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Zim on edge; presidential results held up


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ruling Zanu PF claimed a crushing two-thirds majority in the parliamentary election, while the results for the presidential poll were held to allow contestants to verify them before they were released.


Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba said the poll management body delayed announcing the results of the presidential ballot to allow for verification by contestants and their agents.

“We had initially said this morning (yesterday) that we wanted to start announcing the results of the presidential election. I was advised by the secretariat that the returns of the presidential results are with us here at the national command centre.

“Due to the unprecedented number of candidates, all 23 presidential candidates have to verify the results. I was reminded of a provision in the Electoral Act that requires presidential candidates through their agents to go through a verification process of the V11 Forms. They have got to sift through them and decide whether they agree with the tally done by the secretariat,” Chigumba said, adding some agents were yet to present themselves for this legal process.

Mnangagwa’s chief election agent, Ziyambi Ziyambi, yesterday said they had begun the process.

“We have started. It’s being done per polling station and that is what we are going through now. We expect that we should be done by tomorrow (today),” Ziyambi said.
MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa, who has already claimed victory in the elections, also had his agents going through the process.
Chamisa’s chief election agent Jameson Timba confirmed that his team had begun the process.

“It’s a tedious process and we have begun it. It might take two days or more,” Timba said.

According to the law, Zec has until Saturday to announce all results from the general election.

With complaints mainly from the opposition, Chigumba said the process would allow parties to satisfy themselves with the process Zec had undertaken.
Meanwhile, Zanu PF won a two-thirds majority in Parliament according to results announced so far, with the MDC Alliance garnering 61 seats.

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  1. Sad to hear people talking about protecting their individual vote/s when outcome is not going their way but forgetting there be others who voted alternately and whose vote/s also need protection.

  2. The MDC Alliance leadership should calm their rowdy and violent crowds. They are responsible for the loss of lives. They should be investigated and prosecuted. People should not be too excited that the international community is observing our election. Those found guilty of inciting violence should be barred from participating in ANY future election

  3. It is possible to find reasonable, both the opposition and incumpent conduct in these elections. The Golden rule suggests everyones inalienable right to fight for self preservation ahead of democratic values. It is therefore trivially advisable that the oppositions political agenda does not pose material threat to incumbents right to self preservation and feign surprise with incumbents natural response. The distinction between clever effort and wisdom is normally most evinced in effort outcome.

  4. Iam surprised by people who are quick to put the blame on opposition leaders over loss of lives when its the army that fired live bullets on unarmed demonstrators. what happened to the use of rubber bullets and teargas to disperse of crowds?.. Shame on you trigger happy blood sucking vampires!!

  5. Well said Ediot! The opposition leaders did not instruct the army to kill unarmed civilians. They have a right to protest and not be shot dead. This ruling party uses its army to instill fear in people and take away their rights. They rule with spiling blood!! What happened to rubber bullets and teargas? Why didn’t they use them instead of bullets? These soldiers should be identified and killed. An eye for an eye. If they have no value for human life they shouldn’t value theirs as well.

    • MDC Alliance is a very violent party. Tendai Biti and Chidziva should face the axe. They incited violence and their young leader Nelson is equally to blame as he is the one who rejected the outcome of the
      results way back before voting.

  6. Its not time to play blame game because pakatofiwa apa. Everyone should be responsible from the security forces and political parties. They just need to engage each other and make sure peace will prevail in the country

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