Buyanga blacklisted from property dealings, court hears


Businessman Frank Buyanga has been banned from making property transfers in Zimbabwe by the Attorney-General’s office after several complaints of people losing their properties surrendered as surety for loans, the court heard.


This was heard during the trial of Buyanga’s property manager Bishop Jeche, who is accused of perjury after claiming that he bought a property for $35 000 from Buyanga.

Jeche, who is being charged together with his company, East Rivet Investments is also facing money laundering charges.

The complainant is Leonard Nyoka who allegedly lost his house to Buyanga after surrendering the property as surety for a $19 000 loan.

The registrar of deeds, Ellen Mawire told magistrate Hosea Mujaya that it could not be possible for Jeche to have title deeds of a property he bought from Buyanga after 2010 as Buyanga was prohibited from transacting any property transfers.

“The title deed number 1405/10 is not authentic. It is not in our records. If Jeche claimed that the deed was from our office, then he is not telling the truth. We received a letter from chief law officer Chris Mutangadura who ordered us to stop transferring any of Buyanga’s properties and there are several criminal complaints against him,” Mawire said.

The State represented by Ephraim Zinyandu gave Mawire a copy of the title deed for the property which Jeche is claiming, but the registrar said the copy was not authentic as the papers filed for the title deeds were rejected by her office and returned to their lawyers.

Mujaya postponed the matter to October 18 for trial continuation.