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Celebration Church’s annual conference commences


CELEBRATION Church International will, tomorrow, begin its annual synod conference, where prominent speakers from across the world and from various denominations are set to grace the four-day event.


The conference is a significant event on the calendar of Celebration Ministries International as it marks the beginning of their spiritual year.

It is a time when leaders from the church gather to discuss and re-envision what God would have the ministry focus on.

Celebration Ministries regional pastor Raphael Kamba said everything was now in place for the conference to be held at the Celebration Centre in Harare until Saturday.

“All is set for the annual conference which is primarily for leaders in the Celebration Church, though evening services will be open for the public,” Kamba said.

“As a ministry we meet three times a year, for the prayer conference (beginning of year), action conference (in May) and the annual conference (synod) which is an international Christian conference.

The synod, which will include speakers from outside and within the Celebration Church movement, will be hosted by pastors Tom and Bonnie Deuschle.

This year’s edition of the conference features a celebration of the church achieving 20 years of daily prayer which was started on Monday September 21, 1998 and has become a major feature of the church.

“As part of the synod, we are celebrating 20 years of daily prayer; 20 being a significant milestone.”

“The conference is just a time to bask in the presence of the Lord to praise and honour him,” said Kamba.

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