Ditch presidential voting system: Chinos

ZANU PF Member of Parliament for Buhera South, Joseph Chinotimba has called on government to do away with the direct voting system which saw President Emmerson Mnangagwa getting fewer votes than his legislators and adopt the South African system.


Chinotimba said the move would avoid presidential court challenges as people would have voted for a party, and not an individual.

“We should adopt the South African and British system where a party with many representatives automatically chooses their own President. It rests all issues like going to the courts. What we want here is not the courts but for our country to move forward,” said Chinotimba

“In South Africa they have a law which states that the President is not voted into power by the populace, but the person with most Members of Parliament becomes the President and this is also found in many countries. So these are some of the ideas that we will be considering,” he said soon after taking oath of office as a legislator last week.

“Even if (MDC Alliance leader Nelson) Chamisa had won the presidential election, he could not control MPs when he has the lowest number of MPs. You can only be rejected by the majority of the MPs,” he said.

Mnangagwa won the July 30 election with just over 32 000 votes to avoid a run-off against his arch-rival Chamisa who contested the outcome at the Constitutional Court but lost.
The Zanu PF party, however, got a two-thirds majority in Parliament, although Mnangagwa got less votes in constituencies won by his MPs.


  1. This time Chinoz is talking sense and will give him my support. it does not make sense kuti Chamisa haana vanhu vakawanda mu Parliament but claims kuti ndiye akaita Majority pa presidential. it really doesn’t add up

  2. What Chinos says makes sense but they must not take the whole SA system because people do not choose their MPs directly, The party decides who should be MPs and they are not constituency based. Zimbabwe must keep the constituency based system of voting directly for MPs then Parliament will vote for the Presidency based on its winning MP winners.

    They must also do away with harmonizing council elections with Parliamentary Elections. This has resulted in Councillors and MP tacking a back seat. As a result people are voting for people they do not know and those who would have never campaigned. In the last election it was Chamisa and Munangagwa who were busy campaigning we never saw some MPs and Councillors only to see them on ballot papers.

  3. Sounds sensible Chinoz might not be learned to a highest academic tip but his reasoning is always sound. this shows ED is an automatic president of Zimbabwe so Chamisa must calm down swallow his pride and undestand that he lost the election whatsoever

  4. So in other words, Chinoz is saying kt Chamisa won the Presidential election but lost the Parliamentary. Waita hako wabuda pachena

  5. Zim had the same Party system of choosing a Prime Minister in the 1980s – it was changed because of the need for the direct election by the voters of an individual to the highest office in the land. SA still has the same system, but they are debates on changing the system, and there is a report that was done and it also recommends a direct election. We cant have a situation where just because a party is popular, we end up with someone like Zuma as President just because that party chose him as its leader. Hell no. Had SA had a system of direct Presidential elections, like Zim, Jacob Zuma would have never been the President. Now we have some crazy people in Zim recommending the same system. A political party can not have so much power more than the electorate. Its very well possible that voters might like the policies of a political party such that they vote for it, but might not like the party’s leader. They should be allowed to exercise their wider choices in such matters!

  6. Constantine Mhindurwa

    Why should the party choose a President for the electorate, thats nonsense the electorate has and should have the power to choose their president zvekuti to avoid court challenge zvine basa rei,I think the current system is good

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