Mohadi calls for UN Security Council reforms

VICE-PRESIDENT Kembo Mohadi yesterday said African countries will continue to demand their rightful place within the United Nations Security Council, currently dominated by five permanent members.

By Tafadzwa Mutacha

Officiating at the 73rd anniversary of the UN in Harare, Mohadi said the Security Council needed to be reformed to make it more representative, transparent and accountable, in line with the current geopolitical realities.

“It is unacceptable that this continent continues to be the only one without representation among permanent members with veto powers,” Mohadi said.

“We also pledge our support to the secretary-general’s reform initiative targeted at United Nations development system, management, peace and security architecture. We have no doubt that giving members States more say and ownership of programmes implemented in their countries will enhance their positive impact and effectiveness.”

He added that government was working flat out to ensure that the recent cholera outbreak does not recur and was prioritising retooling industry in trying to resuscitate the already dying economy.

UN resident co-ordinator, Bishow Parajuli said under Sustainable Development Goals, they have managed to support smallholder farmers to reduce poverty levels.

He said the UN also supported the government in fighting cholera through oral vaccination campaigns.

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  1. for now kembo focus on your divorce case for now those five permanent members of un security council will not change i am sorry we need to spurn some of these functions

  2. Its a tired song by African leaders which they do in their individual states its a pity these dictators dont get ashamed of singing a chorus that no one is responding to. That permanent seat at the Security Council is earned not given wake-up Africa sort your economies and democracies on progress first.

  3. legalize he issue of the small house first kembo this un thing is beyond your grasp

  4. Muri va dzvanyiriri ma African leaders. You will abuse the veto power.

  5. Mohadi, go and rest in the country side.

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