Daggers out for Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

STATE security agents are on high alert to deal with opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s threat to unseat President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a top government official warned yesterday.


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

This came after Chamisa on Saturday told thousands of his supporters at the opposition party’s 19th anniversary celebrations at Gwanzura Stadium in Harare that plans were afoot to pile pressure on Mnangagwa and force him out before year-end.

Mnangagwa won presidential elections in July with a 50,67% margin against Chamisa’s 44,3%, but the opposition leader rejected the presidential result, arguing Zanu PF and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission had colluded to give the ruling party candidate an undeserved “win”.

Chamisa challenged the result at the Constitutional Court, but lost the petition on a technicality after he failed to back his case with primary evidence.

But the youthful politician has insisted that he was the July 30 poll winner and, at the weekend, threatened to organise a march to Mnangagwa’s official residence to “unseat him”.

Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi warned of dire consequences if Chamisa carried out his threat.

“The State security apparatus is on high alert and is prepared to deal with any incidences of violence and public disorder,” Mutodi said.

“Let those mulling to cause anarchy and to disturb peace be warned that they will live to regret, as the full wrath of the law will catch up with them.”

Chamisa hinted that he was secretly plotting a march against Mnangagwa.

“We are going to be organising ourselves internally, then we go to programmes that we want to do throughout the country from next week,” the youthful leader said.

“I will be going to every area, where I will be setting out the plan, something big in this country — hold your cards on the intended march to State House from this venue.”

The protests, Chamisa told cheering supporters, would be modelled along the Arab Spring that toppled dictators in Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria in 2011.
The opposition leader said once all was in place, there would be no holding back.

“When we do this, we want to have a clear plan on what date we start and to the day we end. We will not go back home until we achieve the intended plan. We will show Mnangagwa the power that people have,” he threatened.

Mnangagwa has rejected Chamisa’s demands for a transitional authority to facilitate the reform agenda and level the political playfield.

According to Chamisa, Mnangagwa reneged on an agreement made with the late former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to set up a transitional government, a move that would have suspended the July 30 elections for an agreed period.


  1. ED himself came into power through illegal means twice in a row that’s why he will never be able to lead in peace. Vana Mutodi must just shut up, using Mugabe era threats to try silence the impoverished citizens while they loot & steal just won’t cut it anymore

  2. Remember we are still smarting from the 1st of August disastrous demo and nelson and his supporters must be very careful on this one as he has equally admitted that he has no control on what takes after a demo is in motion and the plea is whatever he is going to organise he has to lead from the FRONT and ensure its a disciplined exercise and not to unleash drunkards and he goes into hiding with some skipping borders ,as it is within his political right as opposition to conduct demos.

  3. chamisa did not loose the case on a technically . but he failed to provide enough evidence.

    1. Chamisa did not fail to provide enough evidence but the Chief Justice, Malaba, turned down his subpoena to release the BVR server which would have shown the true numbers of voters who voted for Chamisa and Mnangagwa. While it is a given that Zanu PF can rig elections, it is also a FACT that they cannot rig the economy and nobody can. ED should do the honourable thing and stand down as President of our country.

      1. BVR Server and voting? they dont go hand in hand, BVR only used to register and voting done manually, re check your facts

  4. Newe don’t threaten people about August shooting which only killed 7 how about cholera which killed hundreds musavhundutsire vanhu nezvisina basa ibayi musha times are changing baba vaitya vabereki not now

  5. Don’t threaten people by reminding them of August killing it’s nothing baba ko mabhazi apedza vanhu wakafanana nebenzi rinoti usakwira bhazi remember accident ye Last week, if you think that killing was a precedent to silence people very sorry you used the wrong

  6. Wezhira Wezhara

    Let me give you free advise Chamisa. When planning a war do not lie that you will begin on such date and end on such date. Mind you demonstrations are your civil rights but civil disobedience is a war. Now in a war, people will die through gunshots and even you can also be captured and killed as the leader of an unprising. Vana Jonas Sabimbi vakaenda and you will follow the same route. Wakajaidzwa mupfana iwe you think kunyarara kwevamwe kupusa. Problem yako ungori bag redzungu ndosaka

  7. Hazvinetse pindai mu street, mozotitaurira results acho.

  8. No weapon can destroy an idea whose time has come. We have seen so many dictators falling down in an easy-hard fashionable way.You will never oppress people for ever ..never.

  9. The Way Forward Zimbabwe

    In my view Chamisa should lead MDC and the opposition responsibly. It is highly unlikely that he will lead this country before Ed’s term by harping ‘he won the last election’, and threatening all sorts of action, and when a court ruled essentially that he lost. It is therefore irresponsible to lead people in that direction. In all probability Zimbabweans and the international community have moved on, where this election result is concerned. As leader of the opposition I would concentrate on the current economic problems that the country is facing, and work on identifying the key problems and on providing viable solutions – Demonstrate a grasp of the problems and where the country should go. This will put Chamisa in better stead for leading the country after this ED’s term. He has a long life ahead to lead this country, if only he can demonstrate maturity and wisdom

    1. dai uri chamisa manje hausi, if wishes were horses….

  10. Comment…Chamisa is not learning anything. He is failing to know that the war he wants to start will pity MDC against ZANU/security forces. He shld know that MDC had less than one third of the voters as per parliamentary results and the other votes that made him get 44% are ZANU or apolitical votes which will never march with him. Chamisa shld never take advantage of the silence of ZANU as a sign of coward. Those people who tormented MDC supporters in 2000, 2002 and 2008 are still there. Be warned Chamisa and company. Stop seeking foreign aid and sympathy through violence. Imagine ZANU yotaurawo hate speeches sezvamuri kuita izvi kuti chii chinozoitika to known MDC supporters wherever they are. Don’t be selfish Chamisa and company. Think of yr supporters safety kana Hondo yamochenera yatanga. Pari zvino u disowned 7 people who died on 1 August pamhirizhonga yanakakonzeresa. Vanhu be warned. Zimbabwe is not Tunisia nor Egypt. Munourayiswa mahara nebaba venyu Chamisa vekumahumbwe avo

    1. You are spot on @Mafirakureva. Akaramba vanhu 6 vakafa musi uno so anozobvuma sei hobho vaari kuda kuurayisa. Itayi tione

  11. Chamisa is on the verge of insanity . He needs counseling . He is not thinking straight ,can’t his supporters see that . Murikutevera munhu anepfungwa dzatambiswa nepwere dzikakonewa kudzorera . How do you cheer him on when he is talking impossibilities . Well anebenzi nderake ,kudzana unopururudza.

  12. Think first before you speak and/or act, zimbabwe is open for business not for demonstrations, uprising and wars. With the democracy ushered in by the new dispensation adminstration,compounded by the door of the current head of the state which is always open for anyone to air their grievances, i see no reason of congregating innocent zimboz and telling them of revolting against a democratically elected president. Why not first create a platform of dialogue with each other, Chamisa is a Zimbo, Ed is a Zimbo cant we have that spirit of Zimbabwe, that spirit of love, that spirit of togetherness and that ego of solving our own challenges internally. The people of Zimbabwe are very lovely and if our leaders display that kind of love amongst themselves, people will start to see light in this tunnel of democracy

  13. tendai chaminuka

    At least zvaku maker sense.Ncube is being told to remove AIPPA and POSA whilst on the other hand Chamisa is talking of Arab Spring style.Chamisa intends to ride on the November winds asi kana zvave zvehondo bodo.Another version of the unsuccessful Final Push

  14. l wonder whether, they are zimbabwean human beings who are scolding Chamisa or they are robots…….

  15. Tagwirei ndiye arikutonga ndiye mbavha hombe muZimbabwe. Even Munangagwa nekukadzi wake they report to him. Zanu hapana musvinu.

  16. Those who are against the People’s president you are also blood thirsty people. Hamuna zvamunoziwa nyararai. Nekuti murikudya ne zanu ka

  17. Hw pple can organise thierselfs to betray thier own country, munoshamisa vanhu imi munosekerera munhu unotaura zvakadaro ,zvinovaka nyika hr zvakadaro

  18. MukorekoreTavara

    Chamisa ,mujadxi wake ,vana vake,baba na mai vake kumberi.Vakoma vaininina vake ,hanzvadzi dzake, vakuwasha vake kumberi,second row. Hama dzimwewo,third row. Small house ne hama dzacho.4th row. Vana mufumu(sawhira) 5th row. Vamwe vese ma tows anotevera.moenda ku march

  19. God helpers your people

  20. hamusati marohwa nenhamo inonzi nhamo mese muchataura zvimwechete kuti zvakwana zvekutonga kwaro garwe

  21. Mutodi, which peace are you talking about? Zimbabwe is not a peaceful nation. Its you Mutodi and your Zanu colleagues who are enjoying peace while suppressing the majority of poor citizens. You stole money from home seekers and how can these pple enjoy peace? CHAMISA SHOULD GET HELP FROM POWERFUL MILITARY NATIONS TO GET RID OF A ZANU SATANIC GOVT.

  22. runesu cuthbert

    Isu zvedu zii takamirira kunzwa ma fatalities Chamisa should lead on the frontline and his die hard supporters behind we will be watching from the terraces.The day shall come.

  23. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Heroes die first to become heroes. You are fooling yourselves with price hikes, calling for demos and other plans to follow, but a country will not be taken like that. Do not think people are fools, they know the culprits. Dont be suprised to see ordinary citizens revolting against you when you think you are with them. Thats where you go wrong you Anti 1980s. Lets wait and see. The gvt should now ban selling of all agri seeds in shops that are hiking prices, only GMB and farm shops.

  24. Those getting excited by prospects of a revolution of sorts, should have their brains checked. None of Egypt, Tunisia and ALgeria have benefited from the so called revolutions. Egypt as a case in point has seen $36bn surplus fall and they are now begging IMF for money, FDI is now close to zero….I could go on.

    These plonkers both need to sit down and swallow their pride. Why did Chamisa even agree elections when he knew the playing field was not even – what happened to no reforms no elections? What was he expecting? Furthermore, he is an officer of the court and knows the process. No one party will be able to lead and we as citizens need to wake and stop this manga manga business of intolerance of one another. Let’s put pressure on both sides ED and Chamisa.

    I could also go on about ED and his transgression but would run out of space. Tauriranai madhara, taneta and we need to move forward.

  25. MAKAPATA hamuna kupusa afana.Chamisa Gwara zvaro iro rakaramba vanhu vakamufira musi uno uyo,nxaa ndoda kuzviona ini ,Masoja nana Valerio vanenge vaendepiko nhaiwe doto .Hindaa muchibvuma kushandiswa nebenzi rinokwesha musoro nedombo kana mukafa kwenyu ndikokunoshota kwedu tinenge takakwana ende hatidi kunzwa anochema.Ini ndakadzidza chidzidzo.Don’t ever go into the streets for anyone least that individual that you die for will make it big by enriching himself and his family while we suffer .izvi takazviona uye zvichiri kungoitika saka dzidzai chidzidzo


  27. C 10s in overdrive pamaComments apa. Bt taakukuzivai. There are only two of you using various pseudo-names. kkkkk . Can’t fool us.

  28. fatsoe t bhaera

    Cde ED please hear the plight of Zimbabweans…yu are the one wth the mandate. From my point of view i think minister mutuli(thru his policies) z the one who has caused this untold suffering to the pple of this nation. if he continues to say 1us z equal to 1 bond then no need for fca’s. let the 2% tax b removed

  29. Chamisa is illegitimate. How can he call ED illegitimate.

  30. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Wava kutizivaka? Good, we are eager to meet you so that you join our party because you are lost to join wishful thinkers. If you have other motives, you will receive appropriate welcome. Its good to be known us and u are the only one who didn’t know Special Black a kind, peace loving Zimbabwean who always wants to see our beautiful daughters, sons and peace loving enjoying while spoilers are in prison. Price hikers also should be fined not less than us20 000 for small shops and us100 000 for supermarkets.

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