‘Gays, lesbians deserve recognition’

Neal Hovelmeier

THE Gays and Lesbians Zimbabwe (GALZ) has called on government to set up policies and support structures to protect its members from blackmail, abuse and segregation after a teacher at the privately-owned St Johns College in Harare was last week forced to resign after disclosing his sexual orientation at the school.


Neal Hovelmeier

Neal Hovelmeier — who was a deputy head at the school — announced to students that he was gay, hoping to open a discussion about tolerance and acceptance, according to reports, but faced a backlash from parents and commenters in a country whose 2013 Constitution considers homosexuality as ‘indecent’ and punishable with a prison term.

Speaking at an Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) Conversations on liberal gay rights, particularly in schools, GALZ programmes manager Samuel Matsikure said members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) community were suffering from abuse and blackmail owing to the culture of shaming gays.

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“There are people who have become rich by blackmailing gays and lesbians in this country and the deputy headmaster of St Johns [Neal Hovelmeier] was forced to come out in the open after he had been threatened by a newspaper. If he had not faced that threat, he could have stayed at that school for another 35 years or so, producing quality graduates,” Matsikure said.

Hovelmeier was forced to resign from his post after revealing his sexual orientation at a school assembly last month, courting the ire of parents who demanded that he steps down.

Matsikure, however, said Hovelmeier and the school made the mistake of involving students by making the announcement at a school assembly.

“The manner in which the matter was handled could have been wrong; it should have been handled differently. The involvement of children is what brings us to this conversation today; parents discuss issues of sexuality, but not with their children and that was done wrongly,” he said.

Oliver Mandisodza, who leads pressure group Men of Valour Purpose and Vision Trust, accused gays and lesbians of attempting to destroy the country and put the government of the day to shame, saying what happened at St Johns could be a conspiracy by the LGBTI community.

“There should be investigations and people must be arrested because people used our children to launch their bid for recognition. How do we say the country is open for business when we are doing this? These are selfish people who want to force their beliefs on us,” he said.


  1. Being gay is spiritual a possession.. The Lord Jesus is against it for He did not create man to marry man neither woman to marry woman. Man was created to marry woman. Remember Satan is always against what God created. The only wise thing for Christians to do is to pray for the deliverance of such people and not to condemn them. If you condemn them, it means you also are without sin. Jesus Christ came not to condemn but to save.I feel sorry for these people and always pray for their deliverance.

  2. I think society and the post-Mugabe dispensation are generally tolerant. This is largeLy because it doesn’t make sense for us to expend energy on victimising each other on account of one’s sexuality when we have more pressing issues to focus on. One’s sexual orientation should not be another’s business at all. At the sametime, however, there is no need to flaunt one’s sexual orientation.

  3. You mean that the gay teacher was going to produce quality gay and lesbian graduates ? To hell with such . If we accept these misfits , what will stop you from advocating for thieves and robbers’ rights ? Next will be rapists’ rights .

  4. Samuel Matsikure unopenga. Enda unorapwa kwawakaroyerwa wanzwa! Homosexuality no! Ivo ve Alpha Media ava vanatwowo futi!

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