ED, Chamisa cannot preside over graves

IT is sad President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa have decided to continue bickering and politicking at the expense of the millions of Zimbabweans who are bearing the brunt of a wonky economy.


Churches have been trying to bring the two to the negotiating table, to end the political paralysis gripping the country. So the story reported by this publication on Tuesday that the proposed talks between the two have collapsed make a sad reading. Many people had hoped that the talks between the two antagonising figures would bring an end to the issue of political illegitimacy that is stalking the country and make work to turn around the country’s economic fortunes a lot easier.

Mnangagwa is the leader of the country and he definitely needs the legitimacy to run the country more than anything else. Elections alone cannot guarantee him the legitimacy he needs without the endorsement of the opposition so that the country can pull in one direction.

Mnangagwa should stop trying to act like he is invisible. His electoral victory was narrow and he should admit that Chamisa also has a great following and therefore needs the goodwill of opposition supporters to make his life at the top relatively easy. Man’s bravado when your backyard is burning will also act as a catalyst for political upheaval and thus will make Mnangagwa’s tenure very short-lived.

Although Chamisa might not have the solutions to the economic problems the country is facing, the international community, which Mnangagwa is luring by his “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra, will only come to invest in a country where there is political consensus to guarantee security of their investment.

Otherwise, whatever Mnangagwa does without the nation pulling in one direction is a race to the horizon. He is the leader and he should initiate talks, and leave the habit of promising before an international audience what he will not do at home. International public relations stunts will not solve the problems back home, but words and actions do.

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On the other hand, Chamisa should also stop making stringent demands that can jeopardise the prospects of the meeting between himself and his political nemesis. The meeting is not for themselves, it should be for the people who voted the two hoping for a better life.

The people are suffering and a meeting between the two to try to find common ground is indispensable. Chamisa should realise that the more the people struggle for a living, it will give Zanu PF, especially in the critical rural areas, more opportunities to appear as a messiah. Zanu PF has been winning using the Machiavellian style of impoverishing the people and later coming back dangling a solution.

Both Mnangagwa and Chamisa want to lead living citizens, not graves and there is need for both to be pragmatic, mature and put the people first. People are dying everyday of avoidable causes because they don’t have foreign currency to access treatment. Prices are soaring to levels beyond many, and life has just become too difficult yet the elephant in the room is our toxic politics.

Can you two man up please before we lose this golden opportunity for peace, stability and economic prosperity.

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  1. Comment…Yes sure we ordinary poor Zimbabweans are suffering at the hands of rich people who do not thinking of solving their political differences. They are the onces who control exchange rates at parallel markets leading to price hikes…taneta hama dzapera kufa nekushaya mari yekutenga mishonga.

    1. blame zanu pf not mdc,our president must humble himself to chamisa and stop talking shit through his vps and other politicalpple

  2. For the first time newsday had it on on point big up to news day

  3. This article is somewhat off point and only fixes the symptoms. As long as legitimacy is absent we will always be chasing shadows that come nowhere near solving the root cause of problems therefore Chamisa is 100% correct in demanding ED to step aside first otherwise there’s no need to waste time negotiating for failure. Besides the notion of zanupf continuing to steal elections in broad daylight in the hope of sanitizing the theft with ‘talks’ in the end should never be entertained otherwise whats the use of having elections in the first place if the vote can’t be respected

    1. shame on you chamisa is 100% wrong he promised that theis time around zanu pf is not going to rig elections and he went on saying kuBulawayo vakanga vakuvhotesa mapurisa ndikatuma vanhu vangu vakavhura maballot boxes but to my surprise he is now crying of the rigging element… Chamisa has to accept defeat for the intrest of the Zimbabweans..whether elections were rigged or not but the trueth is he failed to stop it so they say if you cant beat them join them….Chamisa is not the president so he has no right whatsoever to set conditions on President Mnangagwa that kana vachida kutaura neni ngavatange vabvuma kuti bla bla bla thats being childish akadyiwa akadyiwa fulstop inga wani iye akabvutira Khupe chimuti ende Khupe akanyarara ndozvinoratidza kukura kwemunhu anoda kutungamirira nyika…so mr truth President is there to stay and Chamisa has to accept defeat and start preparing for 2023 election as well as putting his house inorder period …we want this nation to move forward innocent people are suffering at the expense of Chamisa

      1. why does Mnanagagwa need to talk to Chamisa anyway? He won the elections, carries the people’s mandate. I am don’t understand this talk business. Is it an excuse for failing to meet their promises that they want an opposition leader to bless their works of reviving the conomy? How is Chamisa going to help, practically?

    2. You are 100% right. Tisadye huroyi hweZanuPF nekunyara. Those, including today’s commentary in this Publication, who prefer calling the Mnangagwa spade a big spoon are obviously compromised most probably because they are beneficiaries of the ZanuPF patronage system. We have a constitution in this country, constitution which was violated by ZEC and some people here arrogantly don’t want to admit there is no longer any rule of law in this country.You don’t sit down to negotiate anything with a species that do not believe in the rule of law because right from the start you don’t share the same instincts and hence no common standards of practice.

    3. Shame on you indeed. Who is not respecting the vote here? ED or Chamisa? ED won and Chamisa lost whether the margin is small in your opinion or big, Chamisa lost. The saboteur here is Nelson Chamisa not ED. You cant get into the presidency because you are a master of creating hardships. Newsday mashaya nyaya editor apa.

      1. Shut up you money changer. You want the paralysis to continue so so that you realise easy money.

  4. Va editor I personally appreciate your concern on the current economic situation in Zimbabwe. It is not looking good at all and that is a fact. What I am not so sure of is the talks between the President of the current government and the President of MDC-Alliance being advocated by church leaders and all concerned citizens are going to achieve . ZANU-PF as an institution has never and will never acknowledge that they cannot solve this economic melt-down on their own. May I remind you of the comments by Mr. Manwgana and the conditions according to ZANU-PF for any talks with the opposition, I personally don’t think anything will come out of these talks if ever they take place. I personally think that the starting point is for opposition Members of Parliament and all progressive forces to push for action on all reforms and the repealing of all repressive laws now. This my inspire confidence in all sectors of the economy and foreign investors alike. I am just expressing my opinion va editor.

  5. Chamisa ndiye adini? He’s absolutely right and he should keep sticking to his guns. Why should he ‘talk’ and give in to someone to stole what is rightfully his and ours as Zimbabweans. Hakuna zvakadaro! Ramba wakadaro Chamisa. Life is difficult yes but let ZANU PF lie in the bed it made.

  6. These talks should be held at Chikurubi prison with ED, Malaba, Chigumba etc behind bars while Chamisa on the ‘free’ side of the room as a precondition

    1. Kana washaya zvekutaura nyarara.

  7. Vanhu vaya vekupusa vatanga. Vanhu vanofunga a victory of over 300 000 is narrow are thmselves narrow minded.Chamisa no more has anything to say on the future of Zimbabwe now or even in the future. He is a primitive loser whose DNA is 1000% UNPRESIDENTIAL.His name shall not even be on the ballot papers for councillors. Saka mapenzi anofunga kuti Chamisa ndiye achatonga kana kuswedera pedo naED mutongi are the worst day dreamers of our time.Those vanofunga poor lawyers like Biti & Chamisa are better economists than an Oxford professor of the subject should beb pittied for their profound stupidity.

  8. Let me honest with you. People have voted. Only 5 million people have casted thier votes. We are close to 15million people in zimbabwe. May be more. Why sholud this country hold at ransom . Our leaders should know that election comes and go. Lets put this election fevour behind and build our country. Is it about the leader or people. We have sufered a lot for many years now pls its time our leaders consider people not themselves. We taken 37 years with one presdent. Eventual we have the second president since indipendent. Lets give him a chance. Lets give him his five years . Ed might do miracles in this country. My reason of facts is even the concourt have agreed that let him rule. We can go on fighting over this. Chamisa has done wel. Pls consider your people and if so accept to work together so that our country wil do well in one spirit. Fight cortuption already President ED is introdusing stringents measures . He needs support. Criminals must go to jail. Jail is not for poor people only we want to see rich people in jail those who continue to steal from the poor. Those who are illigal selling forex on the street. Let them be identified and put to shame. This country is very rich but individuals want to be richer than the country its self. Lets suport the current government. If chamisa rules tomo he definately wants supprt from the opposition. It wil be now tit for tat. Our greater zim needs good heart . The heart for people not for self. We have done wel in agriculter this year. Now we want to revitalise our industries. Our mines. Our wel fair work for a common reason the people of zimbabwe.

  9. Its very surprising that all the people supporting Mnangagwa in this discussion fail to accept that Zanu PF”s refusal to implement the new constitution in full is the cause of all our country’s current, and indeed past problems. ED refuses to carry out electoral reforms as well as repealing AIPA and POSA. Surely its not asking for too much for Chamisa to insist that Zanu should give in to this demand. Devolution of Provinces is another constitutional requirement which ED will not allow to happen. It is therefore clear that ED is the culprit for the people’s suffering without any doubt.

  10. This Tingoringo guy lives in the world of the Newsday , not the real world. The multiparty provincial councils which ED put up in accordance with the constitution are , in my brother’s view, evidence that ED does not want to implement devolution!

  11. This is just wishful thinking. Mnangagwa is illegitimate not because Chamisa refused to publicly endorse him as the winner but because anyone KNOWS the elections were rigged. By rigging the elections Mnangagwa confirmed Zimbabwe is still a pariah state and no investors, lenders, etc. would want to do business in such a country.

    Chamisa has boasted that MDC Alliance has “the key to unlock the economy”, that is the usual posturing and grandstanding. Mnangagwa can appoint him Prime Minister or whatever it is he wants that will change nothing. The economic meltdown will continue because everyone will see the new arrangement as nothing but a marriage of convenience and continue to regard Zimbabwe as a pariah state.

    Mnangagwa can strip search Chamisa if he wished but I can tell you he will never find the key to unlock the economy because Chamisa does not have such a key!

    Holding free, fair and credible elections will remove the pariah state curse. That is the key to unlock Zimbabwe’s economic recovery, if you want, the only key!

  12. Practically, how will talks between Ngwena and Chamisa solve the economy? This is just wishful thinking. Lets talk practicalities. Talk about currency, unemployment, industrial death, infrastructure decay, cash shortages…how will these talks tackle the issues. This is just a way of trying to stampede Chamisa into useless talks with Ngwena for some people’s political gains/ relevance. Those who won the elections must proceed with the people’s mandate as they did in 2013.

  13. Its now 19 years of this except the GNU period. We really need to talk as a nation, even as a family you can really see that they is a tense house when words have been exchanged by mum and Dad regardless of who is right. But there is a point of no return where they is no mediation somehow whether by the church minister or relatives. When this point of word exchange persists to that point of no return the kids are the victims. Divorce and maintenance allowances are the order of the day. It doesn’t matter whose right or wrong but a family that is divided as ours will not stand.

  14. The country has gone to the dogs !

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