Deputy mayor gets 7-day ultimatum to step down

MDC Alliance has given Bulawayo deputy mayor Tinashe Kambarami a seven-day ultimatum to step down from his position or face expulsion for defying a party directive on the election of the deputy mayor.


This followed recent protests by activists and some pressure groups calling for Kambarami’s recall as deputy mayor, arguing that he was not Bulawayo-born.

Another MDC Alliance councillor Batirai Dube faces the same fate.

Dube was in the eye of the storm recently when he refused to take oath in English during the swearing in of incoming Bulawayo councillors at the council chambers.

In a letter dated October 29, 2018, Bulawayo province secretary, Sibusisiwe Adams, informed Kambarami that he had been directed to step down from his position within seven days, failure of which he would be expelled from the party.

“In pursuant to the letter addressed to us by the national secretary for Local Government. We hereby inform you that you are instructed to step down from the position of deputy mayor of Bulawayo Municipality within 7 days of receipt of this letter. Failure to comply within the stipulated period shall result in your expulsion from the party and also recall from the council,” read the letter in part.

The letter was also copied to Local Governance and Devolution secretary Sesel Zvidzai, Bulawayo mayor Solomon Mguni and provincial secretary for Local Government, O Ncube.

On October 9, 2018, Zvidzai wrote a letter to Bulawayo provincial chairperson, Gift Banda, directing him to implement the party’s position.

“Following the election of Cllr Tinashe Kambarami as the deputy mayor of Bulawayo against the party recommended candidate, Cllr Mlandu (Ncube), subsequently, Councillor Kambarami was summoned three (times) to the head office and he failed to avail himself,” the letter read in part.

Zvidzai said a decision was made for Kambarami to withdraw from the position of deputy mayor and remain an ordinary councillor.

“Failure to which, the party was to expel him and recall him from council. Similar cases of defiance elsewhere were dealt with by the party in the same way. You are aware that the member concerned falls within your area of control, thus we kindly invite you to put the due process in motion,” the letter reads.

Kambarami refused to comment when Southern Eye contacted him.

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  1. Comment…MDC A is no longer a Democratic party but dictatorship where the national executive can choose a branch chairman. Shame on you. U are no longer an alternative choice but worse than Mugabe’s ZANU PF. I think it was a blessing in disguise that Chamisa lost the election fairly or unfairly coz we were going to be under dictatorship for more that 50 yrs.

  2. Comment…The late Simon Muzenda used to tell zanu-pf followers that if the party nominates a baboon then vote for the baboon and nothing else. He had followers and Chamisa is one them. Movement for Dictatorship Change in play, icho

  3. Why Mwonzora wants to smuggle his puppet Mlandu Ncube via the back door? Cllr Mlandu Ncube was imposed to Ward1 regardless of his inefficients secondly Mwonzora faction intends to do the same on Deputy Mayor

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