Dance fiesta set for Bulawayo

Queen Jubane

ORGANISERS of the Bulawayo Got Talent dance fiesta have said this year’s contest set for Saturday will revive the sleeping dance fraternity that has for a long time been sidelined in the city.


Queen Jubane

The dance contest, which will see more than 15 dance groups battling for honours, will be held at Zanzibar on Saturday night.

Speaking to Newsday Life & Style, one of the organisers of the event, Queen Jubane, said they would use the opportunity to revive the fading genre in the city.

“Bulawayo is known for its rich history of music and dance, but lately, dance groups have been sidelined with much focus going to singers yet dancers make the music more interesting and add colour and life to music,” she said.

There are so many dance groups which have died natural deaths and some are surviving, but struggling. We want to give them an opportunity to shine again and prove that they are an important part of the arts.”

Sungura Masters, Shosholoza, Slow Poison, Mapansula, New Age, Jaiva Sexy Dancers, Bulawayo Queens and Kings, Shikisa, Extra Mile Dance Crew, Truejit, Ezimnyama, Skippers Crew, Khaya Arts and Destiny, among many others, will perform on the night.

Top contenders of the night will be Ezimnyama and Khaya Arts that have tasted the Chibuku Neshamwari traditional dance finals glory.

“We have top groups such as Ezimnyama and Khaya Arts; they have both experienced stiff competition in the Chibuku Neshamwari competition. Ezimnyama were crowned the national champions last year and their participation on Saturday comes in handy and also boosts the confidence of other participants.

“It’s a good idea to have seasoned dancers battling out with even upcoming ones. We hope the dancers will create synergies after the contest. We want to see dancers collaborating just like what singers do,” Jubane said.