez but he is not being honest about the shared pain. He is uncaring as he is clueless

  3. I notice through all this there is no acceptance of the fact that the sitting government caused all this pain by keeping on borrowing our the people’s money to fund their lavish lifestyles now we have to pay to help them to carry on having fancy cars, overseas medical, grand homes while we suffer. Glad we are now open for business and all the FDI money is pouring in just as promised before elections now the problem is the opposition for not joining hands with the exemplary rulers

    1. Not the sitting govt. RG did most damage

  4. It’s difficult to imagine that anyone could be a worse leader than Mugabe was but somehow ED is proving to be just that, a total disaster. Just when I thought he would reprimand Nthuli Ncube for this insanity ED does the opposite & supports such crap

    1. He cannot reprimand Mthuli as he is the very author of these brain-of-a-goat policies

  5. A president of the people coming out to openly say we will not please the taxpayers!!!! inga havana mukanwa!!!!wotonzwa vamwe vachiti he is a listening president!!!! my foot!!!!

  6. Uzumba muriko here uko? Chiredzi muriko here?

    1. variko vati vadii vachati pfooo

  7. tendai chaminuka

    The simplest measure was to return all the cash into the banking system but your failure to do that means a lot about your capabilities.And we can not be told to take the pain 38 years after Independence.

  8. all we need is change for the betterment of the Zimbabweans and if that is not visible then there is no justification for that .

  9. So Mr President are you, the leader of the party that has caused this mess, going to feel the pain first?

  10. I suppose the 15 billion dollars from Donald Trump is already in Nelson Chamisa’s account. There could as well be bucketloads of cash at Tendai Biti’s home from overseas. Ed is ripht though. There is no quick fix to the economy to be practial. Stone upon stone, brick upon brick we will get there. Kana vanorapa ndyiswa vanombokupa mushonga wekuti umbochaya serious and it does not feel good but very necessary for survival.

    1. Farai welldone tell them, we want sustainable change not some temporary joys Rome was not built in one day ..it was built brick to brick . Remember change is in the hands of Zimbabweans and one authored by USA is risky, unsustainable and a threat to sovereign peace and stability cz of trying to satisfy foreign interests at our costs

    2. Except for a few ZanuPF cronies like you Farai J. Nhire, the majority of Zimbabweans have been honestly and faithfully stoning upon stone, bricking upon brick for the past 38 years, the same period it took China to become a world economic superpower.

  11. makadii mose mose,vanotengesa mari ngavabviswe muroad sekubviswa kwakaitwa mavendor muroad,where are they getting all those monies.ndovanhu vakukonzeresa zvinhu zvinetse munyika

    1. wezhira wezhara

      Kutaura kwatiri kuita maMoney Changer vari kusungwa izvozvi

  12. this is what we call healing crisis

  13. mamoney changers ngaabviswe muroad sezvakaitwa mavendor,where are they getting those large some of monies.Mr president pafungei kuti mari kumabank hakuna toona vari mustreet vakazara nayo,what do zimbabweans say to that////food for thought

    1. sometimes your street economics does bring any value to the country .The government must introduce policies that will see the street Forex traders leaving the streets rather than physical chasing them away.Street Forex trading will continue to exist as long as there are inconsistencies in our policies which promote this illegal Forex trading.I’m not promoting this but its a fact

    2. Don’t talk nonsense mhani, who brought the money changers into the streets in the first place? It’s introduction of bond notes, period. If there was no bond notes then with what currency were they going to trade the USD with? Things will get worse because companies were now relying on the same money changers to buy forex so that they restock since they are not getting any forex from stupid RBZ

  14. Now listen and listen very carefully. NIt’s time for you alone ED or whatever you like calling yourself, to take the pain alone. We have been in severe pain since independence and you wouldn’t do the honourable thing that a nationalist patriot would do, by accepting your constitutional discharge from government by Mugabe last year, but decided to come back and inflict more pain on us as if you are the indispensable son of God when Zimbabwe is full of high calibre people.

  15. I want my money

    The RBZ borrowed our money by introducing bond notes but the difference with other monetary instruments like treasury bills is that with treasury bills the government pays interest. the RBZ saw this as an easy way of borrowing from the public without increasing the internal debt and now that they have mopped all the USD from the people the bond notes are no longer at par with the USD. Crooks, thieves.

  16. I have been following the issue about diamonds and I heard many of the institutions like the army the police, the vps the president and many other government institutions owning mines. Why are these institutions not contributing to the fiscus and you choose to over burden an individual earning $60.00 who is actual failing to send his children to school. We all know that the tax law does not allow the president to be taxed. Everything of yours comes to you for free. You are asking us to take the pain which you as a president is exempt from. Why are you so heartless. You have allowed our parents sell their cattle and goats and leave them valueless money and yet they gave you the power you are enjoying today. Just look in the inside of you and check whether you have a good heart

  17. Citizenry is now used to that ‘pain’ Mr President they have endured it for the past 38yrs. Would be nice if you could shade some light on how Zim economy got into such mess and for the first time profer solutions that target the Chefs to take the pain first.

  18. Thank you all for the good contributions beloved Zimbos , I think the best way to solve this crisis is to buy as many CATAPLULLS at Mbare Musika and shoot all the so called money changers lets fight them until they are as extinct as a DODO ,Hondo ne ma money changers not ma vendors , thank you.

  19. It’s bad enough enduring pain from a legitimate leader but being made to suffer by a thief who probably got less than a thousand votes or so in the elections is unbearable

  20. These junta guys do not have a clue how to solve the crisis and are only concerned about protecting the millions they stole. We cannot tax our way out of this mess. Foreign direct investment is required but we are very last in line with several better investment destinations like Zambia also teetering on the brink. The only way we can get in front of this line is with Zanu out of power period.

  21. Where in the world have you heard of a successful JUNTA governance?

  22. Comment…kkkkk asi munomboziva here kuti kubvisa vanotengesa mari zvinhu zvinodkwa worse .ende futi hazvife zvakapera izvi vanhu vanhu mazuvano vatori ne ma phone number evanhu vano chinja mari kungokanda call votosangana mu chicken inn or any othe place zvavharana .munogona kusatoona kana one mone changer mu street but hazvife zvakatadzisa vanhu kuchinja mari .Munhu wese anoto needer money changer tomboti urikuda kuenda pa joza apa next week you nee 3000 rands unoiwana ku bank here .? unotoiwana mu street saka dont be hypocrites monyepedzera kunge musiri kuwana mari ku makorokoza uko .let me tell you something inini ndine shamwari yangu yakaita cancer aida kunorapwa ku south Africa kukanzii kukudiwa more than hundred thousand rands apa mazuva ekurara ake angaatopera taimawanepi ma randans musiri mu street .Vamwe vanongotora mu dura mazi thousands koisu tisina dura todii.

  23. Come November 17..

  24. Chiredzi Uzumba Tirikowo

    Comment…EDPfooooo naRichmond Banda, akuna chitoro kaservice station yevakakunda chete kana vakakundwa chete. Uye akuna kusina vanhu vanotsigira MDC-A kana Zanu PF. Kumagutako
    mutikumanikidzwawo kubhadhara mabhiri ematope emvura wani.
    Gore regarega cholera inotangira mumaguta seyi, rugare here. Taurayi zvekuti nyika igadzirisike chete. Nekuti nyika ino ndeye vanhu vose, vene vayo. Magutako kuzhambawo, inga zvitoro zvakungoswera zvakavharwawo wani. Uye macomb otangira pa$0.75 kubva pa$0.50. Nyika yose, vanhu vose vazhamba. ESAP PULL UP YOUR SOCKS & TIGHTEN UP YOUR BELTS. ZEROZ, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Zvino, prepare for more pain. Mikwidza chete tose apana agere musheeeeeee musheeee apa. Ndikupi kurinani hama dziuyewo kana dziendeko?

  25. Comment…@Kingpin, hongu zviriko pasi rose. Asi kwete kuenderana neZimbabwe. Zvekusvika pokuti zhinji yowanikwa munzira. Shoma ndiyo yowakiwa kumabhanga.

  26. As a president and cabinet with the citizens at heart, I suggest you donate 50% of your monthly income to the fiscus then we will all smile and vote for you in the next elections.


  28. This man has dismally failed and MUST resign now!!!

  29. ed uyehluleka shame ..you have no clue on how to fix the economy your old face says it all sir

  30. when its time to take the money they dont invite us… but when its time to take the pain he goes “WE must take the pain”

    1. The clock is ticking. The computation of time will point to November 2017. Well I miss Bob. In good and bad times, he had the balls. I am happy though that the revolutionary country is getting closer to being placed under curatorship before subsequent liquidation. Let go down so that we can go up. Let us be happy because at least what we got promised before 7/30 is proving to be a facade. Good luck. I will see you hopefully in the new normal era. Anyway pamberi nemhandu for they make us better in terms of our reasonableness. A word of advice, do not insult a croc when your buttocks are still in the water.

  31. ED kana uchiti we must take the pain urikureva ani.

    You ED and Chiwengwa and your entire Gov of thieves and murderours if you pay back the 15 billiion that you stole. The tax that is paid to you by makorokoza who are mining and paying tax to you in kwekwe. Mafia style

    Or Mugabe has to pay back and surrender all the money he stole that is the only time you are allowed to say WE. You have to make the first move. Surrender all the money you took. Hamunete here nekuuraya vanhu. How can you be this evil iwe ED murderor

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