Chamisa rally ban a déjà vu moment

ZIMBABWE has turned the corner, or has it? The decision by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government to ban an opposition “feedback rally” that was set to be addressed by MDC Alliance leader and losing presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa stinks to high heaven.


This, given Mnangagwa has not only been preaching peace, but in the run-up to the July 30 election campaigned on the promise to open up the democratic space, is mind-boggling.

Mnangagwa seemed to have been keeping his word, allowing opposition parties access to all parts of the country including those that, for decades, were viewed as “no-go areas”.

Chamisa was allowed to campaign unmolested, but the latest move by Mnangagwa’s administration to ban the opposition leader’s rally in Kwekwe set for this weekend on flimsy reasons that there was a health scare far away in the Midlands capital, does not fly.

No doubt that this is vintage Mnangagwa under pressure from the ruling Zanu PF party hawks, smarting from a near fatal election that the opposition maintains it won.

Mnangagwa just managed to scrap through with a revised 50,67% and needed a Constitutional Court confirmation to ascend to power after Chamisa had lodged a petition demanding that his “victory” be declared void. ads Ads

Reality probably has sunk on Mnangagwa that continued liberalisation of the political playfield could signal the death knell on his former liberation movement beset by internal contradictions in the aftermath of the dramatic events of November last year and surging national support for the opposition that almost swept Zanu PF out of power.

Chamisa and any other citizen, for that matter, must be allowed the democratic space guaranteed by the Constitution. The opening up of the democratic space is one of many promises Mnangagwa has publicly made and re-affirmed at his inauguration last week.

Clearly, Chamisa has a right to consult his supporters given the manner in which he “lost” the elections. Having officially polled over two million votes, 44,3% of those cast, surely these Zimbabweans who believe in him need a chance with their preferred leader to introspect and construct a way forward.

We believe Mnangagwa has an obligation to stop his hounds from creating unnecessary bottlenecks for the opposition. That the new administration has characterised itself as the Second Republic should not only be in rhetoric, but in deed as well.

The banning of the first opposition rally in the aftermath of the elections creates an eerie feeling among citizens, a déjà vu moment that Zimbabwe could be heading back to the dark past that all citizens seek to break from. Mnangagwa should be the last person to allow such conduct. He needs credibility than anything else if his rickety kite is to fly.

The world is watching and the majority of our citizens are watching. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The coming weeks will be critical. There is no doubt that Mnangagwa can do well in his efforts to turn around the country in the shortest possible period with a good team and fair-minded advisers. The next few weeks will be a sink or swim affair for the new regime.

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  1. Ban the stupid rallies

  2. Ichi chinhu chinonzi MDC is cancerous. I doubt if its supporters ever have the mental faculties to think. The reason is very clear and noble. If the epidemic increases they discredit gvt measures of control are put in place they cry. We need a new definition of opposition in Zim.

    1. Zanu pf and its docile supporters like you are the cancer – cancer is destructive just like you have destroyed everything in Zimbabwe, including hope fort the future.

  3. If Chamisa is a little boy and childish why is the junta so threatened by him he still haunts them even after election want my advice pay the ghost or keep having sleepless nights hell we living the nightmare everyday in Zimbabwe

  4. The rally has no purpose. I would also have banned it if I were ED. Campaign period is over.

    1. Highly dictatorial! Why care about MDC and its peoples and members issues. Who are you to tell MDC what to do and how to do it. If Zimbabwe is indeed a democracy as you claim, why interfere with another democratic rights. Campaign or not, its none of your business what MDC does with its members, unless you are a member. If you indeed won as you claim, why interfere with MDC and its rallies, meetings. Why should Mdc’s actions, plans and ideas be dictated by you? What freedom or democracy is that. You cannot define and insist on Zimbabwe as a nation how to define its free choices and action. You are 1 person, there are 12-15 million other entitled definitions, besides yours. What do you fear? You are running the State and all the instruments of siminviolence oppression and repression

  5. Chamisa and any other party should be allowed to hold rallies and demonstrations and be responsible for the actions of their supporters . If supporters become violent , the leaders should be arrested for their supporters’s actions and pay for any loss of property caused by the violence . That should tame all who want to hold rallies and demonstrations .

  6. The President is hardly in office and the little boy called Chamisa is already calling for a rally. What feedback nonsense.
    This is not a banana republic Nelson grow up quickly. You are not dealing with grade two kids. All your nefarious agenda are known. And you unashamedly want to hide behind democratic nonsense. We know you talked about some silly stuff of rendering the country ungovernable. We will not allow you to cause mayhem here in any name. If the President is too soft for you we will harden him up for you so that you do not continue to transgress on our rights as the majority in this country. I am not sure who is the idiot who ever fed you with poison that if a bigger portion of people in Harare vote you suddenly they are the majority. You need to go back to school to do your arithmetic all over again.
    You lost elections to the majority. Get off your high horse before we the majority bring you down. We are getting tired of your daily dose of nonsense.

    1. Ed is past pension and cannot be defined as being eligible for any basic job, let alone to be CEO of Zimbabwe. Bear in mind 65 is retirement age.. Hamunyare, in a world where a 30 year old is in charge of a nuclear power, you have the madness to call a 40 year old what?. At +70, Ed is as geriatric and near senile as Mugabe. Who is a little boy?

    2. Mind you ED is also planning to hold thank you rallies nationwide and i bet he will be given the permission and when its Chamisa who wants to the exact same thing you call him stupid.

  7. Your Name (required):Special Black

    The laws of this country allow every citizen to excercise his right provided you dont infringe other citizens’ rights during the process. Now, people should listen to gvt directives because if people get affected opposition supporters are the first to blame the gvt. Gvt gives directives that protect everybody. This junta, junta slogan should not mislead people because most political parties have senior rtd army mbrs, so, it is not only ZANU PF. Also, if a football team lost 1-0 yadyiwa, kwete yadyirwa sei.

  8. Manzira how is 2million a minority please enlighten us please do the maths for us if youre so educated

  9. people of zanu pf dont read our stories plz go to your herald

  10. Garwe is a junta pupet thats a fact he made a deal with lucifa and he is paying the price in blood and souls

  11. In all fairness feedback is an important platform to upraise the people who voted for chamisa. Health issues raised may carry weight provided they are substatiated. Those who do not realise importance of such should be asked study communication again. Give boy a chance

  12. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Thats where you go wrong. You dont own this news paper. If I contribute its my money. so dont tell us where to go. Our President, HE ED Munangarwa, is not a puppet of junta because he has always been senior to the junta fm when he was minister of defence, VP and now he is the commander in Chief no wonder why all the service chiefs took oath before him. Puppets are those who go around the world asking for sanctions from their paymasters just to punish Zimbabweans so that kana varwadziwa vovenga hurumende.

  13. And yet the army is pulling all the strings the killings in the city,army at boarder control,amy at road blocks a puppet is a puppet Chiwengwa and his junta are in charge we are not blind no invester will come to Zim under such circumstancies only thiefs are brave enought to ”invest” in Zim and yes ”Zimbabwe is open for looters”

  14. Chamisa chete chete nomatter what.Nhai mr10+4=40 why cant u concentrate on the ecomy not chamisa if u really won,we need cash kumabanks izvozvi maprices skyrocked and u are busy on add how far have u gone in devising strategies of rigging the economy? U better rigg the economy as fast as u can pliz coz the poison iya yemu ice cream yamakamboisira Dr Tsvangirai is eating u very is chiwenga these days haasi kukurova here,hope not~#Chamisa is my real President

  15. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Chamisa is now history. Economy ichasimuka chete chero mukataurira mabhururu enyu kuti akwidze zvinhu. What you should focus on now is to make Zimbabweans believe that your party has people at heart. Age does not matter but what matters most is to have a young and uncaring president , munhu asingakwanisi kubatanidza vanhu. Chitofundirai mabasa mushande. munoshora asi izvozvi vamwe venyu varikushanda mumacompany akauya nekuda kwe ZANU PF. Vamwe kuti munzi malandlord upfungwa dze ZANU PF, housing ownership.

  16. I would be very interested in a break down of votes by age, profession, level of education, current job etc that might reveal and explain a lot!

  17. @Special black who is the hurumende you refer to because from what I understand Government is elected by the people for the people you say Government but as soon as ZanuPf robs the elections they think they are Gods amoungst insects okay say the ”2.6million” really voted for you what happens to the ”2.1 million” are they not part of government or your ”hurumende” Zanoids you need to think not everyone in Zimbabwe is an EDiot…

  18. Your Name (required):Special Black

    From my understanding a gvt is formed by a President of the rulling party. He will then govern all the winning and losing party supporters equally. We also have those who did not register to vote, they are also treated equally. Those who are not satisfied with elec results, blame your lawers for bringing a half baked case, it was not a prima facie case. Secondary evidence cannot stand alone when primary evidence is there. eg a birth cert photocopy, secondary evidence, original copy, primary.

  19. Really scared of anything that has MDC in it. Why call that useless and a cancer when Zanu pf is doing the same. The law does not ban mad people from ravishing the bins because its their constitutional right and NOT because it is sensible. Zanu pf supporters are just crazy

  20. Special black you are a dunder head President does not form a government he becomes part of the government as he is guided by the constitution of Zimbabwe he governs within the confinments of the law since you guys have no respect for the law what more shouldwe except tyrany

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