Let’s move away from tribal politics: MDC Alliance leader

MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday chided Bulawayo residents who recently protested against the election of Shona-speaking councillors, saying the country had moved away from the era of tribal politics.


Nelson Chamisa

In an interview, Chamisa said his executive would soon look into the matter critically and confront it head-on.

“The people of Bulawayo voted for the council and when they voted for their councillors they didn’t vote for a tribe, they didn’t vote for a class, race but voted for representatives in council,” he said.

“It is a pity that people want to introduce tribe on account of trying to cure their inadequacies or their incompleteness, but their people have spoken. The people didn’t vote for a tribe, but for representatives who are Zimbabweans, who are residents of Bulawayo to represent them.”

Chamisa added: “This is one ghost that we must be able to exorcise as a nation to say we must deal with all the evils, racism, tribalism and build a national consensus around the national question of who accesses positions of leadership on the basis of merit, but also on the basis of competency without looking on the colour of one tribe, but that of one’s character, integrity and dignity. That is where we must go.”

He said those protesting in this regard represented the past.

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“We can’t represent the past where tribalism was used as a card to either pull others down or push others forward. We know there are challenges in Bulawayo, but we are going to confront them head-on because obviously at the end of the day we represent the alternative,” Chamisa said.

He said the alliance was not going to brook any corruption within their councils.

Chamisa said they have told the mayors and the councillors that being in a position of leadership was not a ticket to amass wealth illegally.

“We told them that if you are going to go there, we are not going to have their hands in the cookie jar or people who are going there for themselves. You are not representing your stomach, but your people and residents,” he said.

“The citizens charter is something that we are going to take seriously and you will see that there is going to be zero tolerance to corruption.”

Chamisa also deplored the recurrence of cholera and typhoid in Harare and other parts of the country.

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  1. mukovhe watshilidzi

    pfutseki don’t impose shonas on ndebeles

  2. Esingakufuniyo kasikufuni, don’t force it down our throat.

  3. What happened to right to peaceful protest. Let the people speak. While at it you can allow debate in council; on Gukurahundi which you always introduce when it suits you most.

  4. It never happens in Harare or in his party to have other tribes take leading roles even if they are the best in those roles, why is that not tribalism? So what does tribalism mean to him?

  5. Tshamisa you failed to be a Zim President. now you want to take part in mayoral position. you have stooped so low.

    1. Anonymous, dont stoop so low. We all know that it is Chamisa and not Tshamisa as u put it. What is wrong with us the ndebele speaking people. U are showing tribalism!

  6. Enough is enough. We people from Bulawayo are respectful enough to even allow this tribalistic Shona to be councillor but he does not even respect us for who we are. If he has challenges with Ndebele why does he not even use English. We will not allow anyone to spite us. Chamisa you need to grow up and teach this councillor to be respectful. This Bulawayo and we can not address people in Mashonaland in Ndebele and expect them to swallow it.

  7. “It is a pity that people want to introduce tribe on account of trying to cure their inadequacies or their incompleteness”. What an insult to the people of Matebeleland by this MDC Alliance leader, dont you think he is becoming too much. what inadequacies and incompleteness is he talking about, Is he referring educationally or what. beware of these types of leaders who do not know their limits. I respect Zanu Pf for trying to unite people and trying to strike a balance unlike chamisa who is full of insults. whenever he speaks his mouth produces invectives

  8. The problem with you blood sucking zanu pf guys is that you always trying to discredit chamisa when we all know that you hate ndebeles thats why you masacared them pa gukurahundi and now you want to claim to love and care for them whilst your leader proved long back that he just l

  9. Go hang you zanu pf guys and if you are a ndebele supporting zanu lets hope this time mnangagwa gets rid of you for good bcoz you have no brains

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