Mthwakazi leader hits back at Chamisa

MTHWAKAZI Republic Party (MRP) president Mqondisi Moyo has hit back at “clumsy and childish” MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, after the latter last week accused secessionist party activists of protesting over election of Shona-speaking councillors in the predominantly-Ndebele Bulawayo City Council.

By Rex Mphisa

Moyo said it was a blessing in disguise that Chamisa lost the presidential race as the youthful opposition allegedly lacked political maturity and appeared to have low regard for people from Matabeleland and Bulawayo in particular.

“Chamisa’s statement to the residents of Bulawayo is very unfortunate. He has confirmed himself as a clumsy politician and not a leader. It is surely a blessing in disguise that he is not a president of this country,” Moyo said.

“With his level of childishness, he would have turned this country into a political circus. He perceives the residents of Bulawayo as having some cognitive or physical inadequacy and as incomplete human beings. This is a repeat of the moment of madness that led to a genocide. This is insult to the residents of this great city.”

Chamisa last week chided Bulawayo residents for allegedly lampooning at ward 24 councillor Arnold Batirai who took oath of office in Shona instead of Ndebele or English.

“It is a pity that people want to introduce tribe on account of trying to cure their inadequacies or their incompleteness, but their people have spoken. The people didn’t vote for a tribe, but for representatives who are Zimbabweans, who are residents of Bulawayo to represent them,” Chamisa said.

Moyo said though tribalism should not be tolerated, Chamisa’s choice of words were at variance with a mature leader.

“Honestly he is showing no regard to the people of Bulawayo who voted him. Chamisa owes gratitude to the people of Bulawayo because in the process of voting him personally, with the hope of removing Zanu PF, his party managed to secure council seats in Bulawayo,” he said.

“It is sad to hear Chamisa referring to Bulawayo residents as ‘their people’, and we wonder, whose people? Chamisa insinuates that Bulawayo residents are not part of his people and that he identifies exclusively with those councillors that the residents have issues with. This young man must rein in his tongue and stop insulting the residents of Bulawayo. Bulawayo people don’t forget, his words will come to haunt him,” Moyo said.

He accused Chamisa and his party of imposing candidates for both mayoral and parliamentary elections.

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  1. Muthwakazi u are protesting an MDC A activity when u did not vote for them. U cannot have an input when u did not participate in putting in the councillors, your nominees were defeated so why to disrupt other parties programs were u can never be requested an input.

  2. Bulawayo people got what they deserv, this young man called one of their own’dissident’and addressed them in shona right in their heartland of Bulawayo, still they voted him after he had been busy showing them middle finger. I never imagined City of Kings with one day have a shona mayor, thanks to these mdc idiots. Next thing is to install shona Chief in matland. This boy is on a mission.

    1. But you know very well that there has been a ZANU PF program of locating people from Shona speaking provinces to Matebeleland. Go to Mguza, Gwanda South, Esigodini etc and see for yourself. Bulawayo is even worse. This is why ZANU PF is now winning constituences in Matebeleland. In the 1980s – there very few Shona speaking people standing for Council seats in Bulawayo – today things have changed in much of Matebeleland. In fact, its not that there is a problem with Shona people standing for elections in Matebeleland. No. The problem is only in that, unlike the Ndebele speaking people standing for seats in Shona regions; most Shona people who come to live in Matebeleland are culturally inflexible. They tend to change the language and cultural identities of their newly adopted homes, instead of integrating themselves into the communities they now live with. Even in Schools and Churches, they insist on their Shona language; which the Ndebele people dont do in Shona provinces. This is the source of the tribal friction. Most Matebeleland people who stand for Council seats in Shona provinces are totally indistinguishable from the local Shona populations. Even that MDC Councillor – Marvellous Khumalo; I think it was in Chitungwiza. That guy is just Ndebele by name only; otherwise he is totally integrated with the Shona voters he represents!

      1. The points you raise here are valid. However, I disagree with you on the notion that Shonas impose their language on Ndebeles and the communities they live. The same happens with English. Are we not having oaths taken in English. Comeon guys. Many people are even compelled, rather forced, to complete official documents in English in Zimbabwe but I have never heard anyone take varungu to task for that. All the major newspapers are in English, and we are using it here. Its a historical issue that we simply need to agree to deal with, once and for all. All of us as Zimbabweans. Harare is not for Shonas and Bulawayo is not for Ndebeles. Period. Instead of saying Ndebele or Shona or whatever language should be used in a particular town we shoul be be advocating for all Zimbabweans to speak as many languages as possible. We should have a system where Ndebele and Shona languages should be taught in all schools in Zimbabwe. I am Shona myself but whenever I go to Bulawayo it is always my wish to speak Ndebele. And I think Ndebeles feel the same when they come to Harare. In fact at one time I dated a Ndebele woman so that I could be taught the language. Personally I have no problem seeing anyone speaking in Ndebele or any other language in Harare. In fact I envy guys who speak Ndebele because I know that many of them also speak Shona so they are actually at an advantage. The Ndebeles should be happy that most can speak both languages. So instead of crying wolf they should be using that language diversity to their advantage. I remember very well Dr Nkomo could speak very good Shona whilst Cde Mugabe could hardly say a few words in Ndebele. Many of our old Shona guys in government can hardly speak Ndebele but many from Matebeleland speak Shona very well! In conclusion all I’m saying is that instead of us fighting each other over these two major language barriers in Zimbabwe, we should all make concerted efforts to migrate the Ndebele language to Mashonaland and vice versa. I know that we have many teachers in Zimbabwe who can teach both Ndebele and Shona in our schools, so transfering teachers to our provinces to achieve this objective shouldn’t be a problem. I think this is now in our constitution so the minishtries of education should implement thi1s. In fact I’m challenging the new ministers to put this in their 100 day plans. This issue is real and democracy is not the answer to all of our problems. The fact Mtwakazi’s representatives lost in the elections does not necessarily mean that what they advocate has no takers or should be ignored. Going into the region, our Ndebele brothers should be alive to the fact that due to migration it is no longer surprising to hear people speaking in Shona in Joburg or Lusaka or Dar Es Salam. I m not bragging here but I am just saying that as the SADC region integrates it is important for one to speak as many languages as possible. I know for sure that if one speaks Ndebele it will be very easy to speak most South African languages. So come on guys, teach us Ndebele and we teach you Shona. Its not about dominance or anything.

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  4. jamesTendai horkins

    I am of mixed tribes; Malawi(Ngoni) and Zimbabwe(Shona). I was born in Zimbabwe and raised in Harare. This means I am a Zimbabwean. I am the son of the Zimbabwean soil. But when it comes to tribalism issues,ndebele speaking people are not bad people,no. In Fact they are good, far much better than those from Masvingo who fool themselves by saying they are true Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe needs a leader not like Chamisa.

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