Chamisa lauds EU poll report

OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has called for the international community to come to Zimbabwe’s rescue “and correct the election mischief” in the wake of a report by the European Union (EU) that claimed the July polls results could not be verified and that the vote did not meet international standards.


Chamisa told NewsDay yesterday that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has squandered $5 billion since coming to power in November last year which he argued must be investigated by either a commission or Parliament.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) announced Mnangagwa winner of the presidential election by 50,67% of the vote while Chamisa came second with 44,3%. The opposition leader challenged the result at the Constitutional Court but lost.

The EU in its final report after observing the election said: “The final results announced by the electoral commission contained numerous errors and lacked adequate traceability, transparency and verifiability.”

“What is clear from the EU report is that it vindicates the people of Zimbabwe that the July election result announced by Zec did not have a source or base from which it was plucked.

“That is what is meant by lacking traceability or lacking verifiability,” Chamisa said.

Asked if he thought it was feasible for Sadc and the African Union to change their position on Zimbabwe on the basis of an EU decision, Chamisa pointed out that the regional and continental bodies had not released their final reports on the polls.

“We have not seen the final Sadc report, but we are sure they noted some of the anomalies in Zimbabwe’s elections. We are now calling on the international community especially Sadc and the AU to remedy the Zec error and mischief associated with the election.

“Sadc should underwrite Zimbabwe’s return to legitimacy. We need a broad-based national consensus to avert the collapse and economic meltdown. The situation is deteriorating, the humanitarian and economic crises are a manifestation of the political reality. The political situation in Zimbabwe is a big lie and the economy is a perfect indicator of the true situation,” Chamisa said.

In its final report on the elections, the EU Observer Mission to Zimbabwe said Zec lacked the independence to run a credible election.

Data released by Treasury last week showed government spent $3.86 billion in the first half of the year, $2.5 billion between April and June alone and recorded a budget deficit of $1.35 billion against a target of $266 million.

“We are wondering how this government spent $5 billion between November last year and now. This must be a subject of a Parliamentary inquiry or a commission set up to look into this. We call this the Treasury Bill scandal and there is no reason Zimbabweans, ordinary people must be forced to shoulder this through a cruelty tax,” he said.

Government last week increased the tax on electronic transactions to two percent per dollar from a flat 5 cent fee in what is seen as a desperate effort to raise cash for government, triggering price increases across the board.

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  1. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

    ndoozvazvinoita iwe wakabirawo khupe

    1. away with u

    2. ko khupe muzanu sewe dai akadzingwa kare according to the constitution zvino apedzaka basa mamutoraka shame on you mnangagwa wenyu haaitungamiriri achatotonga coz he isclueless

  2. ndovakoka avo ko taizviziva kuti ndozvavachataura handiti vakagara vamutsiridza masanction kare here saka taitozviziva izvo kuti report yavo ichabuda ichiti chamisa chamisa hino pasi navo

  3. There is nothing new in that report. We knew about that report before it was published. EU is not the whole world. They can go and hang.

  4. Chokwadi write in English, stupid, idiot!!!!

  5. Chamisa must first address his own illegitimacy in his party. He stole power from Khupe before even Tsangirai was buried. He is a joke who failed to follow straightforward election laws but kept lying to the nation that he has overwhelming evidence. He is trying to gain some relevance by further lies. Shame on you with your friend Biti who also was on it again this week, lying that it was the govt that short civilian(s) (it was 1 man) in Harare in a case involving a motorist and tout, shame on you guys. You can continue lying to Zimbabwean and hoping your lies would make you people’s choice but you just digging your political graves. Rethink!!!

    1. u ar lying my friend

  6. The truth is Zanu rigged

  7. Hlengiwe, Mpopoma

    If you steal elections, then you cant rig the economy. Now Zanu is stuck.

  8. Zanu yakagara ichibiira ma elections. Yakatanga ne kubiira Ian Smith muna 1980. Mbavha dzega dzega. Now vakatenga mota dze ma elections ne mari ye government, vaa kuti munhu wese abhadhare 2 cents kuti vadzose mari iyi, ma 1 chokwadi. Tofira yatisina kupara.

    1. Imi amai imi munakwana handitika. Kana musina chekuita endai munobikira murume chikafu (ndokunge munaye) Shuwa munhu chaiye ane brain dzinodhonza angaburitse muromo wekuti Smith akabirwa ma election. Ndimi vatengesi vaipiswa muromo nguva yehondo. Imi ndimi munobira murume wenyu kana kuti murume wenyu ndiye ari kubira imi. Taurai zvakwamaswera mhani. Ndimi munoshoresa vanhu vatema imi.Tikwanireyi apa.

      1. Thieves is what you are. Amai avo vataura chokwadi

      2. Zanu-PF rigged and yatadza isati yaita kana gore 1 chairo zvino tinosuffer tose unotaurei imbwa iwe

  9. Sibusisiwe Gwanda

    So mukovhe wa tshilidzi you are still talking about Khupe who even failed to garner 10000 votes nationwide? You need to get to your senses. Even Mnangagwa is popular than Khupe.

  10. The one calling itself NewDawnOMD is a dog with rabies. An idiot without brain

  11. By the way, I am simply peplexed by the timiming of the release of the report, when some people are to hold some demonstrations. I am smelling a rat. Thabani Mpofu also had evidence of vote rigging from those same eu guys!!?????? The evidence was not primary anyway.

  12. I am surprised about people who are still talking about Khupe. Khupe proved to be a joke, her relevance to Zimbabwean politics was there only before elections. She was rejected by the electorate. That is proof enough to show us that she was not going to fair any better at the congress. The project to disrupt Chamisa from the helm of Mdc dismally failed.

  13. Keep dreaming Nero one day dreams will turn into reality wotozonzwa kuti his excellency nero kkkkkk

    Manje ukabirwazve 2023 hey tonzwa nemhere yako yekuchemera chunhu chako kkkkk

  14. some people arent either mature or they are insane..still critising NERO yet yo current bank statemnt says u have 500 bond notes which are deteriorating every day, no basic commodity in your house bt stl critisising the futr

    1. is what you wish but masamba asiyana, you will try all your dirty tricks naNero wenyu iyeye asi chokwadi ndechekuti hamufi makatonga.

  15. some very sick minds indeed. mmmmmmm shame shame

  16. everyone has a right to an opinion as much as they have a right to choose. elections are hardly about an arbitrary sense of right or wrong, but purely about the right to choose. it’s about choice! unfortunately for some, the over 2 million that chose Changamire Chamz were functionally less than the over 2 million that chose the Gamba. that’s objective fact! the EU, with all attendant powers to define and affect things, have a strategic partnership with the MDC-X on “democracy” issues hence they are an interested party in all this, so we should never fool ourselves accusing them of impartiality. it’s also fact that Zimbabwe has seen the rise of a blackmarket exchange rate in the service of, and being emboldened by, very powerful adversaries of the ZANU government. these are the unbendable truths that MDC people should compute even while fooling themselves into thinking they are the only Zimbos with a valid choice. 6% of us chose neither of you devils!


  18. kauripo jokonya

    Zanu pf hamuna kana nyadzi shame on you agents of thedevil.

  19. Which EU country held elections which were not controversial. Even the USA’s recent elections were very violent and controversial and lacked traceability. Chamisa ‘s rise to the helm of the mdc was very controversialittle, was not transparent and lacked traceability. By the way, we would be grateful if the EU could invite us to observe their elections so that we can learn one or two things about their so called international standards.

  20. When the wicked are in power people groan but when the righteous are in power people rejoice. Check your records


  22. lol so Sadc and the AU observers are not the international community

  23. OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has called for the international community to come to Zimbabwe’s rescue “and correct the election mischief” in the wake of a report by the European Union (EU) that claimed the July polls results could not be verified and that the vote did not meet international standards.

    MDC were a party to the electoral “mischief”. Why did they participate in the elections when ZEC failed to produce something as basic as a voters’ roll?

    If MDC leaders were to join Zanu PF in government then they too must be slapped with sanctions for sell-out!

  24. Comment…I’ts very hard kuti Chamisa ainde panyanga , ndazviona.

  25. The elections are now behind us – we are not even interested in any of that, but just the economy

  26. Comment…Chamisa democracy means him winning any other winner therei is no fairness uuuuuu!!!!!!!!!. Khupe akabirwa hupresident naChamisa.Wese ane influence anosairirwa kunze.Tarisai kuraswa kwakaitwa Tendai Biti muparty mdc. As for EU report igaroziva kuti vagara vari divi re MDC.Ko private media yaingosapota nezve mdc zvakasimba at the expense of zanu Eu yakadii kutaura nezvazvo.Chamisa anoda kurapwa pfungwa

  27. Shame on all of you who still support ZANU. One fairesst thing in Zimbabwe is the economy affecting ZANU and MDC equally. Pai Mwana chinhu chake. Mbava dzevanhu hamunyre. We WL always talk about the election coz they know kuti they are not a legitimate gvmnt. Makapesanisa ma figure pa me results zviri pachena kwakutenga Malaba to cover up your shit. Bear in mind that others a God watching tone mukapinda NATO Zimbabwe muguva. Kkkkiest ndaseka vanhu.

  28. new dispensation, new poverty, new life style and new????????????

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