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Zesn throws Chamisa under the bus


INDEPENDENT poll watchdog, Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn) has dented claims by MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa that Zanu PF could have stolen the presidential election, saying results announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) were consistent with their own projections.


In its presidential results projection from a sample-based observation (SBO) report, Zesn had projected that Zanu PF’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa would win by between 48,7% and 52,7%.

Zec yesterday declared Mnangagwa presidential winner with 50,8% of the votes, just enough to scrap through the constitutional threshold of 50% plus one vote required to avoid a run-off.

Chamisa, according to Zec, got 2 147 436 votes representing 44,3% of the votes cast. “Zec’s announced official results are consistent with the SBO projections. The percent vote for each candidate as officially announced by the Zec falls within the SBO estimated ranges. Because the SBO estimated range for the leading candidate falls above and below 50%, the SBO cannot definitively confirm whether or not there should have been a runoff,” Zesn said in a statement.

The poll watchdog said voter turnout was as high as 84% while some polling stations recorded a total of 100% turnout, making the polls historic.

“The SBO data shows overall turnout at 84.7%, with a margin of error of +/-0,7%, with all provinces with turnout over 80%. There were 11 (1,5%) polling stations with turnout over 95% of which 5 (0,8%) had turnout of 100% or more,” Zesn said.

Assisted voters in rural Zimbabwe remained high according to Zesn, especially in areas that Zanu PF recorded victory by huge margins.

“At 45% of polling stations many voters (26 or more) were assisted to vote. This was particularly prevalent in Manicaland, Mashonaland Central, Masvingo, Matabeleland North, and Matabeleland South provinces,” the report read.

Prior to the polls, Chamisa had raised a red flag over a number of irregularities, including a flawed electoral roll, ballot paper malpractice, voter intimidation, bias in the electoral commission and handouts to voters from the ruling party.

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  1. This is a flawed report that cannot stand statistical scrutiny. It is therefore misleading to derive any validity from poorly designed statistical analysis.

    • Usually its known that all that is not praising your master wont be entertained in this Mdc mouthpiece

  2. A projection is an estimate based on prevailing situation, but Chamisa is saying he has tangible evidence that the elections were rigged. He is not estimating.

  3. Following the events as they unfold it appears Nelson is being misled by his two trusted men Komichi and Timba who have inner details and know the truth as testified by senior zec offical that there were literarily camped at the collation centres and only changed mind last minute when they realised that they had misinformed the youngsters on numbers and were now trying to justify relevance by jumping to the podium and misbahving like lunatics. It is a pity and in any case this thing had been foretold through independent surveys that the young man was not to going win this one and true to surveys it happened.

  4. RIP unbridled ambition. This is pure Nazism, to claim victory when he knows that ZEC announced results are genuine & accurate. If he continues on his war path , his party will sort him out. They will call for elective congress & Mwonzora will trounce him

  5. Justice has to be seen working if Chamisa is convinced that the election is stolen from him let the courts rule , let him proffer the evidence instead of making allegations and inciting press statements .Mr Chamisa with due respect you are a man expected to guarantee social justice by virtue of being an attorney at law and a person who had studied the word of God you are expected to be truthful not skeptical ,technical but upright putting into consideration that politics is not all about you being crowned but the present and future of us citizens ,all i am saying is you can not fulfill your ego endangering all of us, handi mahumbwe but human life to be honest .
    Make me understand this fellow Zimbabweans those who understand the voting processes

    1.By 01 August 0830 hrs Mr Chamisa had already indicated that he had already won , my question is,is it possible to would have accurately collected all 10985 v11 forms from all polling stations either by phone or radio as said considering some Zimbabwean terrains accessibility ,network challenges and generally fatigue of their polling agents , to would have collated and verified information of such a magnitude as early as 0830 hrs on 12 good night hours on something that has been done manually . This leaves a lot to be desired ,putting into consideration transportation ,verification and collating again by constituency centers .So far so good ,there is no one polling officer ,agent or presiding officers who have alluded to the alterations of V11 forms totals .Does it mean that the MDC Alliance 44 000 polling agents slept on duty or were bought by ZANU PF ?????? I suspect over excitement ,impatiance ,and immaturity in handling sensitive national matters playing a major part in confusing the public.

    It was loud and clear all Zimbabweans listening from Dr Q. Moyo calling political party agents to do verification on all television and radio stations networks,the MDC Alliance having made enough noise about ZEC delaying results and them winning ,why would they not be on the results verification point ,guessing from what Mr Morgan Komichi said ,{i am the party election agent i was not part of the verification process ].Just by maffia like character displayed by Dr Sibanda and Mr Komichi can we reasonably or honestly conclude that such personalities can be made to sit in a room while they had already suspected foul play.Advocate Nelson Chamisa confirmed to us on his press briefing that his agents were made to sit in a room while verification was being done hmmmmm .In this election we have a lot of foreighn international observers [ gurusvusvu rawo maobserver , the police , the media whom the MDC Alliance agency would have alerted of such a gross anomaly .Mr Komichi was once arrested for the same offence ,can we really trust his word ,he came last minute ,where is Mr Timba who was in the forefront and the known recognized presidential chief election agent ,many answers are needed here.Again Mr T, Biti hmmm ,honestly he is a talkative man ,full of hurt speech , disrespectful , though quiet a good lawyer i have wanted to be for many years ,However this Man has become irrelevant to the politics of this modern era ,he is not reliable hence he can not be trusted ,after he parted ways with the leadership of the late Morgan Tsvangirai he clearly and loud enough that ZANU PF won the 2013 elections because the MDC T manifesto was not clear hence nothing tangible to offer Zimbabweans check it , it is on record .
    According to my understanding courts are meant for extreme situations not to waste tax payer s money for selfish ends ,Having VII forms why did they not verified together hmmmmm ,again the MDC Alliance alleges that it won by 56 % , ZANU PF 43% giving a wholly margin of 10% difference excluding other oppositions , converting this to figures Advocate Chamisa is implying that of the total votes of 4 600000 he got 2 576 000 against ED with 1 978 000 and the rest of opposition with a mere 1% of 46 000 .My question is IS IT FEASIBLE BY ANY CIRCUMSTANCE THAT MR CHAMISA IS BEING SWINDLED WHILE HE HAS WON BY 5OO 000 MARGIN ,it is just unbealivable .Mr Chamisa was talking of 20 000 votes of which the difference is the same .Going polling station based you will need to connive with at least 8 000 people to achieve such manipulation of figures.
    We as citizens need clarification ,stability and a progressive nation not unnecessary chaos .

  6. Usually its known that all that is not praising your master wont be entertained in this Mdc mouthpiece

  7. Guys let us not get emotional about this issue. Komichi clearly explained that he was made to wait in room until he heard the announcement of the results. Chamisa at the press briefing said that the ZEC Chief operating Officer refused to do the tallies, citing the reason that he didnot have the mandate from his seniors. From what I know the Chief Operating Officer is the highest office pertaining to the counting of votes. People and ZEC could not explain for example why Votes in Chiredzi 35000, were more than the registered voters 30600. Let chamisa prepare the legal route as hindered. The delay is to gather and organise proper evidence. Furthermore, Chamisa said that his sharp legal representatives will come from South Africa.

  8. When I saw that headline I thought there would be something in this article. Estimates….really??

  9. ZESN has only sampled 750 our of 10750 poling stations. Therefore hapana nyaaya apa. This is the same organisation that lost funding recently meaning even their funders have serious doubts about them. Infiltration in the organisation cannot be ruled out

  10. now you want to talk about courts when you used to talk about violence and making Zimbabwe ungovernable and ten times university violence kkkkkk. don’t try this in Zimbabwe its not Kenya, Mali, Somalia or Sudan.

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