UTA urges govt to export unemployed teachers

Paul Mavima

The Unemployed Teachers Association (UTA) has pleaded with Primary and Secondary Education minister Paul Mavima to make arrangements to export unemployed teachers to countries where their services are needed, claiming they have lost hope of getting employment in Zimbabwe owing to corruption.


The association wrote to the minister on Friday claiming there was a lot of corruption and nepotism in the recruitment of teachers, hence prospects of securing employment were next to none

“Since your office has failed to absorb all of these unemployed teachers and each and every year colleges are releasing as many graduates adding to the number (of unemployed teachers) why not consider exporting them on a government-to-government bilateral deal in which both governments together with the teacher will benefit?” part of the letter to Mavima read.

“Countries like Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique are in need of qualified personnel if proper channels are followed. Unemployed teachers will be delighted with such a move.”

The association claimed its members were asked to bribe some recruiting officers to get employment. The association said the government must advertise vacancies and the recruitment exercise must be clear to everyone.

UTA also claimed that there was no transparency on recruitment, alleging that in some circumstances, those who graduated recently were being preferred ahead of those who graduated years back.

“To our surprise some people who finished college as recently as 2018 are getting employed first before those who finished in 2014, 2015, 2016 which again shows that corruption is at its peak in the whole process,” the letter read.


  1. this idea is great. we used to have teachers from Cuba on government to government arrangements. why is it impossible for our government to follow suit. this will give our people confidence in its government as well as reducing the unemployment rate in our country.

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