Fusion 5 Mangwiro fires warning shots

Fusion 5 Mangwiro

FORMER Dream Star talent show participants Fusion 5 Mangwiro band received a $3000 gift from the show founder Steve Ke Zhao as they returned into mainstream music with the launch of their debut single titled Katarina.


Fusion 5 Mangwiro

The single, produced by Hughclaid Kalino at Jacaranda Culture and Media Corporation (JCMC) Studios, was launched at a colourful event in Harare on Saturday.

Zhao, who is also the JCMC boss said the group that emerges from the dusty streets of Glen View in Harare had lived up to the competition’s slogan Dream Hard, Fight Hard.

“I know Fusion 5 from the 2015 competition. They have been fighting for their music life and the journey from then until now is indeed a long one, but they have managed and I am so happy that they gotten here today,” he said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch, one of the group members, Brian Maguta said the single was an early gift to the market as they were plotting to establish a solid foundation in their careers.

“As a new group that is still trying to come into the system and bring a diverse sound, this single is just meant to give Zimbabwe a picture of what is coming from us as Fusion 5 Mangwiro, a name they should remember,” he said.

“We have more songs, in fact over 66 recorded and stored, so we could have released an album, but it did not mean much to release it now yet we are not known because it would have been like taking gold and burying it.”

The three-piece masculine band proved to be a marvel to watch for the guests who attended the launch as they unleashed their yet-to-be released songs, attracting wild cheers and applause during their performance.