It takes two to tango – Chamisa

OPPOSITION MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says he would soon use the occasion of the party’s upcoming 19th anniversary celebrations to be installed as ‘People’s President’ and unveil his alternative cabinet. NewsDay reporter Obey Manayiti (ND) caught up with the youthful opposition leader yesterday where he gave insights into what that move would mean for the nation that is saddled with economic, service delivery and health sector challenges and is heavily polarised.

INTERVIEW: Obey Manayiti

ND: In your address yesterday (Saturday) in Chitungwiza, you told your supporters that you will be installed by the people this coming Saturday. I want to find out if you meant you will also be inaugurated in place of President Emmerson Mnangagwa at this 19th anniversary celebration?

NC: No, this is an anniversary. If you listened to what I said, this is an anniversary, but do you really understand what it means to be installed by the people? We were installed by the people on July 30 and a person is not voted twice.

ND: You went on to say you will appoint your own cabinet?

NC: Alternative cabinet yes. That one yes, but I said ours is an alternative cabinet and it is allowed at law. Any serious party which is in Parliament must have an alternative cabinet. An opposition can have a shadow cabinet but ours is different because we are an alternative government.

ND: President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be swearing-in his Cabinet tomorrow (today). What’s your analysis of the new ministers?

NC: On that one I said one or two fresh apples cannot redeem a condemned basket. The bottom line is that there is a legitimacy problem and that problem will not be resolved by a Cabinet. It’s a political problem which is almost an economic problem. For the country to go ahead, this is what needs to be sorted out first. Rushing to put up a Cabinet, even if you are going to assemble a Cabinet from another planet, it will not resolve the fundamental problems that are affecting the country because government is about the consent between the governed and the governing. Now when the governing chooses to forsake and tear away the interests of the governed — it’s a broken covenant, it’s a broken promise and broken trust.

Where there is no trust, confidence and legitimacy, it doesn’t matter how much we do. We must resolve the fundamental question of the day which is the will of the people. It is the very reason why we went to the Constitutional Court and the very reason why we are saying there has to be a political solution to the problems. Hiding behind a Cabinet and inaugurating oneself as Mnangagwa did and will not resolve the question. Zimbabwe is entrapped in a vicious cycle of disputed elections and legitimacy questions and government crisis. We must be able to extricate our country and pull it out of this cycle of disputed elections.

There must be a national agreement and consensus of people and all political players. No nation can ever move when key and dominant players, even citizens are pulling in different directions. No nation can sustainably stand and prosper when people are not pulling together. People need to dialogue and agree on what the problem is and what is the solution. Mr Mnangagwa is choosing the path of arrogance, he is choosing the path of unilateralism and the path of emphasising divisions rather than unity of a people to resolve their challenge in a very sustainable manner.

ND: You spoke about resolving the legitimacy problem through dialogue. Are you ready to dialogue with Zanu PF?

NC: We offered dialogue as an answer to resolve the legitimacy issue and there hasn’t been a response from Mr Mnangagwa. Perhaps he feels it is not necessary but he will discover that it is necessary. Like I said, you cannot govern without the consent of the governed. Government is a contract and it is early advice to Mr Mnangagwa not to ignore citizens particularly the over 2,6 million who voted for me. It is really unfortunate and it cannot be sustained

It doesn’t matter hiring foreign-based players where the stadium is full of stones. It will not help much because the players will come, no matter how skilled they are, no matter how talented they are they will find the problem with the stadium. There are people who are mistaken and say let’s move on, but it is difficult to move on when you have unanswered questions and unresolved issues around the issue of legitimacy. If you choose to move on in that situation, you are simply moving around.

It is not possible to move on without resolving the legitimacy issues. This is not difficult, we just need to agree on what happened and that it shouldn’t happen again. How do we go again to the people and say your vote counts? You cannot have an opposition that garners over two million votes and fails to form a government, it is impossible. They know what they did and they know the reality.

ND: Are you ready for a GNU?

NC: Dialogue doesn’t mean that there will be a Government of National Unity or inclusive government, but dialogue is a gesture of moving the nation forward. This country is divided and it requires a united front. Without unity of purpose and singularity of the national objectives and common vision, it is difficult to have answers to people’s problems. It is impossible. Going to the international community with a divided view will not help us because there are questions that need to be resolved.

They date from way back and nothing much has changed. The same problems that were there in the 2000 elections are the same problems experienced in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2013 and now. Anyone who thinks a Cabinet can work miracles, especially when that Cabinet is contested, a disputed Cabinet appointed by a disputed leader cannot produce a result which is credible.

ND: So, it is not you who refused dialogue?

NC: You must emphasize that because a lot of people think that it is me who is refusing to dialogue. His (Mnangagwa’s) tweet was just a PR (public relations) tweet and on the ground there is nothing, he hasn’t shown any interest.

ND: Do you think Mnangagwa’s government will last the next five years leading to the 2023 elections?

NC: You must understand that we must be recognised because we were players in this election and it takes two to tango. They cannot tango alone because this is a national project and a national project cannot be advanced using a partisan view. It doesn’t work and even the Bible says a house divided amongst itself cannot stand.

ND: So, what is the way forward?

NC: It must be understood that we are not being unreasonable. We want this country to genuinely move forward. People are suffering and a Cabinet that rests on the grounds of illegitimacy and disputed outcome is on shaky ground and even if they want to argue that they are the ones in power, that is not how you move forward. Even in matured democracies, they always find a way to find each other. It is so unfortunate that I am alone in the room with my national approach.

ND: What do you mean when you say you are alone?

NC: I am alone in my national view to unite the country, to be patriotic, to be forward looking. President Mnangagwa is choosing a partisan view. He is forgetting about the national perspective. We contested the election and we won it. Mnangagwa claims he was declared by Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) and claims that ConCourt (Constitutional Court) declared him, but beyond that the nation must be able to sit and say: What is our national problem? Courts and Zec cannot resolve legitimacy issues. This belongs to the forum of the citizens, the forum of the political players, the forum of the political leadership and that leadership is not one party, but different parties and especially the dominant parties.

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  1. I see Odinga nonsense written all over here.

    1. Wisdom will kill you

    2. i like the way you put it keep it up

      1. aaah xaaaah

    3. Ramba Dhiya Ramba

      Indeed..we all know the Odinga playbook and how it ends…Straight in the arms of the President leaving throngs of his supporters in limbo, scratching their heads and nursing their wounds.

  2. ED must never ever be allowed to steal elections and go on to govern in peace, we are not nursery school kids who he can do whatever he likes with us, we voted Chamisa & Chamisa we will have

    1. you and who? better represent yourself and dont speak on behalf of everyone

  3. Is he the same chamisa who wanted to burn khupe alive over legitimacy?

  4. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Mdc Alliance lost these elections and they just need to study and find out where their weaknesses are and try to improove next elections. This talk about lack of legitimacy does not hold water at all. The Period that led to the elections gave us very clear signs of Ed’s popularity but those signs were brushed aside by the privately owned print media and social media and Nelson believed them. It is very sad how someone craving for such a senior post is so poor in making simple judgements. Nelson, you have many supporters but Ed,s strongholds are much bigger than yours in terms of population and I have been highlighting that fact over and over again before elections. Please, avoid the habit of looking down upon the rural folk and making negative remarks about them. You will never win Zimbabwean presidency if you don’t know that.

  5. Chamisa should just focus nenyayawo ye Legitimacy kuParty kwake zvenyika izvi zvaramba. Its now to support the current president and focus on economic growth for the mean time

  6. Comment…power hungry foolish youngman unoreva kuti mnangagwa haana vanhu vakamuvhoterawo here unobva watoshaya kuti kumwe kudzidza kwacho soka munhu haana kana chaanoziva chupeti mhani

  7. So chamisa want to govern us the 2.4 million who voted for ED without our consent,but ED is not allowed to govern the 2.1 million who voted for him.To hell with you Chamisa.

  8. chamisa stop lies….you are greedy and toothless you have to swallow your pride and show maturity

  9. this young man is fast losing relevance and i am even baffled by these childish tantrums he is throwing

  10. Chamisa,in order to tango you first must learn the steps.

  11. Chamisa, may spare a thought for the generality of citizens. People are suffering, unogona kunge akabirwa, asi chifungawo ruzhinji. Ndaakuona sekuti wavakurwira kuguta kwako chete. During the liberation struggle, when freedom fighters were challenged by Rhodesian forces, at times they would retreat for the safety of unarmed civilians. I feel the same approach is appropriate under these circumstances.

  12. Ava kupenga. ED must not entertain this mentally deranged man.He actually needs to be pitied or at most to be taken to Ngomahuru Hospital . Vane meso okuona vava kuona kuti hapana president wakaita saChamisa, hakunazve sabhuku waita sei? Veduwe, let him inaugurate himself. Maybe it may help restore his badly bruised ego. Manga majaira kubvuta masimba ndokubva masangana nanaED vanorakasha ! Chakatindimurwa Chamitiswa. Form a burial society and become its President. It may help heal you.

  13. Our main problem here is the newsday who continously interview Chamisa when he has nothing new to tell us except legitimacy . Leave Chamisa alone with his legitimacy . Please give us news and news alone . Chamisa is on the verge of
    insanity .

  14. Ava kupenga. ED must not entertain this mentally deranged man.He actually needs to be pitied or at most to be taken to Ngomahuru Hospital . Vane meso okuona vava kuona kuti hapana president wakaita saChamisa, hakunazve sabhuku waita saye Veduwe, let him inaugurate himself. Maybe it may help restore his badly bruised ego. Manga majaira kubvuta masimba ndokubva masangana nanaED vanorakasha ! Chakatindimurwa Chamitiswa. Form a burial society and become its President. It may help heal you.

  15. Power hungry youngman. You must wake up to the reality that even the 2.1 million that voted for you is now moving with ED especially after the cabinet appointment. Forget about any chance to stand against the Mighty ED he is a leader not a ruler like you. Rest and sort out your party messy before you think about national messy.

  16. Quickly running out the bravado, the eloquence and clarity of mind and thoughts. It’s all starting to look blurred for Chamisa.

  17. this person called chamisa seem to be a mental case and people who still listen to him are making a very big mistake, this will never be a presidential material but a circus. People should realise they have made a big mistake by supporting such a fool. its very clear the youngman is just becoming unreasonable and egocentric. the country is being divided and Zimbabweans should not allow that. he lost the election, he lost the con court case. the person who was affected by the legitimacy is is Mugabe and he said its over and he is uniting with ED so who is chamisa on legitimacy.

  18. dream on mr your campaign you lacked vision and clarity and yet you expected us to vote for you.we voted for the one we want and he has formed a formidable cabinet, what you simply have to do is to first sort out legitimacy issues within your party and then we will listen to you on national issues. you showed your despotic character to the whole world when you failed to follow the democratic path of your party and now you want to tell us of national democracy when you yourself you do not wish to apply it at your party.kindly leave use in our peace please and wait for the next five years,you are just irrelevant to the national question

  19. CCC lam rally behind you President Chamisa zanu has nothing to offer for this nation fake promise everyday speach after speach practical side dololo . This is the real time for a real change my president CCC.

    1. Uchanhuhwirwa ne behind iyoyo

  20. I sense a Hitler in the making. Being fueled by so called independent newspapers who selfishly want to increase sales by creating a megalomaniac. My advise to ED is to throw this selfish, egocentric megalomaniac into prison if he ares declare himself the so called President! Zimbabwe is not Kenya! We will never allow such retrogressive fake politician, fake lawyer and fake pastor to derail economic development.
    If Chamisa was a true dedicated Pastor, with the people’s heart he should have put the people ahead. If he was indeed a capable lawyer, he should have given his team legal advice on the hastily collected shallow evidence they presented in court. If h is indeed a politician eying to serve the nation he should not derail the country’s progress.
    If he proceeds with the treasonous declaration of being president, throw him into jail and let him rot there. Who is he to hold the country at ransome. Akajaidzwa kubva kare achingo regererwa kubva paKhupe. Its another Hitler in the making. Ngaadzizdziswe hunhu. Even the so called advisors should face the same government wrath. Zimbabwe is not Kenya! Zimbabwe will never be Kenya!

  21. Chamisa is trying to gain political mileage. He is now left in the cold. The international world and Zimbabweans are moving ahead and he realise that he is politically doomed hence the need to continue making noise to be politically relevant! Shame on him and his advisors.
    As for NewsDay, most people used to respect it with its objective and unbiased reporting. But as of late, i feel pity on it.Their paradigm shift towards openly supporting and entertaining baseless political rhetoric is eroding people’s confidence. The subjective mentality of reporting they have adopted is creating their own demise.

  22. If you say Chamisa won and you deny him to be in charge what do you really mean. What do you want him to do? What is the purpose of having elections. Let’s Chamisa find a way that will rescue Zimbabwe. We are tired of just staying on this earth without being served. We will die poor and our children will continue to suffer.

  23. If Chamisa is the patriot he claims to be he must now focus on uniting the Nation and stop this divisive diatribe.

  24. Comment…Vana chamisa muchatonga kuchamisa land

  25. Comment…Vana chamisa muchatonga kuchamisa land

  26. It’s very simple Chamisa. Can you give us a breakdown of your votes at each polling station. We can then add them ourselves to check if your total votes can reach 2.6 million. At the same time give us a breakdown of the votes of the other 22 presidential candidates for each polling station, including the number of spoilt ballot papers, the number of those who were turned away, the total number of registered voters and the total number that voted. If you cannot provide the above details then you must be suffering from a serious mental case and I deeply feel sorry for you young man.

  27. I like the way Chamisa continues to draw the attention & ‘criticism’ from Zanupf apologists, they are monitoring his every move & listening to his every breath without rest, I hope Chamisa will continue to keep them busy & out of focus of their fake presidency

  28. And Newsday reporter fails to raise pertinent questions. 1.Chamisa, what is your commment regarding US congresswoman saying you should concede. 2.Chamisa when Teressa May says ED is the President and Germany sends its Minister..does that mean Europe has recognised ED. 3. How do you feel about the Mugabes now. 4. Why go to concourt then only for you to say they are captured. 5.Chamisa are you sane?


  30. The nation needs to move on guys. Chamisa failed to answer: do you think the gvt will last the five years? He failed to answer that question. We now await your shadow cabinet.

  31. Chamisa has valid legitimate issue that can only be fairly resolved by reliance on the undisputed urban vote or thru re-run of the whole electoral process under UN supervision. Simple. Zec had no moral ground to stand on in dema nding benefit of doubt against MDC-A.

    1. If he has a legitimate issue why is he not showing us the proof he said he will post on the internet for all to see? If he is true in his arguments why did his Alliance MPs allow to be sworn into Parliament when the results were fake?Why is it that winning the Presidential election means Alliance won the election when they have less than 2 thirds majority? It is unfortunate that some Zimbabweans are so gullible like some Christians who frequent some so called prophetic churches when it now clear that all miracles are stage managed.This Chamisa is taking us Zimbabweans as fools.From the same bible he qoutes it also states that it is the Lord who appoints leaders (kings and even Presidents)

  32. I think Chamisa is unpatriotic,why make people suffer in order to achieve your goals.The concourt ruled,right or wrong but we have to move on as a country.

  33. Zanu has adopted the Russian style of political media were hundreds of people are employed to chain out its propaganda on the social media…unfortunately they are paid by the tax payer. What Chamisa is saying is true and Zimbabweans seen not learn-Since 2000 the Zanu Government has been illegitimate and you cannot move economically with this problem hanging over your head. Mugabe tried it in 2002 when he brought in “technocrats”-Gono, Made, Simba, Nkosan etc and nothing materialised. We wait and watch.

  34. Jacktheswede you said it right! Biased reporting fuels division amd results in stagnation. NewsDay needs to evaluate the performance of such reporters who want to sway an interview towards their own desires! As for Jojo, you are equally insane. How can you say Chamisa is right after failing to prove himself in the concourt You, Joj and Chamisa are suffering from megalomania. You allowed the social media and so called independent press to corrode your senses to an extent that you now have a myopic focus. You now suffer from the disease f believing the propaganda fed into your minds. My advice to both of you is to go visit a psychiatric hospital r go and get that demon in you being exorcised. Kkkkkkkkk

    1. And your senses are also corroded by ZANU PF propaganda then…..


  36. i really find it funny that after giving an impression that people will be shocked at the evidence that mdc alliance will produce at the concourt nothing tangible was submitted save for allegations only.honestly where is chamisa and his lawyers for the first time in many years we are seeing ed coming up with a reasonable cabinet to proove he is serious with the development of the country but chamisa wants to derail it.many people beleived you chamisa including myself but you are not showing political were not even answering the questions you were asked eg on way forward i did not get your answer. i wonder where you will be in the coming months as i forsee things changing for the betterment of the people

  37. Shame on you Vision and your shcoolboy boss. You say you like the way Chamisa is causing noise to distract the government from being progressive. If you were really for the people and not being selfish then you would have moved ahead. Only selfish and egocentric individuals take that stance. Shame on you!
    What you fail to understand is the old adage Ëmpty vessels make he loudest noise”The noise made by your schoolboy and immature so called politician never worked for the 2018 elections. Kuhukura hakuna kwemunosvika. Go back to the drawing board and evaluate the elections and restrategise. Kuhukura hakuna kwemunokusvitsa. Chamisa needs to know that his pathological lies couldnt sway the vote to his side. He thinks he is on the pupit where as a so called pastor he could just lie his way out.Lies he ended up believiving until today he is now suffering from pseudologia fantasticaand mythomania is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying.’the disease is now as affecting you.

  38. People of limited understanding direly need Divine gift of good listener. “Tichingotonga nekutonga…..” familiar expression defines familiar traditional FUNDAMENTAL national problem that we no longer need live with. Our unchanging, African traditionally rough electoral climate, albeit patently nice climate though to our better conditioned neighbors.

  39. Chamisa needs some counselling to moderate his opinion of Munangagwa’s win. I have always voted MDC on account of the bravery of Morgan Tsvangirai the man. His death robed MDC of my vote. I believe there are many others like me who changed their allegianc and also Mugabe was too powerful and I should admit I had resigned about his chances of ever giving up the presidency. For Munangagwa to plan and execute the “coup” to me was an action of a hero that deserved recognition and that thank you from me to him was in the form of a vote for ED. Looking at it, no vote was stolen especially mine. My return to supporting MDC will depend on how soon you stop those tantrums. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    1. Best Comment I’ve seen all day

  40. most of those commenting are on payroll and are paid for the propaganda

  41. Signs of the times

    Only God knows the truth not only the truth but the whole truth. God has a video of what transpired during the Zimbabwe election Period. and one day the truth shall be revealed. Leave every thing to God

  42. Its true guys i have lost .but cant put it straight to my wife…she had bought enough floor polish for the State House.Due to stress am no longer performing in bed as i used to!!


  44. Zimbabwe is saddled with serious intolerance of others’ views and opinions. Seriously, how can one claim that those who criticise Chamisa are paid to spread propaganda, yet the same could be said for those who support Chamisa!? For me, there are just some people who do not think straight. I mean, those who followed the ConCourt session from an objective perspective clearly saw that the MDC Alliance had no evidence at all. Further, how can someone claim a round figure of votes like 2.6 million and not say how many votes the other contenders got!? For me, the MDC Alliance showed us how childish politicians can be.

  45. Hindava kungoramboera nyoka negavi. Vanyangarika here anhu acho wamurikuswero nyepera. Hee nhingi akazoti…. Glorification of falsehood is soundest proof of one’s inferior education.

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