Zanu PF councillors boycott Chitown mayoral polls

Chitungwiza Town Council yesterday elected Gift Tsverere (MDC Alliance) as mayor in an election marred by threats of violence and boycott by Zanu PF councillors.


Tsverere beat Blessing Mutimbanyoka by 21 votes against four votes to land the post during polls in which the Zanu PF candidate walked out before the casting of ballots.

Councillors threatened journalists with violence for taking pictures of protests that broke out during the elections.

The protests broke out after MDC Alliance councillors refused a motion by Zanu PF councillors to postpone the polls to today amid allegations that they plotted to divide the opposition through bribery.

MDC Alliance councillors, who are the majority, voted against the motion.

However, Zanu PF supporters who were in the council chambers protested, causing chaos. Ads

As the councillors walked out, Zanu PF supporters joined in, threatening journalists who were taking pictures of the melee.

The threats of violence against journalists immediately attracted condemnation from the Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) Zimbabwe chapter.

“The censorship, banning, or expulsion of journalists from public events is seriously condemned and is against the letter and spirit of media freedoms as espoused in Zimbabwe’s constitution,” the media advocacy group said.

Tsverere will be deputised by Jabulani Mtunzi (MDC Alliance).

After the elections, residents’ groups said they hoped the new leaders at the scandal-prone municipality will work for the well-being of its people and avoid corruption.


  1. Poor reporting. He many ZANU of councillors are in this council

  2. Comment…Yeah, poor reporting. According to the Urban councils Act, urban councils with local board and town council status are headed by a chairman/woman and munipalities and cities by mayors/mayoress. Chitungwiza is a municipality and not a town council as claimed by newsday. The media is there to inform, educate and entertain with facts and not fiction. Newsday is interested in fiction.

  3. CHIIKO Newsday we rely on you but manyepa apa. Mu commnity medu toziva chokwadi. Tsverere got 19 votes, zanu pf candidate two votes to make the total votes 21. This liar did not want the world to know that two MDC councilors voted for zanu pf in protest of their officials who were forcing them to vote against Mushangwe their candidate. there was no bribery the opposition had there candidite who was threatened to withdraw.

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