ED offers Trump Vic Falls golf course

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday disclosed that he dangled an offer of land in the picturesque Victoria Falls to United States President Donald Trump to build a golf course.


Mnangagwa, who is in the US for the United Nations General Assembly, revealed his offer to Trump at the Zimbabwe’s Investors Forum held in New York yesterday.

Mnangagwa urged the American business community to support Zimbabwe’s rebirth in areas such as agriculture, mining, infrastructural development, tourism, ICT among others.

Zimbabwe and the US have frosty relations dating back to the early 2000s where the later slapped the southern African nation with sanctions under Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001 (Zidera) for alleged human rights abuses under former President Robert Mugabe. Mugabe denies the alegations.

The US renewed the sanctions soon after the July 30 elections this year, saying that Zimbabwe had no ‘culture of democracy.’

Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe wanted an new era of relations with the US and pursue economic co-operation between the two countries, adding that he had wanted to meet Trump at the Davos conference held in Switzerland in January.

“When I was in Davos I met staffers from the Trump administration,” Mnangagwa said.

“I had hoped to meet President Trump but I had to leave before he arrived, but I told his people that if President Trump wishes, I will offer him ground in Victoria Falls in the national park.

“We have wildlife national park in Victoria Falls, but I had offered President Trump ground to build a state-of-the-art golf course so that as he plays, he can be able to see the big five,” he said amid cheers from delegates.

The President said his government was keen for investments in the form of joint ventures or infrastructure based on the build operate and transfer (BOT) model.

“My government is reforming the public sector to eliminate bureaucratic red tape, bureaucratic bottlenecks and enhance efficiency and responsiveness. We are resolved to make Zimbabwe an attractive and a safe investment destination where capital feels safe. In addition, I have committed that my administration will ensure policy clarity, consistency, transparency and predictability.”

The government is working on the ease of doing business, he added, and wants to reduce the approval process from around six months currently to a week or less. This will also reduce cases of corruption where investors pay bribes to speed up the granting of licences.

This would include the setting up of a one-stop centre that will facilitate all clearances under one roof instead of sending investors from one ministry to the other.

Mnangagwa said his government will ensure that there is protection of investments.

“As part of our economic reform measures, we will continue to guarantee the protection of private property rights.

“Equally we will observe bilateral investor promotion and agreements. Let me assure you that all foreign investments will be safe in Zimbabwe and foreign investors are free to repatriate their proceeds in accordance with our laws.”

Mnangagwa also met diasporans in the US and invited them to invest back home.


  1. nice carrot

  2. and for sure this alleged half with president can transform that piece of land as he has done in many parts of the world where he has bought land for similar purposes

  3. Antony Tim Makope

    There is a dangerous tendency in ED’s rule. He has this funny habit of offering people things even without consulting his inner circle. The other day he was offering Chamisa some packages of sorts but research shows that members of his government or even his party are not even aware that they need to change the constitution to accommodate the new Chamisa position. Now he is offering Trump some prime land without consulting anyone.
    The President is not the owner of the country, Cde ED. You are just the Chief Messenger of the people. I hope you understand this sooner rather than later

    1. Offering a piece of land to the Americans is good, we all know what they are capable of doing on that piece of land and what it does to our tourism. We can read the mind Mr President.

      1. Do Zimbabweans need state of the art golf courses or they need really basic economic transformation which yields food on the table? What does our constitution say about offering land to foreigners? Someone out there is just mentally sick and desperate.

    2. Yaa true tht,he is taking his presidency way out of proportion to think tht Zim his personal turf tht he do with as he pleases

    3. Zimbabweans munozomboshaya pfungwa sometimes. Ma comments I’m seeing here. Zvanzi why is he offering him a golf course instead of addressing zhara yedu, Zimbabwe is not his to give people blah blah blah. You do not realize by building that golf course other amenities like his hotel chain and shopping malls are part of it. Creation employment plus income generated is already benefiting the country not to mention they goodwill that comes with it. He is inviting investment into the country but chenyu chete kungoshoropodza.


    4. munya open your eyes the president is trying all he can to build zim you you oppose him you must be a land grabber

  4. Well done ED on your re engagement efforts. Zimbabwe will never be the same again.

  5. Do Zimbabweans need state of the art golf courses at this stage or they need really basic economic transformation which yields food on the table? What does our constitution say about offering land to foreigners? Someone out there is just mentally sick and desperate.The fact that someone who claims to be a whole president of a country always speaks about national issues in first person singular i.e “I this…I that…I am going to do blah blah….” just shows the level of mediocrity in our so-called leadership.

    1. LOl those who liv ein posh mansions, drive posh cars only think of one word”Posh” they donot look at other things They want Donald because he has money simple as that ifany money goes missing dont mess with Donald ? this place isa world heritage place and one asks if people have been consulted.

  6. Comment…gud ed masangisheni pamwe angabviswe fasiti fasiti

  7. you are doing a wonderful job out there our beloved President… I am seeing green light coming upon our nation Zimbabwe slowly.Mwari ngavakupeyi simba musaneta kana kuneteswa rova basa Shumba Jehovha vanemi.

  8. When they say Zimbabwe is Open for business its for the outsiders not for the Zimbos ndosaka iri zvamutsana mutsana tsuro nembwa mutown. Kuma 1980’s I could go to Botswana sale my wares come back with my clothes from Botswana and buy my VENDOR LICENSE from Kanzuru paRotten Row ndotengesa.Asi 38 years later I should go thru some funny party youths as if they own a place and pay them to get a place to sale my wares.Why not offer that land yeGolf kuna Cde Jecha

  9. Lol chineke mmmmm mmmmm pakaipa ndokupererwa kufuga munhu

  10. Chaminuka wakadyiswa utununu neMDC. Chero zvakanaka mongoshora just because you have fingers to use & jaws to exercise. Wake up my brother. Nyika ino yakutongwa naED & he is making the right moves. Rega Chamisa afe ega nesvoto yokuramba foolishly kukundwa.

    1. @Musoni hapana kushora apa.I m just saying do things right coz that mantra yekuti Zimbabwe is Open for Business will remain a policy meant for outsiders chete and that will lead to a Boxer Rebellion of some sort in 50 years to come.

  11. ED anofunga kuti anganyenga Trump naizvozvo here sechanana chinonzi chinyarara ndikupe masweets. Ane mari dzake Trump hanei nekutambwa naye brain like this

  12. @Musoni hapana kushora apa.I m just saying do things right coz that mantra yekuti Zimbabwe is Open for Business will remain a policy meant for outsiders chete and that will lead to a Boxer Rebellion of some sort in 50 years to come.

  13. We got a very funny leader here.i am sure the Westerners are blaring their lungs out laughing at how shallow minded we are.the White people are the self-styled champions of democracy and good governance and you see a whole president going to their door steps and offering this and that.they brought this system into the world and you dont come offering things that do not belong to you,thats corruption at its manifest!and one thing he should do is not to go out of the country with a begging bowl tag.he was not inaugurated to beg in the name of the country but to show proper statesmanship and turn the tide of the sea he brought ourselves into,him together with his erstwhile cronies in Zanu PF!

  14. This guy Ed is danger to all of us he is going about offering pple our land even those who never said they want it . Trump is a billionier who does not want land for mahala . heish this is cheap politicking from a not so clever so called leader.With this ED we are heading noway .INSTEAD of dealing with cholera money shortages he talks about luxury things nxaaaa

  15. He thinks he can bribe him to remove sanctions

  16. This is fake news. Unlike Zimbabwe the USA has strict laws for Federal office holders of which President Trump is one, that they cannot conduct personal business deals while holding public office. I think it is the Emoluments Clause of the US constitution.

  17. Actually Ed is trying to copy from the Zambians from which the Bushes have properties in the Solwezi province . But Zambia has no history of racism like zimbabwe where white citizens and white investors properties can be taken any time .

  18. yea ko ndoo ma property developers acho ka vana Trump regaivaite

  19. ED is putting his words where his mouth is… I had reservations about the guy , but I see that he is seriously making real efforts at transforming Zimbabwe under very difficult circumstances… ED is the only one in the current crop of politicians with the ability to change Zim… He deserves support from all..

  20. Comment…the son of soil who fought for this country is being removed from the land he is making good use of it.A billionaire with financial capabilities to purchase land is being given for free. Mr president,invest in our locals and inforce us to be productive so we can compete with foreign invester.

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